Friday, November 9, 2012

Day 9: bonfire bash

{ What I Wore: J.Crew sweater & skirt // Steve Madden boots }
{ Get the look }
I can't make up my mind... I grow my hair out, then I don't want to bother to fix it. 
I cut my hair short, and I dream of it being long again.

Ultimately, I prefer my hair long - it is like my security blanket
but, the boy likes my hair short { see my hair the shortest it has been on the blog here }

So before I do something drastic that I regret, I have decided to start actually fixing my hair... novel concept over here!
This past summer I promised myself that I would learn how to French braid my own hair... I must say that this is my best attempt so far (seriously how to you braid your own hair?! my hands go numb 20 seconds in!)... but I have hope that this fairly easy 'do can make it into my rotation (currently existing of the blogger (sock) bun, messy top knot, and air dried & down)

How much time do you spend on your hair in the mornings?
What is your go-to 'do?
Any beginner styles that I should give a shot?

Also, even though the Nashville weather can't quite make up its mind, November is scarf, boot, and BONFIRE season, no. matter. what! I got my marshmallow roast on recently, and now I am a s'more junkie... happens every year around this time!

Today I am linking up with Long Distance Loving for Friday's Fancies: Bonfire Beauties
See some pretties over { here }

One more thing, I snuck over to Britt's blog The Magnolia Pair & am hosting a giveaway!
 Get thy self over there & enter NOW!
I think the prize is the bees knees, just sayin'!
Have a fabulous weekend y'all!


  1. Love love love the braid in the hair! I also really like the scarf and those boots. What a great outfit.
    Almost Endearing

  2. natasha {schue love}November 9, 2012 at 12:47 AM

    Oh my gosh...LOVE the skirt with the boots!  Perfect fall combo!!

  3. I love your skirt! And your hair looks really cute. I never have any idea what to do with my hair either. Half-up, half-down is a pretty easy one that I pull off a lot. And I do love the sock bun! Sometimes I just do a single braid, and I'm working up to french braiding. My roommate worked in a hair salon as a receptionist for awhile, and she knows how to do so many awesome things with her hair! I am lucky if I can blow dry it nicely or get a rough french braid haha.

    I hope you have a great weekend!!

  4. love that scarf and your hair is adorable!!

  5. It's so funny that I clicked on your link to see your short hair because to me that's long-ish hair :) I am with you- I prefer long hair, but I detest fixing it. If I really, really fix my hair I probably spend 45 minutes on it, but somedays I just wear it messy- I can't be bothered to fix it. I feel your pain, dear! And I love those boots!

  6. I was about to comment on your hair before I even read the post! It looks great--sophisticated and pretty but not too uptight. I don't usually spend too too much time on my hair, but I really like trying out hair tutorials (I have a Pinterest board for them) every once in a while to spice things up. I'd definitely add this one to your rotation! 

  7. I love the braid in your hair! It's the perfect look for fall and so so pretty!

    AlyssaThe Glossy Life  

  8. 1. I am a baby, and anything any where close to my shoulders is wayyyyy short to me
    2. My hair actually was a good bit shorter because that was 10ish months after I had originally chopped it off (donated it to locks of love)
    3. Happy to hear that someone else shares my hair oscillation woes!

  9. Girl, you are rocking those boots!

    I am doing my first Friday Fancies on my new blog: http://style9to5.blogspot.com/2012/11/fridays-fancies-bonfire.htmlI would love if you could check it out!

  10. You look adorable - so cozy and chic at the same time! I hear you on the hair - I had a traumatizing experience a few years back when my well-meaning sister offered to put "layers" in my almost waist-length hair, and instead gave the the most impressive (not in a good way) mullet ever. I grew it out and cut it as rarely as possible. And honestly, I rarely do it - it goes in a messy top knot most days, so I'm not going to be much help here. Hope you have a great weekend! 

  11. Oh. This outfit is adorable, and I love your hair like this!!! :) I could never do that in mine, I would love if you posted how you did that, you do NOT look like a beginner in braided hair!

  12. Love your outfit and hair... really trying to expand my idea of braids...


  13. What an adorable skirt!  Love the styling.


  14. Love the hair!!! I don't know how to do any braids except the basic. My go-to quick hair is called the "doo-doo" roll. Like what is on my blog today. :) Looking pretty, pretty, pretty today, my friend!

  15. I only have ONE true hairstyle, and that's air dried and down, haha. I can't even make a decent ponytail! Let to stand braid my own hair. You are my true hero today! my true hero in a pretty olive skirt that I totes want too! x

  16. Such a cute outfit! And girl, you did a great job on your hair! I nearly always have my hair braided so it takes me no time at all. What takes forever is when I attempt to blow dry it out and then straighten it. Yeesh, it's like a 40 minute project. ;) 

  17. You do not want hair tutorials from me! haha - they generally consist of: attempt to recreate something from Pinterest, fail, then stick 1000s of bobby pins in there until it looks somewhat presentable! But seriously, I started French braids on either side of my part, tied them off with a clear hair elastic, and then pulled them into a messy bun at the nape of my neck to incorporate the hairs that I couldn't convince to join the braid party. Only took me about 10 minutes, just because I had to do the braid on the right side of my head 3 times... somehow the left side is easier! Happy braiding

  18. Jessica,

    I love your hair!! Braids are in the air. Cute skirt & boots!

    XO Jenna

  19. I love the skirt! I'm so terrible when it comes to my hair...it's very long and I hate to mess with it in the morning (I'd rather sleep)..so most mornings I let it air dry then put it up in a bun or ponytail... so boring but it does keep it nice and healthy since I'm not blow drying and curling everyday! I gotta work on my braiding skills asap!

  20. i love your braids! I def do not short hair on me and i never long for it. I guess im just use to long hair lol have a great weekend !

  21. I absolutely LOVE my short hair because it's so easy and quick to fix - however, I really miss being able to get creative with my hair! It's too short to attempt any kind of fun hairstyle (like yours), so sometimes I get bummed out about it. I say keep it up with the experimentation, because your hair here looks fantastic!

  22. Love the hair! Love the boots! Love the skirt! Love it all!!!!


  23. I was actually thinking your hair looked cute before you even mentioned your hard work :) I agree...braiding your own hair is hard. You should try a Gibson tuck, which is really pretty easy and looks fancy. Also a low side pony is cute and incredibly easy.

    Sarah's Real Life

  24. Alexa SleepEatBreatheFashionNovember 9, 2012 at 6:46 PM

    in love with the boots especially paired with the gorgeous skirt! you look soo amazing girl <3

    Alexa <3

  25. Your outfit is so cute! Glad to have found your blog <3


    Colour Me Classic

  26. We share the same problem with hair length, you always end up wanting what you don't have. LOVE this look by the way.

  27. lovely!
    the colors are beautiful!

  28. DON'T CUT IT. I chopped mine off, and while it's nice sometimes, I'm growing it out again. It's a wicked cycle.

  29. Jessica you look just GREAT with your hair like that! I definitely cannot pull that one off...I look too young as it is! Plus my hair is so thick that my hair looks like a horse tail. Anyway. I really can't offer you any doing your hair suggestions because that's on my list of things to do as well...haven't made it there yet. If I'm gonna kinda pretend to do my hair, I'll take it air-dried (always) and put it in a basic pony with the top teased (or pushed up in a bump if I'm not feeling the tease). Added elegance is wrapping a strand around your pony to cover the elastic. 

    Here's what I'm talking about:

    Really loving your 30x30 outfits by the way!

    perfectly priya


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