Wednesday, June 27, 2012

wish list: Coach Classics

Last week I had a momentary lapse in my will power (thank you Kate Spade sale), but luckily Irecovered before pulling the trigger on a quilted, neon shoulder bag (even if it did sit in my cart for a whole day!)

 I talk all the time about saving up to invest in classic, versatile, "grown-up" pieces for my wardrobe, and then justify to myself spending hundreds a month on trendy/street fashion clothes... and this probably isn't going to change (I like shopping, OK!?)... but I have my eyes on a new prize, and am committed to squirreling away a few of my pennies (the story about grad students being poor is true by the way) so that I can introduce a Coach classics purse to my closet

{ Top Row : Basic / Satchel / Court }
{ Middle Row : Bucket / Shoulder / Mini }
{ Bottom Row : Field / Willis / Backpack }
Offered in both classic (brown, cognac, black, navy) and punch (lime, olive, cherry) colors, these bags are an investment that you will wear for years and eventually hand down to you daughter.

I have zeroed my sights in on the mini shoulder bag, but I need your help making the final decision. 
Classic cognac or fun cherry?

What purse is on your wish/lust list?


  1. Ohhhh some times we just have to buy something, it's human nature ;)

    I love the colours of those bags!

    Love, Elizabeth xx


  2. coach is just awesome!! what a classic item to own. 

  3. Hmm, cognac or cherry... both will probably get use year round, both are neutrals/solids that will probably go with everything... so whichever one you pick will be a right answer! I'm drooling over Marc by Marc Jacobs bags right now...

  4. I myself have an obsession with these classic bags. Just scored the Willis bag at my aunt's and I love my cognac shoulder bag, goes with everything! I say go for cognac and then down the road get one in red :)

  5. I think you should go for cherry. I have a red bag and you'd be surprised how well it goes with many outfits.

  6. Classic Cognac baby!   That is a color that will work forever!  A classic bag is always a great purchase.  Still have not found the "ONE"  still want it to be perfect. Can't wait to see what you pick. 

  7. A friend gave me her old coach satchel around 4 years ago and I have been carrying it since. Who knew it would have made a comeback??


  8. These Coach bags are so classic,  I just love them. I think the cognac would be a more enduring color. If you look around, it probably wouldn't be too hard to find one on consignment or at a thrift store. I personally love the older Coach bags I have because they were made in the USA.  See this post, 

  9. Christine, that is a good point that vintage Coach bags might pop up in thrift/consignment stores... I wonder if I am patient enough to endure the search! Ha xx

  10. A friend that gave you a vintage Coach bag!? You have some fabulous friends!! I think the classics never die! xx

  11. Ohh. And ordering the madison satchel. Thanks for the heads up! And to think I had given up on "coach" for a couple years now.

  12. Agreed! I am typically not into brands that plaster their name all over their products... but these classic, quality, leather bags... that is something I can support! So glad you found something you loved! xx

  13. They are great bags!. I love the Willis one, in the middle of the bottom row. 


  14. Oh, I just love my classic coach bags!
    the best part about them, is you can get the vintage ones in good condition for a fraction of the price. (I've already purchased four bags for total of $40)
    The best place is your local thrift store... and the best advice i can offer for finding one is to simply go every week.
    Consignment stores are usually a little more, and failing that there is etsy.
    if you can find them cheap enough, why not get both colors?

  15. A Chanel will always by my #1 wish list purse but that won't be happening for a few more years! I got this great quilted blakc Kate Spade back in January when it they were having a flash sale - $190! Thats my winter purse and my white leather coach tote (college graduation present) is my summer work purse. Investing in a real leather purse always pays off -- I say go for the cognac because it goes with everything. Can't wait to see which one you decide on!

  16. Hmm, I'd probably go for the cognac because it will go with more than the cherry!

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  17. You are back on my reading list, yay! Except I just got all of your posts appear in a row, silly Blogger.  Anyway, either color will be great.. although I'm leaning towards cherry, just because it's more fun.  You can easily turn it into a classic. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee 

  18. Loving these Coach classic bags! Obsessed with the red satchel!


  19. Try ebay! I recently bought a Dooney crossbody bag for $20, including shipping! It was very gently worn, and I love it.

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