Friday, June 26, 2015

Nashville Food Fan: Top 10

It is no secret that Nashville is currently having a moment. In the 6 years I have lived here, the growth has been non-stop & recently it feels exponential! In fact I have a running list of local shops & restaurants that I need to check out, that seems to be growing by the week!

In my time here I have been fortunate to connect with some of the amazingly creatives that call Music City home, people that inspire, collaborate, & remind me to get out & explore our local nooks & crannies. One of these talented individuals is not only my amazing photographer but also the human behind the successful Nashville food/restaurant Instagram account @NashvilleFoodFan. Whenever I am looking for a new place to try, I head to FoodFan first to see what new places she has visited recently.

If you are looking to travel to Nashville soon, or already call it home, below are the top 10 restaurants & what to order from the Nashville restaurant guru herself! When you travel to Nashville, you must plan your days around eating & drinking to fit it all in!

Is your mouth watering yet? But wait, there's more! Below are the @NashvilleFoodFan Runners Up (not pictured in the collage, but still excellent!):
- Chicken Noodle Soup at Thai Esane. If you're under the weather this amazing soup will bring you back to life, no seriously. It's a game changer.

- The tater tot nachos at The Flipside. The perfect group sized hangover cure.

- If you find yourself at a baseball game this summer at the new Sounds stadium you'll want to head straight to The Band Box for all of your food and drink needs. Specifically, the fried chicken sandwich has a surprising Asian flavor. Unexpected for ballpark food and SOO GOOD. Pair it with a whiskey coke slushy and you're hitting a homerun!

- Cinnamon Sugar donuts at The Patterson House. We all know to go there for the best speakeasy style cocktails in town but let me tell you these donuts alone are worth the wait and sometimes I will admit that they make appearances in my dreams :)

Thank you Kate for sharing all your insider tips! Don't forget to tag @NashvilleFoodFan & #NashvilleFoodFan when you try local Nashville restaurants/food trucks/bars as she loves to regram your culinary delights!

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