Saturday, March 31, 2012

mint basics

Day 29 of my 30X30 Remix Challenge... SOOOOO close!
At this point, I have taken to standing in front of my closet and dreaming of wearing the rest of my clothes that haven't been touched in almost a month! I feel like I am neglecting my babies, they miss me... ha!
I might have a problem :)
I guess it is good that I am going to be so excited to wear my own clothes, that I won't need to go shopping!
{ J.Crew button-down and flats / Blank Denim mint jeans / Vintage clutch }

back to black

Day 28 of my 30X30 Remix Challenge
{ Urban Outfitters Blazer / Jessica Simpson Heels / J.Crew Bubble Skirt / BaubleBar Necklace / Boutique Lace Tank }
I have fallen into a pattern where my go-to accent color is black. In fact when I was younger I told my parents that I wouldn't be wearing brown any more so that I could focus on my black accessories only... obviously a diva since birth! haha
But having black everything (necklace, shoes, jacket, belt) is an easy way to toughen up a girl skirt and tank!
What is your "go-to"?

Friday, March 30, 2012


Hey! So far I have been making a huge effort (thank you boyfriend) to take pictures of my 30X30 Remix Challenge outfits every morning or right after work. However, there were a few outfits that slipped thought the cracks.... from weekends, after work outings, or days on which I just couldn't get out of bed (it happens!) So this is my "re-enactment" of those looks to round out my next few outfits. 
I love mint + red, and sometimes more IS more! Red shirt, mint pants, why not add a red+mint necklace!?
I have had this necklace from Old Navy for years, and I am pretty sure this is the first time that I have worn it... how does that happen!?
{ Blank Denim via ModCloth Mint Jeans / StyleMint Striped Tee / Banana Republic Trench / Vince Camuto Derby Pumps / Boutique Purse {similar} / Old Navy necklace (super old) (super wish/lust list item) }
P.S. The boyfriend has been signing this song for the past couple of days (I imagine he is singing it to me), and now it is stuck in my head... not a bad thing!

missing out

 I have a confession… I have been working really hard at sticking with my 30X30 challenge for me and you. I am usually someone who is super gung-ho at the beginning of a project, but have in the past lost steam before seeing it to completion (not a good habit). As silly as it may be, I really wanted to break this cycle and impress you with my remixing abilities. I had a low point a couple of days ago when I concluded that I was letting you down, and missing out. I hadn’t been able to show off my abilities to rock the mint nail trend, pull off floral jeans, or try my hand at a peplum top… would you still want to stop by? would I still be a good “fashion blogger”? 
But then I had an epiphany… this blog is for the every day girl. The girl who wears the same skirt for 3 seasons in a row, wears flats everyday, has a modest shopping budget, but still wants to get the most out her closet, and feel confident getting dressed everyday for work, for dates, for drinks with the girls, or when just running around at the dog park on the weekends (AKA me)

{ Citizens of Humanity Jeans / J.Crew Sweater / JC Penney Sweater / Mat&Nat vegan purse / vintage scarf }
I have learned a lot about myself, my addiction to shopping, and what I want for my blog over the past 26 days (only 4 more to go!), and hope that this is a good spring board for what is to come with my little spot on the internets!

Ok, enough heart to heart confessions, time to enjoy the weekend!
I am headed down to Dallas to spend a weekend with my Bachelorette friends, and besties from college!
Have a great one!
Oh, and please check back in over the weekend I am going to post the rest of my 30 outfits, including one this afternoon, 2 on Saturday, and the final look on Sunday! eep!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

a little awkward, mostly awesome

Day 25 of my 30X30 Remix Challenge! Today I am bringing back the awkward&awesome
{ Blank Denim for ModCloth Mint Jeans / Splendid Sweater / J.Crew Silk Tank & Belt / Thrifted purse / Vince Camuto Derby Pumps {lust list} }
 1. Apparently, the only way I know how to spice up an outfit is by adding a belt... {here, here}
2. The neighbors just got a dog, and Doug isn't allowed to meet it until it is "trained", says the owners... oh sorry, wow people, wow...
3. Driving by the place I am going to move to (see below) no less than 3 times per day... yes, I am stalking it until May 1st!
4. Living out of boxes... I got excited and already started packing... whoops!

1. Yesterday's wet bun turned into decent curls for today... usually it looks like a small creature has taken over my head when I attempt this... so I'll take this as a win
2. I became an Aunt yesterday, my sister gave birth to two beautiful twin girls (Etta Jane & Claire Elaine)! You can call me Aunt Gigi from now on!
3. I found a place to live! This is beyond awesome. I had a little bit of impending homelessness that has been stressing me out... but no more! Now I can look forward to decorating (I am going to ignore the chore of moving for the time being)
4. Bachelorette Party this weekend in Dallas... besties, girlie drinks, glitter, and lingerie party oh my!
5. Um, the weather in Nashville is beyond amazing right now. I can totally get over the 2 inch layer of pollen on my car in exchange for this Spring time lasting FOREVER!
6. I may or may not have (pssss... I did!) fall in love with a little black girl pug... and am currently trying to convince myself that this time of moving, traveling to weddings/visiting friends, and generally transitioning is not a good time to adopt a new pug baby.... so far it isn't working!

