Friday, November 30, 2012

November (dream) shopping

Well, I managed to make it through my Fall 30X30 without shopping for myself... between all the end of Fall sales, exclusive invites to Mall Preview Days, Black Friday blowouts & Cyber Monday craziness, it is a simply a MIRACLE my friends.
But before you go thinking that I am some Super Woman made of will power, just know that I was totally drooling over the gorgeous things on my computer screen every. single. day. (oh and counting down the days until Christmas - only 24 days left for those interested parties!!!)

So instead of actually shopping, I mentally shopped, and this is what I would have gotten for my monthly clothing budget:
Who doesn't want a sheep sweater!? Old Navy sheep sweater 30% off $29.94 = $20.95
So chic, and at such a great price! ModCloth plaid blazer $44.99
My toes are frozen all the time, these might help: Target slippers $24.99
Soooo luxe! J.Crew quilted herringbone vest 30% off $138.00 = $96.60
My black jeans need to be replaced every couple of years due to fading, and I think it is that time again: Old Navy black Rockstar skinny jeans on sale from $29.50 to $19.00

Total (after available discounts that I found throughout the month): $206.55

What did you get this month?
Score any Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?

P.S. I am linking up with Franish for her Budgeting Blogger Series - check out the other November frugal fashionistas { here }

Day 30 ('nough said) & a giveaway

{ What I Wore: Old Navy utility vest & rockstar skinny jeans // J.Crew silk blouse // ShoeDazzle cap toe flats // Lydali chain link purse }
{ Get the Look }
silk blouse {$69.50, exact one} + utility vest {$69.00} + skinny jeans {exact pair, on sale for $19.00} + cap toe flats {$29.95, exact pair} + purse {$36.00, exact one}
In honor of today's accomplishment, I am sharing 5 awesome moments of this week
{join in on the TGIF festivities by sharing your "awesome" in the comments!}
{1.} My 30X30 is finished - halle-freaking-lujah!
{2.} Not only is this vest cute, but it works as the perfect baby slobber guard for my silk blouse
{3.} I just ordered myself bangs (eeeeeeeppp!)
{4.} I made my first GIF! If I can do it, you can too (Thanks Corinne!)
{5.} Today is a celebration not only for me but for YOU TOO! Lydali is giving away this purse to one of you lucky ladies!

And you are going to love Lydali!
Lydali is a collection of products inspired by the beauty found in remote areas across the globe 
(from Costa Rica, to Nairobi, to Indoesia!)
The ladies of Lydali, Ali and Lydia, connect customers to artisans from all over the world - 
and today they are hooking you up!
free gif maker
a Rafflecopter giveaway
The winner will be announced next Friday (12/07) but until then, everyone can shop Lydali, and get 10% off your order with code "HEREANDNOW" 
(watch out, I've got my eye on this)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 29: tone

If Wednesday was 4 color dressing, then this is my attempt at a tone on tone outfit.
And that is all I can think of to say today... is it day 30 yet?
** sorry for the blurry pictures, misplaced my remote over the Thanksgiving holiday**
{ What I Wore: J.Crew Factory skirt // H&M sweater // Steve Madden boots // Homemade snood (thanks Mom!) // eBay bubble necklace }
{ Get the Look }
burgundy sweater {$59.50} + red skirt {$24.99} + burgundy snood {$21.11} + bubble necklace {$38.00} + tights + boots

Day 28: play with pattern

{ What I Wore: Think Tank leopard blouse // J.Crew skirt // ModCloth crystal necklace // Nine West pumps }
{ Get the Look }
leopard blouse {$29.99} + wool mini skirt {$39.58} + crystal statement necklace {$21.99} + black pumps {$20.98} + patterned tights {$6.80}
At the beginning of my 30X30, my sweet friend Erin asked me if I was crazy for picking out 5 skirts to wear as my bottoms during the month of November. Maybe you thought I was coo coo for cocoa puffs too... well you didn't know about my arsenal of tights did you now!?
Even in colder weather, I can't stand to part with my skirts, so I love pulling out tights to make my skirts cold weather appropriate { see here, here, here, here to name a few instances }
Are you a skirt + tights girl too?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

giveaway goodies

Well, being a lucky lady & winning a handful of giveaways sure has made my shopping ban so. much. easier!
Top Row: Estarer bracelet // Guise "Molly" Sunnies
Middle Row: Estarer necklace // Seams To Be hat // Estarer bracelets
Bottom Row: Ma Petite Shoes oxfords // Purple Paparazzi necklace (the one I got is sold out, but many of her other fabulous jewels are currently on sale... run don't walk!)

