Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Day 20: cool cat

You never know who you will run into in alley-ways - random kitties, neighbors who take their trash out 3 times in 10 minutes... yes lady, I know you are on to me, and I know there is no way you have that much trash! 
Nothing like keeping your neighbors guessing by heading to the alley with a tripod... 
{ What I Wore: J.Crew sweater, skirt, Men's belt // ShoeMint gold Mona loafers // DIY hair bow // PurplePaparazzi necklace, won in a giveaway from Design Darling }
{ Get the look }
ribbed sweater {$17.99} + floral skirt {$31.97} + chunky brown belt {$19.99} + gold loafers {$19.00} + hair bow {$7.00} + necklace { subtle // bold }
Thanksgiving is here! There is so much I love about my family getting together for the holidays, including these top 5 things:

{1} Squeezing my nieces Etta and Clair (they are sooo cute, unbiased Aunt Gigi speaking)
{2} Sleeping in my parent's new garage-converted to bunkroom, complete with bunkbeds like this
{3} Wine/board game nights with the family (our go-to is this one... so fun!)
{4} Um, how have I not managed to mention eating yet.... yes, eating is at the top of my agenda!
{5} High school reunion at the local bar... not an official event, but I know everyone will show up there Friday night
Are you getting to head home for the holiday?
What are you favorite parts!? 
Safe travels, everyone!

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  1. Your skirt is so cute. And that bow.. adorable! The eating part is my favorite thing about thanksgiving.. that and playing with my niece all day! Hope you have a wonderful thanksgiving my friend! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. I love your metallic loafers! Eating is definitely top on my list for Thanksgiving too :) Hope you have a wonderful one!

    The Tiny Heart 

  3. That bow is perfect. You look adorable, as usual. Happy Thanksgiving! xo

    AlyssaThe Glossy Life

  4. gotta love those loafers!!


  5. Love those metallic loafers! And that black cat is so cute :) Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

  6. beautiful outfit.such a cute skirt.in love with your cardigan.
    JOIN MY MANGO DRESS GIVEAWAY!!!http://www.fashionforlife1.blogspot.gr/2012/11/giveaway-mango-dress.html

  7. Another super pretty outfit! And I can't get enough of those awesome metallic loafers :)

    Life etc


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