Tuesday, October 24, 2017


After peeking at the 15 day forecast for Denver last night, I think tomorrow is our last chance for temps in the 80s for a while. I LOVE Fall, & one of my favorite parts is that it keeps you guessing about what to wear. Some days you get to squeeze out one more appearance in your favorite maxi dress, & the next you are bundled up eyelashes to ankles in knits + layers. What can I say, I like variety!

I know this might seem silly, but before I moved from Nashville to Denver, I was really naive about seasons in other parts of the country. I had always lived in the South, & it was my understanding that Summer basically continued straight through to Thanksgiving, with a day or two of crisp evenings to break up the sweaty, humid block of April - November. I could write a whole post about the pros of moving away from where you grew up, but I digress...

I love this dress because it lets me frolic in in the sun like Summer never ended, but the moody dark florals remind everyone that I'm not crazy, I understand that it's about to get real chilly & is indeed nearing the end of October... am I the only one that picks out clothing based on what will make me look least crazy to strangers, while still embracing my fully wacky personality?

Since Tyler and I knew we were moving out of our first Denver neighborhood - River North Arts District or RiNo for those in the know - we spent our last few weekends there making sure we had explored every nook and cranny! This outfit was perfect for stopping by the cute boutiques (no wasteful plastic bags for me, I've got my own giant one!), hitting up a few of the yummy breweries, & strolling down alleys to find new murals. If you have a visit to Denver on your list, make sure you hit up Larimer Street in the RiNo area - there is a bit of construction going on, but don't be deterred, there are many hidden spots waiting to be discovered!

What are your best tips for transitional dressing? Just go with what you love, embrace the season, or dress for the weather?

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