Friday, June 29, 2012

resolutions roundup: June

Well... June was certainly a whirlwind!
Already time for an outfit roundup and resolutions report (to see how my resolutions have been kept, check out the reports for JanuaryFebruary, April & May... totally not sure where March snuck off to!)

June outfits welcomed a return of classic closet staples, were full of bright and airy neutrals (here, here, here, here, & here), a favorite maxi skirt became a repeat offender (here & here), and hot pink totally had a moment (here & here)

2012 is officially half way over... (what!) and I am really happy that I have my resolutions to keep me motivated and accountable 

friday's fancies: beachy chic

Um... I know you don't want to hear about the weather anymore... but these 100 ˚F+ temps are pretty much ruling my life right now....
So instead of talking about the weather, I am pretending I am at the beach (I mean... why not!?)

the "IT" list

Good morning loves, I hope you get some time this weekend to check out these amazing blogettes!

  • One Hundred Inspirations puts together an amazing summer wedding look inspired by Kate Middleton - all for under $160! A must see!
  • Diva in Me combats the monday blues with a gorgeous yellow and white dress she collaborated on with a friend! So talented! (find Diva in Me on Twitter!)
  • Olive and an Arrow mixed and matched her way to an adorable summer outfit! Checks and floral were meant to be! (find Olive and an Arrow on Twitter!)
  • Rachel's Look Book shows us her international style on a recent trip to Dublin. Hint - it's fabulously edgy! (find Rachel's Look Book on Twitter!)
  • Melificent is feeling happy in her good mood outfit! So much so that she even brought out the bubbles! So fun! (find Melificent on Twitter!
  • Crazy Style Love shares her simple formula for taking any outfit from day to night! Head over to find out how and see her cute look! (find Crazy Style Love on Twitter!)
  • Sigh...Gush...Gasp looks polished for weekend errands in a blazer and jeans - and you'll never believe what she paid for her top!! (find Sigh...Gush...Gasp on Twitter!)
  • A Fashion Fixation found the perfect polka dot scarf - it's long and goes with everything! Pop over to see where she bought it! (find A Fashion Fixation on Twitter!)
  • High Heeled Style has jumped on the chambray wagon! And what better to pair it with than white skinny jeans and a pair of fabulous heels?! (find High Heeled Style on Twitter!)
  • Ash 'N' Fashn pairs denim and lace for a look that's perfect for any date night or party! So cute! (find Ash N' Fashn on Twitter!) 
  • Pink Margarita Pearl takes us through three ways to style a skinny cowl top! It's impossible to choose a favorite!
  • Urban Frill is trying out a new way to style her pencil skirts! Pop over to find out why untucked is better! (find Urban Frill on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now cools off in an adorable pansy print sun dress! Paired with sleek silver accessories, she is ready for the heat! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East finds inspiration for a bedroom design from her latest casual weekend outfit! Head over to check out the room AND outfit! (find Second Street East on Twitter!)
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

loafing around

Are loafers still cool? Or am I late to the trend again?
After seeing this amazing chicness of girls in loafers (here, here, here, & here), I think I might just have to give these classic kicks a try!

morning person

I am NOT a morning person... but I want to be... 
I shower at night, usually pick out what I am going to wear the next (mentally or physically) before going to bed, Make lunch from the night before's leftovers, I don't eat breakfast, and taking care of Doug takes 10-ish minutes in the morning... so theoretically I could make it out of my house in 20 minutes tops... but for some reason I set my alarm for 7:30 and I don't have to leave the house until 8:40...

what am I doing for all that extra time you ask... SNOOZING... 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wish list: Coach Classics

Last week I had a momentary lapse in my will power (thank you Kate Spade sale), but luckily Irecovered before pulling the trigger on a quilted, neon shoulder bag (even if it did sit in my cart for a whole day!)

