Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ultimate girls' night out

I love any excuse to celebrate with my girls (i.e. Mondays, new jobs, Bunco night...). Lucky for me, I have now entered the Bachelorette Season of my life (hit up Dallas in April, got down in Nashville last weekend, and will be in Panama City Beach, FL come August). Bachelorette Parties are the ultimate celebration of the love (and inside jokes, and stories that will never again see the light of day) shared between best friends.

With the trip to PCB with my bestie Michelle under a month away, you know I am already plotting planning what antics we are going to get Mich in! As the MOH, I am responsible for the decorations, drinks, and games that are going to keep us giggling all weekend long - I couldn't be any more excited to get this party started!
{What I Wore : Forever21 heels and dress // ban.do scarf // boutique earrings }
{Get the Look}
sequin dress {$49.50 black here, $100 gold here & $45.00 silver here
+ platform heels + sequin scarf {on sale for $2!} + sparkler earrings
When going out with the girls, more IS more: amp up your classic makeup with red lips + faux eyelashes 
I cannot wait to don chic swimsuits with glittery sandals and glamourous sun hats, to sip yummy Hpnotiq Harmonie Mojitos on the beach (with silver drink stirrers of course!) by day. 
By night we plan on slipping on glitz, glam, and layers of sparkles (heels + dress) (in our pink & silver decorated beach front suite) to dance the night away, until we watch the sunrise over the sugary sand
Yea, I'm pretty much dreaming that I am there already!

In fact I am already practicing my dance moves (since "The Pony" is my go-to move, I need some WORK) for the Live Louder Dance Off sponsored by Hpnotiq. I am definitely going to be getting my girls together to enter this fun contest for a chance at winning weekly prize packs, including the ultimate VIP weekend in Las Vegas (you know you wanna come with!)

And because my party philosophy, is the more the merrier, you should dance with us!
To join the party, upload a video or photo capturing you best dance moves (how much fun!?)

Thank you again to Hpnotiq for sponsoring this blog post! I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions are my own.


  1. Woohoo!!! Sounds like you're going to have an amazing time! What a great party dress :)

  2. These photos are so adorable & that dress is perfection on you!! Also, thank you so much for your sweet comment, as always!! As for tips on taking your own photos?! I use a tripod and remote (much easier)... + here's a super useful link from IFB on that very topic! Hope that helps!! Let me know how it goes: http://heartifb.com/2010/07/30/how-to-take-your-own-outfit-photos/

  3. How cute are you in the dance moves pictures!! Ahhhh, love them! And girl, you are going to be ROCKING it in that dress!  Watch out!!

  4. How fun!! You and your girlfriends are going to rock PCB!! There's really no better place for a bachelorette party. I'm a little bit jealous that I'm not one of your bride's friends. lol

  5. Wow, you look stunning in this dress! Your bf may not want to let you leave Nashville with it in your bag:) Be safe and have fun (sorry, the mama in me made me say it!)

  6. girl..u r looking HOT ;)))
    love those sexy shoes!



  7. That is the prefect girls night out dress! Sounds like you have lots of fun times in your near future!

    P.S. Great dance moves!


  8. OK  you're adorable!  Those pics of you dancing are sooooooo cute!  This looks like the perfect Bachelorette dress! 

    I've only been to one before, mine, and it was probably the best weekend of my entire life.  Better than my wedding..ha!  My favorite part was my girls made up a scavenger hunt that I had to complete.  I think it had 20 things on it & I had to have my picture taken to show I completed each task.  Nothing too crazy - it was stuff like take a picture on a motorcycle, take a picture with a bald guy, take a picture with soccer guys (we were all soccer players in college), take a picture with newlyweds, etc.  It made for some awesome stories & it was a blast having to go up to random strangers & ask them if I could take a pic with them. 

    The best story was the newlywed one - we were walking down the street & saw this couple that looked super in love.  So we asked if they happened to be newlyweds.  They started giggling & told us they had JUST gotten married the night before & hadn't told anyone - not even their families!  We were the very first people they told!  They had only known each other a very short time & just decided to get married on a whim.  So romantic!  I always wonder if they're still married.

  9. Awesome outfit! Super fun - I'm wolf-whistling over here hehe ;)

    Life Etc

  10. Aww, have fun!! Love your dress!

  11. so fun!! love this dress! and i love getting together with girlfriends!

  12. This dress looks great on you! HAVE FUN!!! :)


  13. you look great - that lipstick looks so good on you! I've actually never been to a bachelorette party - non of my close girlfriends are getting married yet so I'm looking forward to my first ones in the coming years :)

  14. This dress is quite a dream. Love the sequins and the bow tie! Great for a partayyy! You look gorg! x


  15. how fun! i love this little dress and these heels - this is the perfect girls night out look!! 

  16. Wow, looking groovy :D Gets me on the party mood ^^

    x Lara


  17. OMG!! You look so
    cute!! I love your dress




  18. SASSSSSSY MOMMA!!!! You look so pretty and love the photos. Way fun!

  19. You look adorable in your pictures! I love the black dress with your statement red lips!!  



  20. Hahaha!! I love this post!  Not only does that outfit look fantastic on you, you've got some fabulous dance moves too!!  ;)


  21. So I just started following you--thanks for the info on your leggings. I've got another product question for you--what color is that fantastic lipstick?! You look great!



  22. Oh thank you dear! It is an old tube from Estee Lauder (remnant from my days as a retail employee)... I will have to check the name when I get home

  23. Ok- I finally found the lipstick for sale online... The lipstick is Electric Intense LipCreme in Hot Hot (#725), it is a discountinued style, but can still be found new on other sites. Here is a link to a site I found: http://www.yesstyle.com/en/estee-lauder-electric-intense-lip-creme-no-725-hot-hot/info.html/pid.1011658060 Happy Shopping

    Jessica Sweatt

  24. You're the best! I've been on the search for the perfect red forever....thanks!


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