Friday, March 30, 2012

missing out

 I have a confession… I have been working really hard at sticking with my 30X30 challenge for me and you. I am usually someone who is super gung-ho at the beginning of a project, but have in the past lost steam before seeing it to completion (not a good habit). As silly as it may be, I really wanted to break this cycle and impress you with my remixing abilities. I had a low point a couple of days ago when I concluded that I was letting you down, and missing out. I hadn’t been able to show off my abilities to rock the mint nail trend, pull off floral jeans, or try my hand at a peplum top… would you still want to stop by? would I still be a good “fashion blogger”? 
But then I had an epiphany… this blog is for the every day girl. The girl who wears the same skirt for 3 seasons in a row, wears flats everyday, has a modest shopping budget, but still wants to get the most out her closet, and feel confident getting dressed everyday for work, for dates, for drinks with the girls, or when just running around at the dog park on the weekends (AKA me)

{ Citizens of Humanity Jeans / J.Crew Sweater / JC Penney Sweater / Mat&Nat vegan purse / vintage scarf }
I have learned a lot about myself, my addiction to shopping, and what I want for my blog over the past 26 days (only 4 more to go!), and hope that this is a good spring board for what is to come with my little spot on the internets!

Ok, enough heart to heart confessions, time to enjoy the weekend!
I am headed down to Dallas to spend a weekend with my Bachelorette friends, and besties from college!
Have a great one!
Oh, and please check back in over the weekend I am going to post the rest of my 30 outfits, including one this afternoon, 2 on Saturday, and the final look on Sunday! eep!


  1. Yay! I am surprised at myself too! The non-shopping part is KILLING me, but it is all good!
    Thank you for following along :)

  2. Aw thank you so much! That means more to me than you know. I hope we can meet up sometime soon in Nashville :)

  3. Ha-ha I am right there beside ya girl.... flats everyday for me and I am 5ft. :) Love this look. 

  4. I love your blog for exactly what it is - I used to follow so many of the more "prestigious" fashion blogs, with the magazine advertisement like photos, huge clothing budgets, and enormous shoe collections.  Then, I realized I couldn't relate to them AT ALL.  I'm about to start graduate school, I'm a young working professional, I enjoy personal style, and I wear flats every day too.  Your blog resonates with me 1000% more than most others, since you're a normal (and relatable) person, wearing normal (and fashionable) clothes, and living a normal (and exciting) life!  Thank you thank you THANK YOU for putting that out there and being a style inspiration to me.

  5. I really love the 30x30 remix! I don't have the budget to go shopping all the time for new pieces and plus, you get so much more  out of your clothes when you can wear them with different items.  Enjoy your weekend in Dallas, Jessica!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Congrats on making it to day 26! I have enjoyed seeing how you wearing the same clothes in different styles. It's a great project to attempt! I totally agree, having a blog for the everyday girl is great.


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