This summer, I claimed Honey & Silk's Guise Archives sunglasses giveaway (getting to pick out the Molly sunnies to call my own!)

At the end of September, I wonMa Petite Shoes $100 giftcard from APoT
     Then this month I really racked them up - 
getting a $20 Estarer giftcard from Always Maylee, a $75 credit to Purple Paparazzi from Design Darling, and a hat of my choice from Seams To Be's Etsy shop     
And THEN, just last night, sweet Vickie from Adventures in Fashion emailed me the good news that I won a $50 gift card to Boutique Onze

 y'all, that's a value of $498.00 (!!!)  

I wish I had some tips for winning giveaways, because who doesn't love getting new goodies in the mail from fabulous blogging ladies!?

How is your luck at winning giveaways?
Which are your favorites to enter? 
(I wanna know what types I should showcase on my site in the future!)

Day 27: primary

So apparently three-color-dressing is a thing, but what about four?
Well, who cares because dressing like a pack of crayons makes this girl smile!
{ What I Wore: J.Crew cashmere sweater, silk blouse & cropped wool trousers (all currently 30% off with code "XOFACTORY") // Kate Spade armadillo belt (turned around backwards) // ShoeMint Mona loafers }
{ Get the Look }
navy sweater {$34.99} + silk blouse {on sale for $29.99} + cropped trousers {$49.00} + gold belt {$21.00} + gold loafers {$34.99}

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 26: country air

So maybe my 30X30 should be called "how to wear one article of clothing like another".
First it was wearing a pencil skirt like a mini, then a dress as a skirt, & today a scarf like a vest
{ What I Wore: H&M sweater & purse // Tolani scarf // boutique dress // Steve Madden boots // Guise sunnies }
{ Get the Look }
comfy chic sweater {$4.95} + cozy scarf {$44.95, perfect for making into a vest} + black jersey dress {$29.80} + tall suede boots {$69.95} + classic cat eye sunnies {$16.99}
I love going home, and I think it is funny/interesting seeing a different side of my life. 
Things that are totally normal in Nashville aren’t always the same at my family home in Arkansas (and vice versa). Not sure I am making sense, so here are some examples:
{1.} Ever since the sun started setting at 4 pm, I have been taking my outfit photos on Saturdays and Sundays – changing outfits 5 times and running outside with my tripod just seemed CA-razy at home, pretty sure my family though so too
{2.} In Nashville I typically enjoy 7 hours of blissful uninterrupted sleep, but at home I had the pleasure of sharing a room with my sister and her 2 eight-month old baby girls who do not understand the joys of sleeping through the night yet (hello 3 am screaming)
{3.} In Nashville Doug is my child, the only baby I interact with, and I spoil him accordingly. At home there are actual babies and somehow rubbing their ears doesn’t have the same calming effect that it has on Doug.
{4.} At home there are a few bars, but magically everyone from high school shows up at the same one on the same night. This year was no different, but the ridiculous shenanigans were better than ever

Do you live far from your childhood home? Notice any differences from you day-to-day life to you life at home? Don't leave me hanging, I can't be the only one!

DailyBuzz Style 9X9: Holiday Makeover

I am so excited to be participating in the DailyBuzz Style 9x9: November challenge, "A Month of Makeovers". I decided to not only challenge myself personally, but learn something new that I thought you would like knowing about too - easy holiday make up.
I am not a make up guru by any means, but I AM a girl that wishes she could put eyeshadows in the right place, and apply foundation without missing a chunk of skin to be found at the end of the work day... so I visited my girl Dianna at Woo skincare & cosmetics here in Nashville, set up my tripod, and got down to business. Even if she wasn't my girl before, she is now that she has hooked me up with some easy holiday makeup magic!
So, how DO you get easy holiday makeup?
Start with a fresh-faced base - {PREP} hydrate skin, {PRIME} cover up red spots, lighten under eye circles, and use a foundation coverage that you feel comfortable with (I like only a bit of coverage, so the Bobbi Brown BB cream is juuuust right for me). Then add some {COLOR} with bronzer, mascara, define your brows, and a sweep on brightening eye shadow.
This is your "day face" that you can run around in all day, and then, right before the party you only have to complete three easy steps to get {GLAM}...

Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 25: foxy

I never thought that a bright orange fur coat was a smart decision for a fox to be wearing out in the woods, but this weekend when I was in Arkansas for Thanksgiving, the leaves were perfectly fox colored - so when in the woods... wear orange!
{What I Wore: Gap blazer // J.Crew skirt // Everlane tee // ShoeDazzle flats }
{Get the Look}
blazer {$39.94, currently 30% off) + tee {$15.00, exact one} + floral skirt {$31.97} + orange tights {$8.00} + ShoeMint cap toe "Koko" flats {$79.98, currently 25% off)
Have you scored any Cyber Monday deals today?
If you are looking for where to start, check out my Cyber Monday round up of sales { here }

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is here (!!!!!)
I shop almost exclusively online, & love tracking down a good deal. I have (happily) done much of the legwork for you, & rounded up the best of the deals I found on the web.

Before you get overwhelmed, take a deep breath, & know that you are about to score some sweet savings.

Just follow these three rules:
{ 1. } Don't pay for shipping
{ 2. } Stack promo codes whenever possible
{ 3. } Maximize deals by strategizing (max out each deal, & spread the shopping love around)

Below you will find LOADS of Cyber Monday deals alphabetized by store name & my favorite picks from many of them too!
Happy Shopping!

More deals are rolling in every minute on the Here&Now Facebook page!

P.S. If you find any other great deals, or find that one of the ones I listed isn't working, let me know, and I will add it/fix it ASAP!

Free shipping on all orders
extra 30% off sale; select styles at 50% off

Ann Taylor
40% off EVERYTHING, code "MONDAY"

sweater (was $68, now $40.80) // dress (was $198, now $118.80) // 
lace skirt (was $98, now $58.80) 

Ann Taylor LOFT

50% off site wide & free shipping on orders $125+, code "TODAYONLY"
Sign up to be a LOFT insider and get a $25 shopping card for every $50 you spend (to be redeemed 11/27-12/09)
sequins & stripes (was $49.50, now $24.75) // tipped blouse (was $49.50, now $24.75) // fancy tee (was $49, now $24.50) 

Enjoy free shipping on your entire order- no code required!

glitter pouch (was $48) // pitcher (was $78) // cozy slippers (was $80) 


Free shipping both ways
30% off EVERYTHING (even Sale) when you use code "CYBERMONDAYSPECIAL"
mistletoe (was $56.29, now $39.40) // penguin (was $61.57, now $43.10) // 
labradoodle (was $56.29, now $39.40) 

Banana Republic
Free shipping (on orders $50+), free returns on all orders
30% off your order with code "CYBER"

mint necklace (was $69.50, now $48.65) // sparkle ballet flats (was $98, now $68.60) // leather gloves (was $69.50, now $48.65) 

Bauble Bar

Free shipping on all orders and standard returns
$10 off your first order with code "2994607"
11/26- 11/28 – get a free gift for ever $40 you spend on site – no code required!

collar {$36.00} // drop earrings {$32.00} // deco strand {$28.00} 

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Enjoy free shipping and 5 free samples with ANY order, 11/26 only (no code needed)

eye shadow trio {$46.00} // BB Cream {$42.00} // atomic pink palette {$30.00} 

C. Wonder

Free ground shipping on all orders
11/26 ONLY – 30% off full price purchases of $100 or more + free shipping – no code required!

tablet case (was $68.00, now $19.99) // tortoise bowl (was $24, now $17.99) // 
Penny loafer (was $128, now $89.99) 

Charlotte Russe

Free shipping on orders $65+
Everything 20-50% off, discount automatically taken in shopping bag

glitter pump (was $40, now $30) // red bow pump (was $36.50, now $25.55) // 
glitter booties (was $45.50, now $34.12) 


Free shipping on orders $35+ (code "SHIPR")
$15 off $74 order, $30 off $149 order, $50 off $199 order, code "HOLIDAYS" (until 11/27)

blue pumps {$59.50} // glitter pumps {$119.95} // cap toe pumps {$49.95} 


Everything 40% off & Free shipping (Monday only)

sequin tank (was $39.90, now $23.94) // sequin mini skirt (was $59.90, now $35.94) // 
sequin dress (was $108.00, now $64.80) 