 I talk all the time about saving up to invest in classic, versatile, "grown-up" pieces for my wardrobe, and then justify to myself spending hundreds a month on trendy/street fashion clothes... and this probably isn't going to change (I like shopping, OK!?)... but I have my eyes on a new prize, and am committed to squirreling away a few of my pennies (the story about grad students being poor is true by the way) so that I can introduce a Coach classics purse to my closet

pansy perfect

When the temps heat up (over 100 ˚F in Nashville this weekend!) I cool off with a easy sundress and sleek silver accessories
Maybe it is the Southern girl in me, but Summer means sundresses! Picking up a handful of affordable, light dresses is a requirement for Summer dressing here in Nashville (HELL-O humidity!)
Check out some great floral sundress options under $50: here, here, here & here
{ What I wore: I Heart Ronson for J.C. Penney dress (this current one is totes adorbs!) // Jessica Simpson heels }

P.S. Have you signed up to be a part of the Oasap fashion hunter program?
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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

biker problems

I really wanted to purchase a chic tote for this summer, but now that I am officially a bike rider, it looks like what I really need to be picking up is a chic backpack. My purse swinging from the handlebars has proven quite the problem! In middle school I totally rocked the classic LL Bean backpack with my initials emblazoned on the back, but these days I am looking for a more grown-up, feminine but not girlie design.

Grad student seeking companion to carry laptop, camera, and farmer's market goodies. Must be reliable, chic, and easy on the shoulders.
Floral: white $69.00 // blue $67.99
Bright: green $74.99 // red $40.00
Neutral: basic $31.99 // with accents $69.00
Striped: grey $64.99 // blue $165.00
Feminine: pink $32.00 // color blocked $48.99

 What are you favorites? Know any other great backpack sources?

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Monday, June 25, 2012

sunday funday

This was a fabulous weekend - kicking Summer off to a great start!
Sunday, my girlfriends and I headed East to Burgess Falls State Park and hiked and swam our little hearts out! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful group of ladies who want to get out and have a little adventure. A day of hiking, swimming in waterfalls (a first for me), followed by ice cream and cream soda on front porch rocking chairs was happy to my soul.
Just some bathing mermaids!
Jessica & Blair sandwich 
ready to adventure our way to the falls
Bring it "strenuous"!
On top of the Big Falls
Play time!
Big Falls (150 ft falls)
 Friday, was another day of new experiences - taste testing at our local distillery housed in a historic car factory here in Nashville... bottoms up!

How was your weekend?
Cross anything off your summer bucket list?
Or did you kick back and relax?
Bring it on Monday... I am recharged and ready for you!

I am linking up with Molly today for #YOLOMONDAY. Check it out!


out of the ballpark

I have a blog crush on Crystalin from ITCWC, and I have her to blame thank for totally inspiring me to purchase a baseball tee. One day I was sitting at work, and the next thing I realized (while reading her blog) was that my life wouldn't be complete without a baseball tee... as if my life was a total sham before said baseball tee came into my life!
I mean, how fabulous is her styling board!? And check out how she rocked it in real life here, here & here
I finally had a chance to take my baseball tee out for a spin this weekend while getting some errands accomplished on my bicycle... basic white jeans and my favorite gladiator sandals were a nice initiation for my baseball tee... but I have big plans for this baby all. summer. long.
{What I wore: J.Crew baseball tee (on sale now!), white jeans (love these), gladiator sandals (fabulous ones on my wish list), straw tote (similar) }
Any items in your closet that you expect to go the distance this summer?

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Friday, June 22, 2012

friday's fancies: block party

Hey boyfriend, I'm ready for date night!
When the weather heats up (hello Summer!) you can find me eating al fresco, enjoying the great natural outdoors, and after all that, soaking up the powerful AC the South is famous for (Summer means that I have to take a sweater to any restaurant/theater because the AC be pumpin')
This weekend I plan to enjoy some red wine and patio time with the boy, and go hiking with the girls to a waterfall (good thing I am getting better with my camera!)
Color-blocking is fresh and fun for Summer. Today I am rocking my color block and linking up with Friday's Fancies over on Long Distance Loving. Check out the rest of the block party {here}
{ What I wore: Splendid top // Fred Flare scalloped skirt (very similar skirt, for a steal!) // Payless wedges (love these LOOK at me wedges)  // BaubleBar necklace // Target hat (great picks here, here & here) }
Scalloped skirt that looks like a cake, ridiculous hat, and a cuddly pug... I am a happy girl!
Happy weekend ya'll!
What do you have planned? Any color-blocking in the forecast?

the "IT" list

We are finally getting internet in the townhouse this weekend, and I can't wait to catch up on all of these fabulous ladies! I hope you enjoy!

