Monday, July 24, 2017

not so basic

Adulting update: Tyler & I have been saving our buns off to make our dream of owning a house an actual reality, & the time has come for us to pick one out! I am simultaneously so stinking excited/terrified! After living in apartments/shared houses for our entire 8 years together, we keep pinching ourselves over the fact that we might get our OWN yard, driveway, garage, and HOUSE! I don't even care if we have any furniture, every night will be a dance party for 2 anyways!

Denver has a HOT housing market right now, so we have already seen about 10 houses, put in a bid, gotten in a bidding war, lost a house, & kept on trucking! We saw 2 amazing ones over the weekend that checked all our wish list boxes & while I think they might have forgotten some numbers in the price, we are going to put in a bid today (attempt #2) so please cross all your extremities for us!

Another thing that is HOT, is the weather in Denver. People (AKA me before I moved here) assume that Denver is in the mountains, but really it is NEXT to the mountains & that makes a huge difference when we are talking Summer heat! I call Denver the HIGH plains - because it is literally a mile above sea level, but flat as a pancake - a pancake that is baking a mile closer to the sun. During our recent 100+ degree days, I have been enjoying the ease of simple dressing - throwing on a sun dress with my quick sandal slides & hitting the door (makes these last minute house showings less hectic!) - & this outfit is my go to basic combo. I love maxi dresses for this time of year because I am already over shaving my legs since moving to an every day effort when the sun made her appearance in May & maxi dresses transition easily to night (scarf stashed in my tote!), while also easily going from casual to fancy with the right accessories.

I also can't gush enough about my latest Nisolo purchase - these slides! I have been a long time supporter of Nisolo, because they have an incredible mission, my high school friend co-started it, & their products are gorgeous, comfortable + make me feel good when I wear them! I have previously shown you my Nisolo oxfordsstrappy sandals, wedge sandals, & leather bag, but these slides might be my favorite yet. The only word I can think up to describe them is BUTTER! They are so soft & just the most delicious color of leather. If you are looking to get on the slide trend in a classic way, this is your ticket!

Shop Nisolo through my referral link & get $25 off your next Nisolo order: https://www.talkable.com/x/9uK9oX
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dress: Old Navy maxi dress (I love the X-strap back & the fabric feels high end!)

shoes: Nisolo "Isla" slides (available in 4 gorgeous colors, mine are "beige")

Shop Nisolo through my referral link & get $25 off your next Nisolo order: https://www.talkable.com/x/9uK9oX
(I also get $25 for each person that uses the link)

lipstick: Nars "Heat Wave"

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Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I don't know if it is the fact that I am less than 1 month away from my 30 birthday, but I keep finding myself with self help books in my hands, and I don't hate it. I just finished reading "You Are a Badass at Making Money" & while I am still trying to figure out how a teacher can make some of those tips work, I do love how the author is a huge believer in the power of positivity, spreading love & being passionate all in the process of shaking your money maker (figuratively, not literally). We also just listed to the "Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*CK" on our road trip from Denver to Arkansas, & I realized that most of the negativity in my life comes from focusing on what others are saying, and putting myself into arguments that I don't realllllly care about, because I am a stubborn, head strong person who always thought that was what I was supposed to do. 

So as I approach this new decade in my life, I want to re-train myself to spread love all around me, & focus on the positive - there is so much amazing around, if you just stop to look for it! It just so happens that when we were in Nashville at the beginning of June, I finally got my hands on a Project615 shirt, & the message on this one just spoke to me - although the one about Dolly Parton being my spirit animal was a close second!

If you haven't heard about Project615, let me tell you a little bit, because they are certainly spreading love all around them! Project615 is a philanthropic apparel company based in Nashville, TN (the area code there is 615) & they employ men coming out of homelessness, addiction and mental illness, while also fundraising for wold changing organizations.

I love this statement of their mission: "At Project 615, we are more than just a t-shirt brand. We are on a mission to rehabilitate & help transform the lives of others who have been impacted by addiction, homelessness & mental illness. We believe that true rehabilitation not only comes from having people to walk alongside us through life. It also comes with having a sense of responsibility and dignity. We offer a second chance to others because God has given us a second chance."

