Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 12: House Party

Good morning!
Sorry for my lack of returning emails, comments, and blog love lately - there has been some serious living getting in the way of my full blogging efforts this past week. Including a health scare for Doug the Pug last night - following his round of yearly vaccines yesterday morning, he had a major allergic reaction that caused serious swelling of his eyes, face, ears, and throat. After administering anti-histamines at home and not seeing any signs of improvement in his condition, we rushed him to our local ER/after-hours vet care facility. Their quick treatment plan meant that he was able to regain normal airways, and a reduction in swelling. As I write this, he is almost back to his cute, healthy self, but we will be closely monitoring him over the next few days. (and we believe that this is an isolated event, and not in any way a story to scare you about vaccinating your pets)

So let this be my PSA to all pet owners: Have an emergency treatment plan, including an at-home pet first aid kit, and readily available phone numbers/addresses for all possible care providers. Get information from your vet about dosages of over the counter meds that you can have on hand to treat your dog, and know what you will do before an emergency occurs.

Phew, ok... now that I got that out there...
back to the other part of living that has been getting in the way of full effort blogging - having fun with friends!
{ What I Wore: Think Tank snow leopard blouse // Old Navy Rockstar skinny jeans // Target neon belt // Nine West pumps }
{ Get the look }
leopard blouse {$55.00}  + skinny jeans {$29.50} + neon belt {$12.99} + black pumps {$29.99}
Last weekend, I had the immense pleasure to host a HouseParty for Shutterfly.

Shutterfly is my go-to site for making photobooks, ordering prints of Doug, sharing photos with family, and making yearly holiday cards - so I needed no reason to have my girlfriends over for an evening of wine, yummy snacks, giggles, making photobooks/cards, and sharing our recent memories through pictures. 
And I had so much fun sharing my love of Shutterfly with my girlfriends at the HouseParty, that I want to share the love here on my site too!
The first 5 commenters to leave their email address and "CARD" will get a code for 10 free Shutterfly cards. 
The first 6 commenters to leave their email address and "BOOK" will get a code for a free 8X8 Shutterfly photo book.

Everyone else can get in on the Shutterfly love by visiting www.houseparty.com/shutterflyfriends

Other Shutterfly promos currently running:
Send a FREE greeting card: go to Treat.com, select and customize a card, enter TREAT1XNOV12 at checkout to make it FREE (Expires 11/30/12)

Send a FREE greeting card: go to Treat.com, select and customize a card, enter OUTREAT at checkout to make it FREE (Expires 12/31/12)

40% off cards & calendars with code "HOLIDAY"
40% off photobooks with code "BOOK40"
FREE shipping on $30+ orders with code "SHIP30"
with many other promos for iPhone cases, mugs, and assorted photo goods { here }
Oh, and Shutterfly is so awesome, you can STACK your promos!
Trust me, you mother wants a photo gift from you this holiday season!

** as the host of the Shutterfly HouseParty, I received a party pack with free coupon codes and favors for me and my guest, but all of these opinions above are mine. Trust me - if you run into me in the street, I am either talking about Doug or Shutterfly... I have mad love for this company, and every product I have ordered from them


  1. Book!! jessicaegogan@gmail.com  LOVE shutterfly!

  2. Love that top with that fun belt! Glad to hear your dog is ok, that's scary!!

  3. Card! spharrell@gmail.com
    And also...you look super great in those jeans. Just thought you should know.

    Sarah's Real Life (pssst! Gems & Jam giveaway in progress…)

  4. I want a free photobook!  I´ve been wanting to make one of my Nicaraguan adventures!  I´ll message you my email address, but here´s my blog... meganamccann.blogspot.com

  5. Book! That would be awesome. It's on my 30 before 30 list to make one of our first year here in San Francisco.

    So glad to hear Doug the Pug is okay!!

  6. I had the same thing happen to my pug Mitsou. When she was a puppy she reacted to her vaccines, so we stopped vaccinating her. Then when we moved to Toronto the vet assured me that she would be fine to get vaccinated so we did. About an hour later Mitsou was like Macy's Day Parade balloon. I was driving around in a panic trying to find a vet emergency that was open. When I finally found one they wanted to give her a tracheotomy! Thankfully after an injection the swelling came down, but from that day forward, Mitsou was never vaccinated again. She lived to the ripe old age of 17. RIP Mitsou. 


  7. Oh my gosh, I'm glad Doug is okay! Hope the meds continue to work and he's back to his regular self. Love your sassy leopard top!

    The Tiny Heart  

  8. I always use Shutterfly for my holiday cards! CARD and box.lindsay@gmail.com :) Glad your doggie is ok! 

  9. Adorable pictures of you and your friends! I hope Doug feels better, when pets get sick its the scariest thing because they cant tell you how they are feeling!!! And you look great in this outfit, your hair is so pretty, I am so jealous! 

  10. BOOK! I love Shutterfly and their photobooks are such great quality!

    You look amazing, I love that leopard top! So cute!

  11. Oops it's shopandtwirl@gmail.com :)

  12. Cute look - I love your top!!

    Your shutterfly house party looks like so much fun!!

    If there's one still available - book! thejenndaily[at]gmail[dot]com :) Thank you!!

  13. I hope the pups gets to feeling better! Poor thing! How scary!! You look rocking in this outfit!! That last picture is HAWT!! And I love Shutterfly. Thanks for the promo codes!! xoxo

  14. Looks like it was a lot of fun! I have yet to try Shutterfly, but I'm thinking of ordering a photobook pretty soon. 

    Love your leopard blouse and neon belt! 


  15. What a scare! I'm glad little Doug is on the mend!

  16. I love the pop of neon you added to your look!


  17. Love that leopard print top! And gosh isn't it awful with living gets in the way of blogging? Haha enjoy it :)

    Life etc


  18. Glad to hear your dog is okay! I think we definitely need to get an emergency kit ready for all of our animals! 
    Cute look! Loving that leopard blouse!!


  19. you look AMAZING (1) - so sorry about doug the pug :( :( (2) - that party looks awesome! I love shutterfly! (3) :) 

  20. BOOK! Thanks for the opportunity! And sooo glad Doug is doing better. Phew!

    Jennifer P

  21. I'm glad your pup is okay!! Although I love blogging, it's nice to relax about it every now and again to have some fun :) You look great--I love the leopard blouse with the neon belt! 

  22. That leopard blouse is gorgeous!  It looks so great on you :)


  23. May DtP is allergic to eggs too (from the vaccines)! Poor little guy!!

  24. Aw, maybe...
    And Doug officially has a new nickname - DtP is awesome!


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