Monday, October 23, 2017


You know those people who are always so well dressed, but when you ask them where they got their knockout piece, they tell you it is vintage/thrifted/super old... SO annoying, right? Well I want to be one of those people!

I love the idea of buying less NEW things, & instead finding things that will be new to me! Not only would it be cheaper, but better for the plant too! I waste so much by always rushing out to purchase items brand new. I'm sure other people feel that way too!

I think the hardest part about thrifting is hunting down & finding a specific item & the vast amount of time it takes to find success. I know there are lots of apps out there for this now - from clothes, to furniture, to every day items - but I still haven't perfected the art! Or is it better to find a regular routine to go in person to local shops... but what neighborhood is the best? How do you narrow down the options!?!

Are you a thrifter? What are your secrets? I want to get better for my wallet & the Earth!

dress: thrifted Kate Spade dress (from Birds & Belles boutique here in Denver)

watch: Le Coeur leather watch (shop similar below)

{shop these exact pieces + other favorites}

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