Sunday, November 25, 2012

Day 24: lift & tuck

How to turn a pencil skirt into a mini skirt: lift, tuck under a sweater, and secure with a belt. 

Oh you already knew that nugget of information? 
Well how about this revelation - watch out for the back slit... you're welcome

Only 1 more week of my 30X30 Fall Challenge, and I can't believe I haven't had to put on a heavy jacket yet! Although, as I am currently running a little low on 30X30 inspiration, I might have to start wearing coats exclusively.... good life plan, huh?!

{ What I Wore: Gap sweater // J.Crew Factory skirt // Steve Madden boots // BaubleBar necklace // Target sunnies }
{ Get the Look }
polka dot sweater {$24.94, currently on 30% off sale) + skinny belt {$18.00 for a two pack, currently 30% off) + colored pencil skirt {$24.97, currently on 30% off sale) + tall black boots {$89.95, currently 30% off, code "HOLIDAYS30") + sunnies {$16.99, exact pair} + statement necklace {$32.00, love this unique stunner!}
Cyber Monday deals are already popping up, and I will have my complete deal guide going live at midnight tonight - some I think are even better than the Black Friday deals... stay tuned!

P.S. My current giveaway for a $30 store credit to Gabrielle Rose's Etsy is ending tomorrow morning. Be sure to enter { here } before it is too late!


  1. Oh gosh! The back split! Thanks for them reminder. Can't wait to see your Cyber Monday round up. I was going to do one, but it seemed like too much work getting everything together! So thank you!

  2. Wow I can't believe you're almost through your 30x30! Seems like you flew through it so easily! I've been loving all your outfits :)

    Life etc

  3. What a great idea! Love this look! 

  4. Yeeaaahhhhh... this summer I bought a maxi skirt at Targs that's got a back slit, and I thought I was being all cool and resourceful and pulled it up over my chest and belted it like a dress, but Boyfriend about died laughing because when I turned around you could see my entiiiiiiire bootay. Thank God we hadn't left the house yet. I retired from being resourceful.

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  5. That top is really cute and I love that purple skirt!  I'll remember to watch for the back slit too ;)



    Southern (California) Belle

  6. What a cute outfit. I always love seeing your post, seriously. I can't wait to start the 30x30 challenge. I was sad that I didn't join you but  now Im kinda glad because it's been in the 60's lately, when the begining of this month was high 80's. I would have froze. Cute cute outfit! 

  7. haha...good idea! Definitely watch out for the back slit...haha...

  8. I love the polka dots with the purple!!  So adorable.  


  9. LOVE this! I haven't ever thought about doing that before... brilliant, missy! And thanks or the slit heads up... who looks at the their bum before they head out the door anyway?? :) 

    It's an Easy Life

  10. LOVE the idea of turning a pencil skirt into a mini skirt! i love it!!!


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