Tuesday, July 31, 2012

olympic fever

{What I Wore: Splendid top // Gap jeggings / Zara heels }
Get the look:
Is this just another excuse for adult thematic dressing? YES
Am I going to take every opportunity to embrace it whole heartedly!? YES!
Ok, now that we got that out of the way... 
another red, white & blue ensemble brought to you by the U. S. of A.

 I had my girlfriends over for a Bunco-combination-Olympic Opening Ceremony watch party, and we had so much fun giggling while turning checking out cute Olympians into a drinking game... it was awesome (so much fun that I forgot to take pictures at the event! for shame!)
What about the Olympic sport of fashion blogging!?
I have been loving the women's gymnastics drama and amazing swimmers!
But catching the ping-pong and ribbon dancing competitions is definitely fun too!
What is your favorite Summer Olympics sport to watch? 

Monday, July 30, 2012

dear weekend...

Your nights of Bunco playing/Olympic Opening Ceremony watch partying, afternoons of apple cider brewing with the boy, and vertical rock climbs rewarded by the most perfect swimming hole were much needed and appreciated

so thanks for that.
Monday and I are still trying to figure out how we feel about each other... 


Join me today over on Katie's Blog ... for Lauren and Lauren for another healthy dose of Summer vest styling (I seriously can't get enough of this little baby)
P.S. Old Navy has finally answered to the demands of us bloggers (I'm sure we had something to do with it!), and brought back the famed cargo vest of last season... scoop it up {here}

Friday, July 27, 2012

summer treat: backyard wedding

I am so excited to be joining Ty to his home state of Oregon for one of his long time friend's wedding in August. The affair is an evening ceremony in the groom's backyard... and I have no clue what to wear. 

6 weddings in one year mean that shelling out for an expensive wedding guest outfit just isn't an option! After consulting my favorite site for fabulous dress on my budget, Rent the Runway, I have narrowed down the choices to 3: girlie chic, modern hip, and classic sleek. Which one is your favorite?
{ Girlie Chic: Dress // Earrings // Ring // Clutch // Wedges }
A standout colored lace dress calls for understated neutral accessories

the "IT" list

Good Morning Friday!
Another wonderful summer weekend lined up over here: Bunco party with the girls tonight, water park shenanigans tomorrow, and then the possibility of a drive-in movie experience on Sunday!
Woo Hoo... and you know I will be catching up with these lovely bloggin' ladies too!

  • Rachel's Look Book shares with us her summer "go-to" items that are fit for running errands or lunch with the girls! Cute! (find Rachel's Look Book on Twitter!)
  • A Fashion Fixation is walking on the wild side with her fashion choices lately and it's paying off! She looks fabulous in her new red pants! (find A Fashion Fixation on Twitter!)
  • Ash 'N' Fashn is gearing up for the start of the Olympics with an adorable graphic tee! Perfect for watching the opening ceremonies tonight! (find Ash N' Fashn on Twitter!) 
  • Pink Margarita Pearl looks gorgeous in a neutral outfit - head over to find out how she uses a hint of shimmer to keep the look interesting!
  • Urban Frill is wearing her own version of the primary colors and knocked it out of the park! And she thought she had nothing to wear! (find Urban Frill on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now mixes masculine and feminine for a layered summer look! Pop over to see how she pulls it off! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Fabulously Average is taking style cues from Betty Draper while sporting an updated vintage look complete with a pink lace skirt! Love! (find Fabulously Average on Twitter!)
  • Runaway Style is channeling her inner free spirt with lace and pastels - a beautiful nod to the 60s!
  • the Queen City Style is shopping her own closet and trying out a new combination she has never thought of! Head over to see the unlikely pair! (find The Queen City Style on Twitter!)
  • Olive and an Arrow goes Aztec with an amazing pair of shorts! She pairs it with a top that has an unexpected twist - go check it out! (find Olive and an Arrow on Twitter!)
  • 100 Inspirations recreates a casual Rosie Huntington look for under  $115! It involves boots and shorts - a must see!
  • Second Street East is sharing a little office inspiration with us, which will be her future workspace. One hint - pink and yellow! (find Second Street East on Twitter!)
  • Lipstick & Lollies pairs a neutral top with some pops of color! Don't forget to check out her fun hair accessory! 
  • Sweetie Pie Style runs us through this fall's shoe trends! Be careful because you will want every. single. pair. (find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
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What is on your radar this weekend?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

style at home

{ What I Wore: Everlane V-neck tee // Gap jeans // Zara heels }
My motto is typically "you can never be overdressed"; however, at home... I change my tune completely! 

