Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Love, Like, Hate: Recent Purchases

When we moved to Denver, I went into hermit crab mode. I pulled into my shell, not sure of my surroundings. I certainly wasn't doing much shopping as the new climate totally had me thrown for a loop, & I was completely at a loss of what I needed in my closet.

Since I started back blogging (hey girl hey), I have a little more disposable income, & I *think* I'm starting to get a hang of this Denver thing, so I have been branching out to shopping again. Below are somethings I've recently gotten that are MUST-HAVES in my book, some things that are great if you are looking for something extra (LIKE status), & while HATE is a strong word, I'm also including a couple of misses that totally missed the mark for me.

What have you purchased & LOVED recently? I'm on the hunt for a new pair of white jeans so send any of those rec's my way ASAP! kthanks.
{Love} pieces that need to be in your closet ASAP
1. As a former Nashville gal, & having been a young girl in the 90s, Reese Witherspoon is my spirit animal & I just can't get enough of what she is doing with her clothing line Draper James! The Draper James store in the adorable 12th South neighborhood is a MUST VISIT if you find yourself in Nashville, but now the pieces are available at Nordstrom too! I just picked up this ruffle top & it hits all the right notes for Summer - light weight, airy, & fun - but this is a spendy piece that I hope is in my closet for years & years! (Fit Tip: I ordered a size 4 for a not too tight, not too loose, just right fit)

2. It's been a good bit since I spent more than $20 on a pair of jeans (thanks Old Navy), but I have been on the hunt for the perfectly not-too-stretchy, but a little stretchy, not-too-ripped, but a little ripped, not-too-blue, but blue jeans... and my hunt is over, & I spent less than expected. This pair from Nordstrom comes in right under $60 & I think they are super flattering! (Fit Tip: I ordered my normal size - 27 - and they fit PERFECT! I LIVED in these bad boys over Memorial Day weekend)

3. Last year my Summer wardrobe consisted of two colorful, printed dresses from Cuddy Studios (as seen here & here). This Summer I have added this Cuddy Studios ruffle dress to my wardrobe & I just think it is the perfect piece for Summer weddings, backyard shindigs, & beach getaways! Coming to the blog soon! (Fit Tip: Runs a little big, I ordered a size small & probably should have gone down to a size XS)

4. After almost a year of living in our new city, I STILL can't find the box that has my sunglasses in it! While I love my Ray-Ban aviators (the only pair that I had in the car with me when we moved), I have really been needing a new pair so bad (Denver is apparently one of the sunniest major cities in all of America... great time to misplace the sunglasses, huh!?). I love the look of mirrored lenses, but wasn't sure how they would look on me, so I went for a budget pair first. This pair of mirror-lens sunglasses from ASOS hit the mark & fit the budget (under $15)! 

5. You might have seen it on Instagram (here), but I've been living in this J.Crew Factory gingham dress. One of my favorite features is that it can be worn with a neck strap, or strapless - keep your options open ladies! (Fit Tip: The XS is perfect for me)

{J.Crew Factory is killing the gingham game, shop my favorites below}

{Like} Pieces that I definitely enjoy, but Bianca from "10 Things I Hate About You" said it better:

Bianca: There's a difference between like and love. Because, I like my Skechers, but I love my Prada backpack. 
Chastity: But I love my Skechers. 
Bianca: That's because you don't have a Prada backpack. 

6. I am not big on "body con" pieces, so this white lace midi dress certainly has me conflicted - I love it, but am not sure I can pull off the fitted silhouette... coming to the blog soon, so you can be the judge! While the fitted style is the con for me, it has lots of pros: great price, flattering cut, versatile foundation piece for Summer.

7. There is A LOT to love about this ruffle Midi-dress - I got it in the baby blue color & think it makes me look so tan (which I am not, so it is basically magic). The thing that put it on the "like" instead of "love" list is the fit of the halter. I always thought that I had a "normal" proportioned torso/neck, but for some reason this halter goes all the way to my neck & feels a little tight... is that how it's supposed to feel? This is my first halter piece of this style, but that just can't be right... #bigneck

8. I had high hopes for this J.Crew Factory white midi skirt, but I didn't realize that it has an elastic waist & it runs a little big. It has so much going for it, but since the smaller size is now sold out, back it goes for me.

9. & 10. The next two pieces would most definitely land themselves on the love list, if they were just  a little more practical. These fall into the statement piece category, but they are so fun, budget friendly & I just couldn't resist. 

This striped, bell sleeve top takes the award for statement sleeves. And I can't get enough of the ruffles on this one shoulder top.

{Chicwish is kinda crushing it with statement tops lately, shop my favorites now}

{Hate} A strong word, but these pieces just did NOT work for me
11. I literally never successfully got this asymmetric maxi dress on my body - it was sad, hilarious, & embarrassing. I almost wish someone else would order it & make a tutorial for how to put it on - please share it with me when you do! I love the print & the idea of the open back, & I sincerely wish that I could accurately explain to you how difficult it was to put on!!