I really like how the belt changes the shape of this sweater... if I can't buy a peplum, I'll make a (faux)one!
7. Getting to see my talented roommate Kiernan McMullen play a show last night in town. You should definitely check out his music!
8. My boss has been gone from the office this week, which means that I have gotten lots of furniture stalking accomplished (picture inspiration boards for every room of my apartment that I am not even living in yet... obsession!)
9. Close to being finished with my 30X30 Remix Challenge... it has been wonderful so far, but I am ready to hit up the mall to pick up some inexpensive trendy items (neon, neutral sandals, peplum top), and also some investment pieces that I have identified as being lacking from my wardrobe (a tweed jacket is at the top of this list!)
10. Just found out that I get to attend a science conference in the South of France this Fall! Being a nerd finally has its perks! yay!
P.S. Share your awkward&awesome with me!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

check it out: Olsenboye for JC Penney

Have you heard of Olsenboye for JC Penney? 
I just learned of this new collection, popped over to check it out, and had to share it! I was impressed by the on-trend shoes, great prices, and the adorable sunglasses! I am very picky about sunglasses, and am weary of investing in a "trendy" pair of sunnies for fear that I will hate how they look on my face. But $15 is an golden price, if you love the pair, GREAT, if not... oh well. 
However, I'm pretty certain I would love any of these!

Also, I think my favorite pair is the 2 toned Wayfarers in pink+tortoise ... so hard to narrow it down!

Olsenboye is more than just fab sunnies, I also am loving these $20 classic wedges, $35 (faux) leather backpack, $40 color blocked heels (so hot right now!), and $30 girlie white sundress!
Check it out (isn't JC Penney doing a great job revamping their image?!)
What is your favorite (good luck picking just one!)

quick fix

So close to completing my 30X30 Remix Challenge... less than a week to go!
Today is an exercise in how to get ready in 20 minutes!
Tuesday morning I woke up, jumped in the shower, threw my hair into a wet bun, then collected some clothing from my floor (clutch from the night before, jeans from this weekend) and grabbed the rest from my 30X30 section of my closet... applied my minimal make-up (concealer + bronzer + mascara), and ran out the door! Put together in a minute, and I look actually put together. It's a miracle!
{ Urban Outfitters Blazer / J.Crew Blouse / Genetic Denim Skinny Jeans / Hobo Clutch {affordable option} / Nine West Pumps }
How do you hurry your routine on days in which you are running late?
Give me some tips! I am the queen of snooze!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

little moments

This past weekend was spent:
yard selling (hosted my first ever!)
enjoying being outside on the futon that didn't sell (why didn't we think of this before!?)
wearing scarves as shirts (technically not cheating on my 30X30 Remix)
meeting new friends, and having way too much fun (still recovering!)
watching Discovery Channel's Frozen Planet (can't get enough of those cute baby seals!)
checking out the bloggers that I discovered from this & this list on IFB (what an amazing bunch!)

Phew! What a fun time of year. 

Working on enjoying life's little moments, but also living for the weekend! Next weekend, I will be headed to my college girlfriend's Bachelorette party... I better start saving up on sleep now, because I know once my girlfriends and I are reunited, we are going to be too busy giggling, drinking wine, dressing up, going out, eating, and getting crafty to sleep while in Dallas.

the head & the heart

We are so fortunate here in Nashville to be surrounded by talented musicians. Last night the boyfriend treated me to a show by The Head & The Heart.... soooo good!
When life gets a little more stressful than usual (AKA right now), it is wonderful to unplug with a night of feel good music, and a cutie patootie date.
If you haven't heard of the amazingness that is The Head & The Heart, listen to the song below (one of my favorites), and more on YouTube
{ Windsor Liquid Leggings / Jessica Simpson Heels {loving these} / J.Crew Peach Blouse / Hobo Clutch }

Monday, March 26, 2012

strapped in

Monday, Monday... off to work I go. So hard to say good-bye to the beautiful, relaxing weekend.
Day 22 of my 30X30 Remix Challenge is my version of business casual. I am so fortunate that I don't have to wear "dress-up" clothes to work everyday, I would probably be so lost in a world of suits and slips!
{ J.Crew sweater, button-down, skirt, ballet flats / Cole Haan purse (in black) / Michael Kors watch }

simple life

Oh Spring, so good to see you! Let's hang out!
Day 21 of my 30X30 Remix Challenge, and this weekend I found my self keeping it simple and easy. Top knot, sundress, sunnies, market tote, and a repurposed scarf as a belt. Done & done!
{ J.Crew sundress (thrifted, similar) & tote / Vince Camuto derby pumps (loving these) / vintage scarf }
I'll be twirling
licking it in
This is the life...