Slinky tees, worn-in denim, and my two favorite boys (le boyfriend and le pug) are what I surround myself with after hours. After falling head-over-heals in love with StyleMint tees this past Fall I didn't think my love could be surpassed... until that is, I met Everlane
Made of 100% Supima Cotton, these are shirts that you will never take off (trust me!) 
Oh, and they are only $15... you're welcome!
Everlane tees are Ah-mazing... but they also make chic totes, weekend, bags, and belts 
(for women AND men)
Even better than a soft tee for yourself, a soft tee for your man (just think of the snuggle potential!)

I think the pug was getting fresh!
P.S. I was not paid or perked for this post, I am just in tee-lust!
Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

pretty, oh so pretty

I got the email, did you? J.Crew has restocked their (digital) shelves with pretty new arrivals. While I would take anything from their current offerings, these are the items that are making me drool the most!

It is always reassuring to see that items I am loving right now (mint, chevrons, tweed, whimsical sweaters), are going to still be rocking (according to the genius that is Jenna Lyons) come Fall {whew!}
What is currently filling up your imaginary shopping carts?


{What I Wore: J.Crew vest (crewcuts), skirt, baseball tee // Nine West sandals } 
{Get the Look}
utility vest {save(ish) // splurge } + floral skirt + baseball tee + nude sandals

Well, after documenting 150+ of my outfits, the boyfriend is throwing in the towel on being my personal photographer. I really can't complain - I am grateful he has stuck with my backseat photography this far...
And now I am just a girl with a tripod and a remote.  I pretty much have no clue what I am doing... but this tutorial from IFB and these tips from Jen over on the Effortless Chic blog have helped so far. 

Maybe I should work up the courage to venture outside... there are only so many clean corners of my apartment to stand in front of!

Got any tips or tricks of your own?
Send 'em my way!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

down home arkansas

This weekend was one in which:
-       I almost got my fill of sniffing baby heads (can there ever be enough?)
-       Ty and I picked out our dream lake house (well, it could use a slide out back!)

-       birthdays were celebrated by sombreros and sopapillas

- my body said, "hey Jess, do you know of this amazing thing called gluten!? Why you holding out!?"
(so I indulged A LOT - homemade bread, sopapillas, fresh pesto tortellini, pie for breakfast...!)

-       a summer bucket list item was crossed off – homemade ice cream was churned and devoured!
-       little sisters showed off their impressive tubing skills!

-       family time was soaked up (even got my parents to stay up past midnight playing games!)

-       wine time started at 3 pm sharp!

- baby red birds were rescued

- brunch at the historic Arlington hotel was savored (Ty's first time)

- Ty learned he can surf the web, pet a pug, and rock a fussy baby all at once (so cute!)

How was your weekend?
Summer is in its height, and I enjoying packing in lots of adventures!

P.S. Today I am linking up with Molly for her #YOLO series (this weekend earned it!)

blogger friends

Can I just take a second to have an "I love my life" moment?
Blogging brings me so much joy. It is the #YOLO moments that I celebrate with Molly, the cat loafer tutorial that I can't wait to see Amanda rock, the inspiration that is shared between Annie, the guest posting for Corinne, the theme link up with Julia, the Friday's Fancies love fest with Alison, a shared love of Bunco with Jenee, and all of the support I get from daily comments, and new blogger "friends" who I have "met" (seriously, some of y'all are my long lost sisters!)
 I love reading every comment, checking out new bloggers' sites, and making genuine connections with you fabulous people. You are all my friends, and I am excited to be on this blogging journey with you!
Oh and if you ever want to come to Nashville so that I have an excuse to throw a party like this,
you are more than welcome!
Or if you need some guest posting, I'm your gal!

