Friday, June 29, 2012

resolutions roundup: June

Well... June was certainly a whirlwind!
Already time for an outfit roundup and resolutions report (to see how my resolutions have been kept, check out the reports for JanuaryFebruary, April & May... totally not sure where March snuck off to!)

June outfits welcomed a return of classic closet staples, were full of bright and airy neutrals (here, here, here, here, & here), a favorite maxi skirt became a repeat offender (here & here), and hot pink totally had a moment (here & here)

2012 is officially half way over... (what!) and I am really happy that I have my resolutions to keep me motivated and accountable 

- We all know how much I dislike working out, but I have a whole new respect for my body now that I count on it to get me around town on my bicycle... everyday the trip from home to work (up and down hills mind you!) is getting easier! 
- And needless to say, after working my tush off on the bike... drinking water is all I want to do (easiest resolution ever!)

- I am finally back in the swing of things (after moving, and splurging on some new Spring/Summer clothes) and am putting away money for retirement & savings (pretty boring, but it has to be done)

- The start of summer and my new living conditions resulted in a spike in my cultivation of relationships. Between bunco nights and waterfall hikes, my girlfriends and I had a ton of fun this month... and are looking to continue our fun filled summer over the next couple of months (Bunco is at my house next month! yay!)
- I recently made some new stationary with my Etchpop, and have been sending letters to old friends... I love a good piece of mail, and am hoping to continue this even more into July by sending out friendship bracelets to my friends far and wide
- Tyler and I enjoyed a great month together as well. We have been playing kickball with a co-ed team every Thursday, and also enjoyed some one-on-one competition in Checkers and Settlers of Catan

- Still no home church, but we are hot on some leads... again with the not being a morning person thing... need to work on that!
- But my devotional time is still rocking, and I am enjoying more moment of quite meditation (has a serious experience of wonderment in my Creators playground at the waterfalls last weekend)

- No sewing yet... but I did clear off a spot for my machine in my new place... baby steps!
- I finally got down to business learning more about my camera, and took a hands on photography class. Still learning more and more each day. And also researching which lens to get next (open to suggestions!)
- Since going gluten-free, I have had so much fun cooking up new recipes in the kitchen!
Two of my most successful gluten-free recipes this month were:
{Chicken Enchiladas} <-- big hit at Bunco!
{Strawberry Muffins}
Gluten-free or not, I think you should give them a whirl!

How are your resolutions 1/2 of the year through?
Are you ready for July!? Any fun plans?


  1. Such great outfits! I'm glad your resolutions are holding up! (loving that pop of hot pink in some of the outfits!). Have a fabulous weekend :)

    A Southern Drawl

  2. AMAZING outfits dear :) Still loving your scalloped skirt! :)

  3. love these outfits! :D
    d 1st one wit d fedora is my fav n d blue maxi ones look gorgeous~ :)
    new post upwww.fshn4us.blogspot.in

  4. Youre doing great! This is a great way to keep up with your resolutions :) ps. Love your purple maxi skirt!

  5. I love this!  Seems like you're right on track.  I gotta say, I think my fave outfit for June was 3rd row, 2nd pic (chambray shirt with the flowery skirt).  I mean, you look fab in all of them but that one is just spot on!

    Have a GREAT weekend!

  6. My resolutions are going good. I haven't been buy clothes. Also been sticking to only wearing jeans once a week to work. Love yout June round up. In July I'm going away for my birthday weeksend.

  7. i adore all outfits so much!! so cute and chic!!
    4 giveaways on my blog!!mychoicesaremystyle.blogspot.com

  8. amazing outfits :) i love the second to the last look <3


  9. you have such great style! 
    Sara xx

  10. I know I really can't believe it is halfway through the year! It is good you have a list of resolutions to keep you on track!! Also your dog is so freaking adorable!


  11. Sounds like June was pretty epic for you!

    And I am obsessing over that scalloped skirt! Cute!!

  12. You have some seriously cute outfits in the mix. So in love with your pink scalloped mini. Still can't believe that half the year is over already. I need to take a leaf out of your book and start planning some of my own. 

    xx Jenee C. http://camomeetscouture.blogspot.com

  13. Oh and you play Bunco? So much fun, maybe we should organize a fashion bloggers bunco night? Would you be at all interested? 

    xx Jenee C. http://camomeetscouture.blogspot.com

  14. So many great looks!


  15. I love the pink maxi and purple maxi skirts - all great looks for June! Thank you so much for taking a moment to stop by and say hello! ;-)

  16. gorgeousssssssss
    lav you blog ;)
    xx [ aphrodite blue ] 

  17. I'm so glad you like the blogger bunco idea! Now we just need to find a few more Nashville bloggers who might be interested. Keep in touch!

    xx Jenee C. 

  18. These outfits are simply gorgeous! I hope when you went back through them all you were able to stop for a minute and appreciate how well you style yourself and put yourself together :) gorgeous!! I love that you keep tabs on your resolutions too - I didnt make any this year as I have a list of 25 things I am trying to achieve before 25 ( 9 months to go!) 

    Anna xo

  19. Beautiful, absolutely stunning all round, Bravo.

  20. I love your purple maxi skirt! You've worn it so well in all your photos :)
    I'm with you on the hating working out- but I'm determined to do it like you!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  21. Such cute outfits! I'm wearing that purple maxi as I type :) Wanted to let you know my Copycat Monday outfit today was inspired by you so I gave you a little shout out on the blog :)

    The Other Side of Gray 

  22. Amazing outfits all of them!


  23. Cute outfits! I like the one on the top row all the way on the right and in the 3rd row, 2nd from the left the best. So cute! Thanks for visiting/commenting on my blog! Yours is awesome :) Do you want to follow each other?


  24. Love all of the blue maxi skirts!



  25. Wow! Looks like you're doing awesome with your resolutions!! I need to work on my photography skills and learn more about how to use my camera as well. And hooray for sending/receiving mail and bunco!! I hope July is another fantastic month for you :)

  26. love all your outfits esp the ones with your pink skirt! can't believe that we're over half-way into the year now! good for you on getting into biking! after moving to okinawa, i really need to get into a work-out schedule! 

    xx heidi

    full of loves


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