Tuesday, October 31, 2017

to the point

For Halloween this year, I am excited to sit on my couch & wait for cute kids in costumes to come knock on our door (while snacking on candy of course!). As first time homeowners, I am probably more excited about the little kids, we never got a chance to have trick-or-treaters in our previous apartments!

Are you dressing up? What are you going to be? Give me some good ideas so I can buy things on after-Halloween sale! 

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sweater: Nordstrom wrap ballerina sweater (exact wrap sweater style is no longer available, but I might love this one from J.Crew Factory even more!)

pants: J.Crew Factory polka dot knit pants (this style comes in lots of solids + seasonal prints, loving the floral print that is available now!)

Old Navy also has an affordable style called the "Pixie" that is very similar & I have heard nothing about great things about them! Shop them in solids + fun prints!

shoes: Tieks (all day on my feet teacher APPROVED!)

sunglasses: old from ASOS (similar)

lipstick: Nars "heat wave"

necklace: old from J.Crew (from when I was a frog scientist!)

Monday, October 30, 2017

what i will do for donuts

When you are a one car family, a girl has sometimes got to get creative when a donut craving kicks in! I partnered with car2go + Localeur to share 3 of my favorite Denver spots & first up is Voodoo Doughnut! You might know them for their crazy flavors (Bacon Maple!? Voodoo Doll Doughnut!?), & yes they have plenty of wild ones, but also serve up lots of other eye catching + yummy options too! Find Voodoo in the middle of Colfax Ave, nearby other favorites like Illegal Petes + many vinyl shops & dive bars to round out a perfectly hipster afternoon - if it isn't on Insta, it didn't happen!

If you haven't downloaded the Localeur app yet, you are missing out! I use Localeur when I travel to a new city to find local spots, specially recommended by verified locals. Heck, I use it here in Denver too as I am still learning about all of the hidden gems of the Mile High City. I used to contribute to the Nashville Localeur page, & know that all contributors take great joy in sharing local spots to fellow locals and visitors alike so that you can truly experience a city like you live there!

I have just recently discovered the magic that is car2go. They have a fleet of Mercedes Benz sedans & SUVs that are super luxurious + easy to use! I guess I expected ride sharing to be a little grimy + a lot of hassle, but all of my car2go experiences have been exactly the opposite! Our favorite neighborhood, RiNo, always has lots of car2go cars parked within walking distance, & I feel quite a bit like James Bond walking up to a car and letting myself in.

This outfit was perfect for a recently sunny Fall day here in Denver - I might sound like a broken record, but let me proceed to explain how everyone of these items is my FAVORITE!

I have a hard time dropping $88 for a single shirt, but I am trying to retrain myself to live by my "fewer, better things" motto. This shirt is amazing - from the bell sleeve details, to the flirty lip print, + optional neck button - that I don't feel guilty wearing it on repeat. This blouse was spot on for a recent blogger brunch (with velvet heels!), under my puffer vest for an afternoon of watching football at a sports bar, & with distressed jeans for boutique hopping on a lazy Sunday. 

While I might be a reluctant trend trier, one trend I have jumped on HARD is distressed denim, & now I am adding a high/low hem to my jeans & feeling like I am so LIT... are we still using LIT? These jeans have the perfect amount of stretch, the light wash is refreshing & they work great for petites!

When it comes to Fall accessories, I am currently all about a bold purse and understated jewelry. This Fossil hobo bag comes in 4 perfect for fall shades, but I'm a little biased and think my cranberry color is the best! Looking to add extra storage to your larger purses? I swear by these Mulberry & Grand canvas pouches. I have the unicorn one, but might have to also pick up this SASSY one! I've had my M monogram necklace since I took my man's last name almost 4 years ago, but scooped up this minimalist monogram style necklace for a few girlfriends on my Christmas list already, like the good little elf that I try to be.