P.S. If you haven't seen the "I love my life" video linked up above, take a moment and check it out... talk about adorable and grateful!

all images via Rue Magazine, Issue 1

Monday, July 23, 2012

sundaes on sunday

{ What I Wore: ModCloth peplum top // Blank Denim via ModCloth mint jeans // Target wedges (now on sale!) // ModCloth necklace }
{Get the look}
peplum top {$39.99} + mint jeans {$46.40} + black wedges (with studs!) {$47.99} + statement necklace {$8.99}

Friday, July 20, 2012

bohemian summer

{What I Wore: maxi dress c/o eShakti {now on sale for under $40} // Steve Madden bow flats // boutique heart necklace }
When I saw the braided back and detailed embroidery on this breezy maxi dress, I knew that it was meant to be hanging in my closet!
{Other adorable eShakti maxi dresses herehere & here}

the "IT" list

TGIF! I am on the road today down to home sweet home Arkansas. Sure wishing that my car had WiFi (is that too much to ask for, really?), but will be catching up on my blog reading on my family's dock over this weekend (sweet tea in hand of course!)
Hope you have many fabulous things planned this weekend 
(or absolutely nothing, that sure sound pleasant right now too!)
  • Rachel's Look Book is showing us some European flair by recreating outfits she saw while across the pond! A must see! (find Rachel's Look Book on Twitter!)
  • Crazy Style Love is in full-on "ladies who lunch" mode with a pretty pastel look. Monochromatic at its best! (find Crazy Style Love on Twitter!)
  • 100 Inspirations recreates a casual Jessica Alba look complete with mint jeans and pink loafers. Head over to find out where to get the goods - all for under $140!
  • High Heeled Style is having a polka party with her fun top! Paired with green accents and a pencil skirt, it makes for an office look that is sure to stand out! (find High Heeled Style on Twitter!)
  • Ash 'N' Fashn loves the classic combination of red and blue together long after Independence Day! Head over to see how she pairs blue with a little red dress! (find Ash N' Fashn on Twitter!) 
  • Pink Margarita Pearl remind us how important accessories are to our look! Pop over to see how she turned an all black outfit into something special with a few key pieces!
  • Urban Frill goes red-hot while pairing a long, flowy vest with her usual work attire for an unexpected twist to business causal! So cute! (find Urban Frill on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now is sporting a little drop-hem number that is reminiscent of the 20s. A seriously sassy look for date night! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Fabulously Average shares with us her "Tall Girls Guide to the Mini." Head over to see how she puts her rules to use! (find Fabulously Average on Twitter!)
  • Runaway Style is letting her shorts take center stage in this California cool look that is ready for any warm weather you can throw at it! Love those shorts!
  • The Queen City Style has discovered something all you fashionistas need... a running dress! Yes, a running dress! Go check it out! (find The Queen City Style on Twitter!)
  • Olive and an Arrow is channeling Jess from "New girl" with her adorable polka dot number! I'd say she wears it better than Zooey, what do you think?? (find Olive and an Arrow on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East is letting her hair down with a geometric skirt and denim top - a fun look to brighten the day! (find Second Street East on Twitter!)
  • Sweetie Pie Style looks ahead to cooler weather with Madewell's fall preview. Head over for tips on how to predict fashion trends for next season! (find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
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Thursday, July 19, 2012


{What I Wore: Gap men's shirt // Target leopard denim // H&M clutch // Converse sneakers}

- FOUR people found my blog yesterday by Googling "grease pants"! Maybe I should just own that I like shiny things, including these pants (yes, I'm a magpie!)
- the smell that Left brain, right brain, pug brain mentioned in this post... it is in my house somewhere... can't find the source yet... there are no words!
- So far the weather in Nashville during July has been either 110 ˚F or raining... seriously, is there a happy medium that can be found? I have some outdoor business to take care of... a little thing called fashion blogging photo-sessions... let's work this out together, Weather