12. This open back black maxi dress sounded so perfect for me, but the fit was just off. It is definitely made for petite gals (would have been worn with flats on my 5'3" frame), but also ones that have a bigger bust that me. The open back is just perfect, but the lack of pockets & fit issues made it a definite return.  

13. I love my body & rock what I got, but this one-shoulder romper made me look like I had a preggo-belly, something I will be happy to have one day, but today is not that day. I could not figure out a way to make this item flattering & I desperately wanted to, as I love the colors of the stripes. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

a date night classic

pants: ASOS ripped knee jeans (this high-waisted fit of jeans is perfect for me - they also come with more rips (#Shredded) & no rips at all)

blazertweed blazer c/o Of Mercer

shoes: Steve Madden heels (they seriously now have this style of shoe in lots of different heel heights, and even a chunky heel that looks super comfortable - see the options in the links below)

purse: Michael Kors cross body bag (this exact style is finally back in stock & it is PERFECT for Summer travels, it even have a padded pocket for your Kindle!)

All Photos: Noah Berg Photography

{shop these exact pieces} 

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

pink about it

This "sleeveless blazer" was all the rage last year (I styled it here & here), but I had been struggling lately to incorporate it into my weekly wardrobe - so it was find a way to wear it, or send it to the donation pile.

I was looking for layers to use in my Teacher Capsule Wardrobe & I thought it would be a great time to put this trendy piece to the foundation item test. This is one of the ways I have been wearing it to work & I can't wait to show you the other ones as well.

Pink on pink is such a fun way to do "neutrals" in my book.

top: J.Crew Factory pink striped tee (also available in short sleeve here)

skirt: J.Crew Factory pink pleated skirt (I also have this pleated skirt - available in lots of colors, just not pink - & love it)
This pink, linen skirt is also super chic for Summer! Shop it here.

blazer: sleeveless blazer (old from BB Dakota) - linking similar styles below

shoes: black booties from years ago - shop similar styles below

bag: Tori tote c/o Gigi New York

All Photos: Noah Berg Photography

{Shop these exact styles:}

Monday, May 22, 2017

work to play all day

I'm still working on my 2nd Teacher Capsule Wardrobe post (see the first round up here) & this Of Mercer dress is definitely a rockstar of my work outfit rotation. But no piece in my closet is allowed to be a one hit wonder, so although love this dress for work (like in this outfit), I also wear it out & adore how flattering the cut is. As my mom always told me, "modest is the hottest", & this dress is super feminine without being revealing or uncomfortable. If you are always looking for high quality & functional work clothes & you haven't checked out Of Mercer yet, do yourself a favor & head there now!

What are you best tricks for making your work clothes do double duty for events outside of your 9-to-5 life?

dress: "Baxter dress" c/o Of Mercer

belt: studded belt (saw Carrie wearing it in the Sex in The City movie & don't regret this purchase for a second!) I remember getting mine for cheap from a fast fashion site years ago (2008?), but found 2 second-hand styles for sale here & here.

shoes: open toe booties (old from DSW) - this style of shoe is a serious staple in my Spring wardrobe, so I've linked many similar styles at all price points below.

All Photos: Noah Berg Photography

Shop these exact pieces:

Friday, May 19, 2017

if you learn one thing...

If you learn one thing from my blog, it is that when you have things in your closet that you LOVE, the outfits just make themselves!

Every item in this outfit is something that I shopped around for, planned for, budgeted for, and ADORE now that it lives in my closet.

And this outfit also came from me standing in front of my rack of clothes, lamenting "I have nothing to wear", so I just grabbed a top I loved, a skirt I feel great in, a pair of shoes that go with everything, and my favorite purse to throw in my work bag & went with it. It isn't the most style-shattering, OMG outfit, but I felt great wearing it, & it feels like ME!

So stop holding on to those clothes that make you feel meh, and only keep the LOVE pieces.

**An anecdote from today: The sweater I wore to work is super cute, but after an hour of wearing it, I remembered that I actually HATE to wear it because the arms bag out like WOAH! So I came home, threw it in the wash & then into my donation pile... no use holding on to clothes that don't make me feel like the goddess I am, and I'm pretty sure bagged out sleeves do not accomplish that goal!

top: J.Crew Factory white collar tee (no longer available), but my other go-to with this skirt is my striped long sleeve tee (shop it here)

skirt: J.Crew Factory pink pleated skirt (I also have this pleated skirt - available in lots of colors, just not pink & picked this midi skirt on super sale & love both of them)

shoes: Sole Society leopard pumps (loving this pair of sandal leopard wedges too!)

bag: "Carly" convertible clutch c/o Gigi New York

Don't have a pleated pink skirt of your own? Shop my top picks:

What is the most loved piece in your closet?
What about it just makes it work for you and your lifestyle??