FreshTrends Body Jewelry
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Free shipping + up to 70% off sale items, code "CYBERMON"

polka dot tote {$2.00} // PJ pants {$11.80} // scarf {$7.00} 

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turtleneck (was $22.95, now $16.10) // cable-knit sweater (was $44.95, now $31.50) // 
scoop sweater (was $59.95, now $41.97) 

Illume Candles

New customers receive 70% off their first item

Current customers receive 50% off their entire order

code "AWAY70"
Lace bralette (was $39.95, now $19.97) // Lace romper (was $59.97, now $29.99) // SilkChemise (was $79.96, now $39.98)

25% off your entire order with code "MONDAY"
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PJ set (was $85.00, now $63.75) // bangle set (was $39.00, now $29.25) //
 dotted clutch (was $128.00, now $96.00) 

J.Crew Factory
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deer tee {$26.50} // snowflake tee {$26.50} // bow tee {$19.50} 

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code "BFGET50"
Joan of arc necklace // Geisha earrings // Bouquet ring 
(all were $29.99, now $14.99)

Just Fab
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Kate Spade
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Pearl drop earrings {$58.00} // #ChaChing {$78.00} // iPhone case {$40.00} 

Old Navy
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beanie {$10.00} // gloves {$12.00} // scarf {$16.00} 

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Clinique gift (was $109.50, now $79.50) // Coach fragrance set {$48.00} // Lancome lash prep & primset (was $58, now $36.00) 

25% off everything & free shipping with code "TREAT"
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calf hair wedge (was $158.00, now $118.50) // chambray shirt (were $72.00 a pair, now $54.00) // glitter skimmer ($118.00, now $88.50) 

Ma Petite Shoes
enjoy 30% off site wide 

Ballyhoo” (was $149.99, now $104.99) // “Bonsai” (was $74.99, now $56.25) // 
Fever Pitch” (was $129.99, now $97.50) 

Michael Kors

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1 {$88.00} // 2 $79.95 // 3 {$158.00} 

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Today only: "As you wish sale" 25% Off 100s of Fan-Selected Styles
pink gloves (now $17.99) // pink cardigan (was $34.99, now $16.99) // 
pink glitter flats (now $34.99) 

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One Kings Lane
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wreath {$99.00} // set of 3 red glass ornaments {$12.00} // angel topper {$25.00} 

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low suede boot (was $130, now $89.99) // studded boot (was $130, now $86.99) // 
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Rent the Runway
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Cyber Monday Sale: 30% New Arrivals -- Ruche will have 24 brand new items on Cyber Monday that will be marked down by 30% for one day only. No code needed.

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Blockbuster” ($49.50, a $370 value) // L’Occitane lotion set ($40, a $50 value) // Sephora 3  Sugar addiction mini lip collection ($48, a $68 set)

Shabby Apple
Save 20% off site wide, code  "JOYFULSEASON" (ends 11/30/2012)
 Dresses from Shabby Apple

ShoeDazzle offers 40% off ALL Boots | Code: No Code Required | Valid: 11/26
“Marcy” { was $39.95} // "Overthrow" {was $42.95} // "Abbey" {was $43.95} // "Tame" {was $39.95}

30% off entire purchase, code "30HAPPY"
"Joanna" // "Abi" // "Hillary" (all were $79.98, now $55.98)

Shutterfly / Tiny Prints
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“CHERYL” {$89.95} // “SABINE” {$59.95} // “MARGIE” {$49.95}

25% off Sale
Tassel necklace {$29.63} // patterned bangle {$51.45} // classic chain $33.38

Steve Madden
30% off and free shipping with code "HOLIDAY30"
INTYCE” was $129.95  // CAMARRO” was $149.95  // ILUSSION” was $99.95 

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“Armstrong blouse” (was $59.98) // Tristen skirt” (on sale for $15.00) // “Lombard T” (was $29.99)

see all CYBER WEEK sales { here }
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Tory Burch
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logo wrapbracelet {$95.00} // studded iPhone case $45.00 // cosmetic case $78.00 

Urban Outfitters
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Victoria’s Secret
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west elm
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World Market
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