{shop these exact pieces}

pants: Nordstrom distressed denim (under $60!)

shoes: Nisolo slides (forever favorites along with their Serena sandal - both now on sale!)
Shop all Nisolo products (their leather goods make sure to please presents!) with my referral link & you get $25 off your purchase (+ I get $25!)

bag: Fossil leather hobo (this cranberry color is perfect for Fall, but this bag is available in several other gorgeous shades!)

necklace: old monogram necklace - I'm love this minimalistic monogram style for Christmas gifts!

lipstick: Nars "heat wave"

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


After peeking at the 15 day forecast for Denver last night, I think tomorrow is our last chance for temps in the 80s for a while. I LOVE Fall, & one of my favorite parts is that it keeps you guessing about what to wear. Some days you get to squeeze out one more appearance in your favorite maxi dress, & the next you are bundled up eyelashes to ankles in knits + layers. What can I say, I like variety!

I know this might seem silly, but before I moved from Nashville to Denver, I was really naive about seasons in other parts of the country. I had always lived in the South, & it was my understanding that Summer basically continued straight through to Thanksgiving, with a day or two of crisp evenings to break up the sweaty, humid block of April - November. I could write a whole post about the pros of moving away from where you grew up, but I digress...

I love this dress because it lets me frolic in in the sun like Summer never ended, but the moody dark florals remind everyone that I'm not crazy, I understand that it's about to get real chilly & is indeed nearing the end of October... am I the only one that picks out clothing based on what will make me look least crazy to strangers, while still embracing my fully wacky personality?

Since Tyler and I knew we were moving out of our first Denver neighborhood - River North Arts District or RiNo for those in the know - we spent our last few weekends there making sure we had explored every nook and cranny! This outfit was perfect for stopping by the cute boutiques (no wasteful plastic bags for me, I've got my own giant one!), hitting up a few of the yummy breweries, & strolling down alleys to find new murals. If you have a visit to Denver on your list, make sure you hit up Larimer Street in the RiNo area - there is a bit of construction going on, but don't be deterred, there are many hidden spots waiting to be discovered!

What are your best tips for transitional dressing? Just go with what you love, embrace the season, or dress for the weather?

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Monday, October 23, 2017


You know those people who are always so well dressed, but when you ask them where they got their knockout piece, they tell you it is vintage/thrifted/super old... SO annoying, right? Well I want to be one of those people!

I love the idea of buying less NEW things, & instead finding things that will be new to me! Not only would it be cheaper, but better for the plant too! I waste so much by always rushing out to purchase items brand new. I'm sure other people feel that way too!

I think the hardest part about thrifting is hunting down & finding a specific item & the vast amount of time it takes to find success. I know there are lots of apps out there for this now - from clothes, to furniture, to every day items - but I still haven't perfected the art! Or is it better to find a regular routine to go in person to local shops... but what neighborhood is the best? How do you narrow down the options!?!

Are you a thrifter? What are your secrets? I want to get better for my wallet & the Earth!

dress: thrifted Kate Spade dress (from Birds & Belles boutique here in Denver)

watch: Le Coeur leather watch (shop similar below)

{shop these exact pieces + other favorites}

Thursday, October 12, 2017

have bags, will travel

Tyler & I are thick in the middle of moving to our new house & while I am over the moon to celebrate every possible "holiday" (national cupcake day is a holiday, right?) in our first home, I am also looking forward to my first Thanksgiving shared with my in-laws in Oregon. 

For years, my Oregonian husband only took me to his home state during the Summer, when it was drop-dead gorgeous, with hopes that I would want to move there one day. And he was right, Oregon is a perfect place to be in the Summer - sunny vineyards, crisp coastal whale sightings, rolling hills, & hip Portland patios.

Last year, after 7 years together, Tyler was finally brave enough to invite me to Oregon for Christmas, & I absolutely loved it! Yes, it was rainy/cloudy the entire time, but the temperatures were mild & the landscape so lush! The rain makes everything a vivid green, I don't know why I imagine it before, I just assumed everything just died in the Winter like I grew up with in the South.

I am so thankful for all of the travel opportunities I have had, each one teaching me more about the world outside of my own selfish bubble. And it turns out, everywhere I have visited has had a beauty all its own - don't even get me started on my new found respect of the desert since moving West...

I also love that I have my travel routine down to an art, leaving behind the over-packing days of my youth, discovering that it isn't what I take with me, rather about what I discover along the way. My favorite travel outfit is my definition of comfort + style & always includes a tunic top & stretchy leggings. Coloradans style is much more legging friendly & I love using WikiBuy to find affordable leggings, especially fun printed ones!