  • Sweetie Pie Style shows us how to pair lemon and lime pieces for a bold, vibrant look! Head over to see her top picks!  (find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
  • A Fashion Fixation is channeling her 70s vibe in a vintage inspired outfit! Wide leg jeans and a flowy top? So Chic!  (find A Fashion Fixation on Twitter!)
  • Urban Frill is beating the heat in her patterned mini and airy top - the perfect outfit for an outdoor summer concert! Cute!
  • Sandy a la Mode is getting twice the use out of her maxi skirt by making it a dress - and it has a beach scene on it! What more could you want?! (find Sandy a la Mode on Twitter!)
  • The Fashionable ESQ found tons of sassy snake inspired accessories that will add a punch to any outfit! Just call her a snake charmer! (find The Fashionable ESQ on Twitter!)
  • Northern Style Exposure dresses down a lace dress with a safari-worthy jacket! Head over to see how she layers her way to casual chic! (find Northern Style on Twitter!)
  • Miss Top Ten Image looks back to some of her favorite looks from 2011! Pop over for tons of eye candy and to see how her style has evolved! (find Miss Top Ten Image on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now shows us how to look cute in tennis shoes! Throw them on with a dress and hair scarf and you are ready for weekend errands! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Diva in Me pairs an oversized clutch with a printed dress for a look that is perfect for a night out on the town! Love! (find Diva in Me on Twitter!)
  • Olive and an Arrow shows us her preppy side in a look that could be straight out of Clueless! Totally fab! (find Olive and an Arrow on Twitter!)
  • Melificent wears an adorable nautical outfit for an impromptu getaway in the Florida Keys! Swoon! (find Melificent on Twitter!
  • Crazy Style Love has an eye for eyelet in this black and gold ensemble! And her belt? A must have! 
  • Sigh...Gush...Gasp rocks the neon look on a budget! Head over to see where she found her adorable dress for an incredible price! (find Sigh...Gush...Gasp on Twitter!)
  • High Heeled Style goes full on pattern in an adorable wrap dress that is perfect for a day at the office. Best news? It's easy to style since it's the statement piece! (find High Heeled Style on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East is sharing some big news and a sneak peek of a recent photo shoot she did! Pop over to find out what she has been up to! (find Second Street East on Twitter!)
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I am going to be out celebrating Summer and crossing fun things off of my to-do list
Tonight on the agenda is a tour at our local distillery with friends, then date night at the drive-in movies with my cutie (currently showing: Rock of Ages)
Tomorrow is blocked off with some domestic errands during the day (yay for finally getting internet so I can get fully caught up with blog reading/commenting), then an outdoor concert in the evening
Sunday, my wonderful friend Blair has set up a day hike with the girls that should end at waterfalls... totes worth the sweating that will be required!
What is on your weekend to-do list?
Crossing off any summer bucket list items!?

Thursday, June 21, 2012


Good morning... things have been pretty awesome and awkward around here... but I guess I wouldn't have it any other way!

**Before I get to my A&A, I have a public service announcement... I love reading your blogs, and sometimes in the comments I can't figure out how to link to your site (I am slightly technologically challenged)... so let's all use this little genius-ness

post: <a href=http://www.myhereandnowlife.com/ ]]> Here&Now</a>
Put your domain name where the purple text is (i.e http://www.myhereandnowlife.com/), and what you want your link to show up as in green (i.e. Here&Now)**

Ok, back to the regularly scheduled programming...
{ What I wore: StyleMint Tangerine Tank // Blank Denim via ModCloth mint jeans (similar) // NineWest wedges }

{ Awesome: }
- Mint jeans... these guys continue to rock my world. Is there a color they don't look amazing with?! (check out more navy + mint inspiration here)

- I have officially become a hoarder of striped tees... and is officially AWESOME!

