Saturday, November 17, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide 2012: for your furry friend

Your fur baby is your constant companion, warms your feet on chilly evenings, and makes you smile daily, so you better spoil that cutie with some new treats and duds this holiday season!
1. Dog sweater {$15.00} 2. Treat jar {$39.00} 3. Dog kong {$14.99} 4.  Collar camera (you know you always have wanted to find out what Fido is up to while you are out of the house!){$39.99} 5. Loofa toy (Doug's favorite toy!) {$3.99} 6. Chevron dog bowl (your fluffy can dine in style too!) {$39.00} 7. Dino chew toy {$5.50} 8. Dog rope {$7.80} 9. Greenie Treats {$12.95} 10. Johnathan Adler dog bone (I mean, your dog toys match your decor too, right!?) {$13.00} 11. Frog chew toy {$3.50} 12. Locket collar {$22.00} 13. Studded leash {$25.99} 14. Dog bed {$29.99}

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What is your fur babies favorite toy?


  1. AAAAND now I have puppy drool all over my screen, thanks a lot :P Our little love muffins love Nylabones, so I'm sure that dinosaur would be a hit. Also, I don't know if Doug the Pug (DTP!!!) is a rescue like ours, BUT a donation to a local shelter/the ASPCA in their name would be a great gift for a dog lover! As usual, stu-freaking-pendous post milady.

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  2. I can never spoil my dogs enough!  They could use everything on that list :)  Especially the sweater...


  3. Loofa toys are Priscilla favorite toy. She get one every year and I throw the old one out.  

  4. Sam, 
    I love that Doug now has his own internet nickname! I hope his fame doesn't go to his already fat head! hehe

    And yes, giving a donation to a rescue/shelter is a great gift - so that more goggies and kittehs can have a happy Christmas!

  5. Great ideas...especially the collar camera. I'm very tempted to get one.


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