Welcome to Here&Now, my repository of daily record for the routine & remarkable. Here&Now is a Nashville style blog that features my favorite fashions, style steals, lifestyle features and the occasional pug pictures! 

Currently, I reside in Nashville, TN with Doug the Pug, Scout the Pug & my wonderful husband. I earned my Masters in biomedical research from Vanderbilt University, and have now transitioned to teaching Middle School (7th grade) Science. Throughout it all, I have a passion for learning about fashion/style on the side (gotta burn that midnight oil!).

I love blogging about my journey to define my personal style, budget shopping, food, fashion finds, music & travel. I enjoy a good DIY, bloody Mary, long weekend trip with friends, cruising on my bike, & acting like a tourist in my own town.

AND I love hearing from you! Wanna chat? Ask questions? Schedule a guest post? Shoot me a fashion/style/closet question that has been bothering you?

Photography: I currently work with a number of creative photographers here in the Nashville area. Previously, I used a Canon Rebel T2i, 50 mm f/1.4 prime lens, tripod & remote control.

For more information, read about my tripod/remote control photography.

Photographers I have collaborated with (not all are still located in Nashville):
Zipporah Photography
Alyssa Torrech Photography & Videography
John Hillin Videography
Jessica Ranae
Kate Davis Photography
Catherine Truman Photography


  1. Love seeing another girl in the sciences still being a girly girl! I'm applying to med school while currently working in a pharmaceutical research lab so pretty clothes sometimes is the only "pretty" thing every day :)

  2. I'm a biotech/biomed girl too! I was a structural biology intern for a biotech company and now am looking for a real job. Colorado isn't looking promising for the job hunt tho!

    Recently discovered your blog on Lucky community. Will definitely be visiting!

  3. awesome! glad to find other scientist fashionistas out there. i was a neuroscience premed in undergrad and now i'm clawing my way through med school :) blogging is such a nice breather, isn't it?

    pandaphilia fashion

  4. I love reading blogs of other "Medicos" around the globe, its very relaxing for me when I take time out from those books... Though I haven't started blogging yet...But someday soon enough... :)

  5. I would love to sponsor you for November! The $30 ad. My website is www.pipleyvintage.com, so you can look at it and see if it fits your blog! I sell vintage and vintage inspired clothing and accessories, we just opened in August and need to advertise. I love your blog and your outfits and I think we would fit well. Let me know and I can set up our account with you tonight!

    Carole Fuchs

  6. Hey :-) I found your blog via http://franish.blogspot.com- I completed my master's at Vanderbilt and have a forever-love-affair with all things Nashville!! Happy 2013

  7. You are one heck of a gorgeous girl I must say. I found you today thanks to Shanna and you just might have inspired me to rip my closet apart and put random pieces together now that I stalked out your 30 by 30 challenge. Amazing!

  8. AHHH I just found you over at Shanna's blog! You are sooooo stylish and pretty and I can't wait to follow you! P.S I reallllly want to steal your pug :) Would love for you to follow back! SO jealous that you live in Nashville too...

    XO Samantha

  9. you always look so hot and beautiful. i enjoy your blog.

  10. I love your fashion sense and that gorgeous smile. You are a stunning girl.

  11. Hi I'm Heather! Please email me when you get a chance, I have a question about your blog! LifesABanquet1(at)gmail.com

  12. Love all of your picks - so perfect for Mother's Day! Thanks for the love!


  13. Loved looking through your blog! It looks great! Thanks for getting the dinner together the other night...I really enjoyed meeting all of you girls! Looking forward to our next meet up!


  14. Jessica, I like your blog and loved it on blogionaire.com

  15. Was so excited to see that you're in Nashville! I'm here too and love happening upon other bloggers in the area. :)

  16. PhD in biomedical research - WOW! And here I thought nursing school was stressful! Good luck and I'm so glad I discovered your blog!

  17. Being enchanted by Jessica's beauty with long skirty prettiness, I gift to her - to the muse - my concerning comment <3 :)

    Senorita Jessica noticing the gaze of the man with Vespa scooter on the seaside promenade, referring to boldness flashes him the ankle lifting discreetly her skirt! <3
    The woman in consequence of her manifestation nevertheless putting the hand to the mouth involuntary smiling feels bashful. :)
    - Jessa please! - reprove her the girlfriends with good manners

    Don Andrés


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