- Sunday motorcycle drives in beautiful parks, with a return trip past houses of the rich and famous 
(but seriously, if you have that much money why would you build this?)
- Did you see how I stuck that landing up there? Yup, I still got it! 
(and by "it" i mean my 3rd grade swing skilz)
- This blue shirt? It's the boy's ... my outfit possibilities just doubled!
- My camera is currently charging because I am headed home this weekend, and I can't wait to get some time with my beautiful baby nieces #bufflogals
- um, did I mention that I have decided to go home this weekend? Lake here I come!
- Less than 1 month till my bestie's bachelorette party on the beach! 
I may or may not have an official count down on my phone! ha
How has your week been awkward & awesome!?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ultimate girls' night out

I love any excuse to celebrate with my girls (i.e. Mondays, new jobs, Bunco night...). Lucky for me, I have now entered the Bachelorette Season of my life (hit up Dallas in April, got down in Nashville last weekend, and will be in Panama City Beach, FL come August). Bachelorette Parties are the ultimate celebration of the love (and inside jokes, and stories that will never again see the light of day) shared between best friends.

With the trip to PCB with my bestie Michelle under a month away, you know I am already plotting planning what antics we are going to get Mich in! As the MOH, I am responsible for the decorations, drinks, and games that are going to keep us giggling all weekend long - I couldn't be any more excited to get this party started!
{What I Wore : Forever21 heels and dress // ban.do scarf // boutique earrings }
{Get the Look}
sequin dress {$49.50 black here, $100 gold here & $45.00 silver here
+ platform heels + sequin scarf {on sale for $2!} + sparkler earrings
When going out with the girls, more IS more: amp up your classic makeup with red lips + faux eyelashes 
I cannot wait to don chic swimsuits with glittery sandals and glamourous sun hats, to sip yummy Hpnotiq Harmonie Mojitos on the beach (with silver drink stirrers of course!) by day. 
By night we plan on slipping on glitz, glam, and layers of sparkles (heels + dress) (in our pink & silver decorated beach front suite) to dance the night away, until we watch the sunrise over the sugary sand
Yea, I'm pretty much dreaming that I am there already!

In fact I am already practicing my dance moves (since "The Pony" is my go-to move, I need some WORK) for the Live Louder Dance Off sponsored by Hpnotiq. I am definitely going to be getting my girls together to enter this fun contest for a chance at winning weekly prize packs, including the ultimate VIP weekend in Las Vegas (you know you wanna come with!)

And because my party philosophy, is the more the merrier, you should dance with us!
To join the party, upload a video or photo capturing you best dance moves (how much fun!?)

Thank you again to Hpnotiq for sponsoring this blog post! I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

guest posting: when in Rome

I hope you will join me over on Corinne's Blog, Life Etc... today as I dream about traipsing around Italy on a summer holiday (where she is right this second, lucky girl)!
Using the always stylish Audrey Hepburn, I am taking inspiration from Roman Holiday to talk about what pieces to pack for a low maintenance sightseeing outfit when in Rome!
Join me over {here}

gift guide: 25th birthday

Family, friends, and strangers alike. The 1-month countdown to my quarter-century celebration is upon us! Time to get shopping... if you need my address, let me know ;)
This year I am craving items that will carry me into my next year with my most sophisticated foot forward: delicate necklaces, chic books to read and display around my house, practical and not-so-practical, but cute shoes, grown up bags, and camera gear to capture all of the stylish moments!

{ gold necklaces }
{ coffee table books }

{ omg... shoes! } 

Also, I'll take anything on my Pinterest, Amazon or Currently Obsessed wish list... just saying' ;)

Do you still make wish lists for your holidays? 
(seriously, my family starts asking for my lists months before my birthday, and Christmas... you made me like this people!)
What are you currently coveting?