Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Santa was good to me

J.Crew PJs // J.Crew "schoolboy blazer" // Etsy name necklace
Anthropologie monogram notecards // Kate Spade bracelet // 31Bits necklace
"Ninja" Blender // Etsy Pug calendar
As usual, my family & friends completely spoiled me for Christmas!
Ty & I only were able to wait about 6 days into December before we were bursting at the seams to exchange gifts. He got me the most fabulous Kate Spade wallet, that has brought a smile to my face everyday since because it is cute & functional (two of my favorites!)

My dear friend Michelle added to my Kate Spade jewelry collection with a chic dotted bangle, & my friend Lindsay surprised me with an adorable Pug Calendar (in the process introducing me to a new favorite Etsy seller: Lydia & Pugs)

I got some cozy PJs & fuzzy socks as per our Christmas Eve family tradition (which then kept me warm when the power went out for two days on Christmas).

A chic blazer (cross that off my 50 wardrobe staples list!!), name plate necklace (so Carrie Bradshaw!), personalized notecards, and a necklace that gives back (if you haven't checked out 31Bits yet, you should do so!) are going to take me into 2013 in style!

I so can NOT wait to concoct some killer smoothies in my new Ninja blender!

Not to mention a new pug mug, retro motorcycle goggles, frog soap dish, homemade stocking goodies from my Meme, & cold hard cash that I plan to spend on a new camera lens, & possibly a classic Coach bag!

What goodies did you find under your tree this year?
Any super favorite gifts?


  1. So jealous! I want it all! 

  2. I love that personalized necklace. So cute!

    AlyssaThe Glossy Life

  3. glad u had a great xmas! happy new year!! xO!

  4. I got a name plate necklace too! I am so excited!

    Also, please do follow up and reviews of the Ninja- I'm in the market for a new blender, and it looks great on TV.... but you know how that goes!

  5. LOVE your gifts, the personalized necklace is so cute :)

  6. oooo... you did get some good stuff! I really want a name plate necklace too!

  7. Jessica! hi!  Sounds like you had a grand and glorious Christmas!  Nice you posted about it. 

  8. Santa really was good to you. And can't wait to see what you mix up in that ninja blender.

  9. Looks like you were on the nice list this year!

    Currently Coveting

  10. That's so sweet... I love LOVE that wallet Jessica! :)

  11. Such awesome new gifts! That blazer is fabulous and getting new PJs is the BEST :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. Love that necklace! Amazing gifts!!

    xo Ashley

  13. I got a ninja blender last year for Christmas and its AMAZING! I love that thing!! You made out very well for Christmas this year! I love the polka dot bathrobe I received ;-)


  14. Lucky girl!!!  What great goodies.

  15. I ALSO got a ninja blender. Deliciousness.


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