When planning what I pack, I always use a carry-on size bag - bet I could do a month out of a carry on at this point! To maximize my carry-on space, I can't recommend my travel cubes any more. Whether you use them to pack by day, style of clothes (tops, pants, etc.), dirty vs. clean items, or outfit (my favorite), I always find more space in my bag when using them! My husband recently spotted my packing cubes & was so jealous, that I picked him up his own set using WikiBuy. Can you believe that all the cubes I'm holding in my hand, fit in that carry-on!? You betcha!

Haven't heard of WikiBuy? Part of the reason why I love to shop is the thrill of the hunt, finding the perfect piece for the perfect price, & WikiBuy offers me all the tools I need to feel like a shopping ninja! The WikiBuy webs offers a Chrome extension that finds lower prices from other sellers while I shop on Amazon & will also check to see where else the product is being sold (+ the price). I can also directly search the site for products, which will shows all the places the item is being sold & what the cost would be on that site. I am also super impressed with the extension that tests coupon codes automatically at checkout & will finds online discounts from other retailers, and the graph of the price of the item over time (just like I use for my airline tickets). Have you used these tools yet? Try it out & let me know what you think!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

stripes, I can't quit you!

I keep finding new ways to justify adding another striped shirt to my closet, & yet another has found its way to me. I love the bell sleeves & gorgeous embroidered details on this one, & with the temps still fluctuating between Fall & Summer here in Denver, I loved pulling out the pink colors with this pretty Cuore & Pelle clutch.

Is it more Summer or Fall where you are? Denver just had their first snow this week, and then today it is back into the 70s... I just don't know how to dress for this!

{shop these exact pieces}

shirt: J.Crew Factory embroidered striped top - still stocked in most sizes & only $30!

jeans: Nordstrom distressed jeans (sold out, linked similar above - all under $75)
I just purchased this pair, same cut but a darker wash!

Monday, October 9, 2017


It is officially official - Tyler & I are first time homeowners in Denver, Colorado! After 8 years of living together in apartments/townhouses, where we have had to fight for parking, battle the elevator to take the pugs out, & listen to our shared wall neighbor's questionable music choices, we have a place ALL OUR OWN! We had our offer accepted in July, signed the papers in August, but had to allow to previous home owner to stay as a renter until October as part of our offer conditions (have you heard about how hot the Denver housing market is!?)... and I have been counting down the days till we could get the keys, and start the next chapter. I cannot wait to show the pugs our amazing back yard, outsmart the snow in our garage, & host a million for-no-reason-at-all get togethers in our house. It isn't huge, but it is perfect for us, & I literally could not be more excited. IT. IS. OURS!

After struggling with establishing ourselves in our new state over the past year, I guess we have to call Colorado HOME now! Thankfully, The Home T hooked me up with my own Colorado sweatshirt so I can sport my new home state pride (always an Arkansan in my heart!), & it is doubly appreciated since Colorado decided to have a SNOW STORM today, & this sweatshirt could not be more cuddly + soft!

My favorite thing about The Home T is that they donate 10% of their sales to Multiple Sclerosis Research, on top of their insanely soft tees, sweatshirts, & other wearable state clothes. If you have a college student in your life, both this Home T sweatshirt & Vera Bradley bag would make amazing Christmas gifts. As a college student, my dream Christmas gift present would always be new luggage filled with goodies that reminded me of home. I adore how the Vera Bradley bag is super cute, durable, & filled with all the storage options that Vera Bradley is famous for - the shoe pocket is straight up genus!

{shop these exact pieces}

sweatshirt: The Home T crewneck sweatshirt (so super soft & part of the proceeds go to MS research!). I also love the baseball tee style!

top: J.Crew Factory button down tunic top (on sale for under $25!)

jeans: Nordstrom distressed denim (under $100)

shoes: Hushpuppies Cyra Catelyn Booties (fit true to size & are super duper comfortable, the footbed is so squishy!)

bag: Vera Bradley "Lighten Up" collection duffle (also available from Zappos & I found this exact bag on sale at Amazon!)

sunglasses: Ray Ban aviators