- My new roommate moved in, and came with a kegerator! Still working on getting some gluten-free cider in there!

- The boyfriend got a motorcycle... I can't lie, he looks pretty smoking hot on that thing! (he still is trying to get me on the back...but I'm letting him log a little time on that bad boy before I hop on)

- No cable or internet in the new place yet (which is why I haven't been able to reply to as many comments, or check out your amazing sites this week!), but it does mean that the boy and I have been playing board games, catching up on some season 1 Entourage and generally nesting.

Don't mind me... just fixing my mullet!

{ Awkward: }
- I have had a iPhone for about 4 years now, and I still fail to hit the "dial" button about 90% of the time... so I stand with my phone to my ear for 5 minutes before realizing that I don't know how to make a phone call! Text messaging is going to be the downfall of me!

- Driving down a busy, street in the heart of Nashville, I almost hit a deer... my country girl survival skills must be rusty, because I freaked out (luckily the deer ran to safety in a nearby park)

- I am such a baby when it comes to anything that closely resembles "working out" (re: skinny fat), so when riding my bike I realize that I am exerting so much effort that the tops of my feet are sweating... that is NOT ok with me!

- Bringing 2 poop bags along on the walk, and the pug lays down 3 deuces... what are we feeding him!? 

- A typical evening at my place has been captured in the video below... I was doing a little rearranging of the bookshelf (have I mentioned how OCD I am about organizing!?), when Doug took it upon himself to defend me against the villainous Piggy Bank
(*Warning: if you are at work, turn off your sound or use headphones, this video contains barking)

How has your week shaped up? 
Any awkward? Awesome? Do share!

P.S. I have just recently become obsessed with the fabulous clothes over at Oasap and signed up to be a part of their fashion hunter program
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

day to night dress remix

Now that it is Summer, I expect my wardrobe to do more transitioning from day to dark... 
Sundresses are a Southern Summer staple, and really do some major work in my closet.
{ cardi + flats for day, silvery jewels + stunner shoes for night }
"old school pin" via Cosmopolitan April 2012 Issue
Get the look:
Take this dress (gotta see the back) from 
cardi + belt + shades + flats (exact) + watch
 to Night:
belt + clutch (exact) + earrings + rings + heels

What piece in your wardrobe does the most work come warmer weather?

when the living is easy

The weather has been teasing me for weeks, but it is NOW officially Summer! I don't actually get a summer vacation from school anymore (what the what grad school!?), but I do have plans to suck every last ounce of fun out of this summer... long days, warm weather, and good intentions... 

Summer to do list:

- pick my own berries

- make homemade ice cream

- go to the drive in movies

- get out of the city to watch the stars

- swim in the lake (bonus: rent a party barge for the day!)

- learn to french braid my hair

- get a crawfish broil together!

What is on your summer to-do list?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

photog skills

Saturday I had the pleasure of walking around Nashville taking photographs and learning some tips for using the manual settings on my Canon Rebel T2i from 2 local experts at the Brick Factory
I have been using my camera since Christmas on mostly the automatic or pre-set controls, so it was really awesome to finally learn and test out the relationship between ISO levels, aperture, and shutter speed... so now I can finally capture the subtle emotions of Doug the Pug... oh and outfits too!
pensive pug
pouting pug
pudgy pug
During the walking photography class I enjoyed taking pictures of the Nashville Symphony fountain...
When did water become SO COOL!?

Downtown Nashville has lots of fun nooks and crannies... lots more exploring to be down!

No clue that these Jonny Cash and Willie Nelson murals existed! So awesome!

Oh, and tourists always abound... haha (I have actually done this and it was awesome... biking & drinking... it must be the pedal tavern!)
Do you have any beginner photography skills? What is your favorite test subject for practicing your photography skills (I think the pug is starting to tire of my using him! ha)