Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: for the manfriend

Christmas is only 42 days away! So here are some shopping tips at your rescue!

For your red-meat eating, motorcycle driving boyfriend, who takes all your blog pictures and brings you coffee in bed (just the way you take it), & maybe needs the fashionable touch of his wonderful girlfriend as the cherry on top of his handsome look!
1. Headphones {$37.99}  2. J.Crew classic camp socks {$16.50} 3. Nisolo Oxfords {$138.00} 4. “Outlaws”print {$20.00} 5. J.Crew Classic ball cap {$45.00} 6. RayBan classic wayfarers {$125.00} 7. iPhone dock {$39.99} 8. J.Crew Leather wallet {$45.00} 9. Ironic sheet set {$29.99} 10. Manly scarf  {$19.99} 11. J.Crew Dopp kit {$58.00} 12. "Field Notes" notepad {$12.00} 13. Bowtie {$68.00} 14. J.Crew fabric cufflinks {$12.50} 15. Timex military watch {$150.00}

Be sure to come back everyday for the next two weeks to see the goodies of my gift guides, & shop these picks and MORE here & here

(Before you shop, be the savvy shopper that I know you are, & get all the current promo codes running on Here&Now's Facebook Page)

What is at the top of your bf's wish list?


  1. Is it weird I want these headphones for myself?

  2. I wish it were this simple to shop for my boy! He likes techy stuff, and is VERY picky (read: hard to shop for!). 


  3. These are such great gift ideas!   I may have to get a few of these for my guy friends.. =)

    Avec Amber

  4. Awesome choice of gift items. I'm going to take a couple of these for my boyfriend:)

  5. OK, I'm totally obsessed with the mustache pillow cases. Obsessed.

    AlyssaThe Glossy Life

  6. Have I told you I love you for this??? BECAUSE I DO! 

    It's an Easy Life


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