Simply put, your purchase from Project615 helps change lives. Spread love people - it is the Nashville way!

Get Social with Project615: Twitter // Instagram // Facebook

shoes: sandals c/o Dansko - available in even more colors from Nordstrom here (shop their entire selection here on the Dansko website, or on Nordstrom's website here.)

In my first year of teaching there was a fellow teacher who showed up everyday looking so professionally stylish in her Dansko clogs & Lilly Pulitzer dresses that I just had to get my hands on a pair of those clogs for myself (a total Mean Girls moment, thank goodness it wasn't flip flops & camo pants). I first coveted the shoes for how they looked, but was blown away by their amazing comfort & support. I didn't even realize how much my go-to ballet flats were ruining my feet until I stepped into my Dansko clogs - supportive of my arches, and like walking on a cloud! I now have two pairs (black & brown) so that I can literally wear them everyday, & am a true Dansko believer. I honestly didn't know how many styles of shoes they made, including these cute sandals, so below is my wish list for future pairs!

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lipstick: Nars "Heat Wave"

sunglasses: ASOS mirrored sunglasses (now under $7!!)

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Friday, July 14, 2017

Date Night Essentials

Let's talk about date night essentials! While I enjoy making special moments out of cooking together at home - vinyl spinning on the record player, wine in hand, admiring my cute husband in his apron - there is something exciting about looking forward to a night out! The essentials for my perfect date night are a dress I feel bomb in, make-up on point, & a new restaurant to explore.

When I first tried on this dress, I was concerned that it was too much - tight/revealing/whatever - but my sweet, sweet husband reminded me that while the top is a bit more exposed, it does have a longer length that gives it more class than flash. I did have to give it to him for his comments about the fit/cut, & the fabric is so stretchy & comfortable, so it was a keeper! When I purchased it, the dress was $55 - which I thought was a GREAT price, but now it is under $35, but I'm sure it will sell out soon!

2 other things on my date night essentials list? My mascara & my cocktail passport - scroll down to get more details on these specific items :)

dress: Nordstrom crochet dress (now 40% off, making it under $35 dollars!)

shoes: cognac heels (super old, linking similar below)

lipstick: Nars "Heat Wave" (my perfect Summer red shade)

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Date Night Essentials:

Cocktail Passbook: shop it // Available in 8 cities - including Denver, Nashville & D.C. - this bad boy gives you 2-for-1 drinks at more than 60 hot spots (from the Denver version) & after going all the way through the Winter version, and half way through our Summer on, we haven't been to a bad place yet! I love that all the spots are local, so we are getting to check out new spots in Denver, while also enjoying beyond cheap drinks. Whether you have a Summer cocktail bar bucket list with your girlfriends, significant other, or just want to double fist cocktails all around town (no judgement) this is a GREAT buy & where all of our date nights start - where to check out next?!

LashFood: shop it // Billed as lash "extensions in a bottle", this product proves the hype! I gave up lash extensions when I moved to Denver (because no one did it as glam as my girl Shala did - Nashville ladies, hit her up!) - so I am always on a mission to amp up my lashes, & this product fits the bill. I love having the option to use the 2 step system, or just the mascara on its own. The 2 step system first applies "extending fibers", then seals them with a high quality mascara (I adore the application brush). I definitely see the difference when I use both steps, and feel that extra dose of va-va-voom!
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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Forget the Rules

No lie, the 16 year old version of myself would love to be wearing this outfit - tee-shirt with rolled up sleeves, denim skirt & (the only thing missing) a bow in my ponytail. As I near the beginning of my 3rd decade (T-minus 1 month), I have found that there are always "rules" around what you can & cannot wear, but some can certainly be forgotten. The quote that lives under my senior picture in the 2005 yearbook? "If you follow all the rules, you miss all the fun". Getting dressed should if nothing else be FUN, so I say: ignore the rules about wearing white, dressing your age, & sporting sequins in the day time! What rules are you forgetting when you pick out your favorite outfit?

Not only do I love the message ON this shirt, the message behind it is even better! The Home T makes insanely soft shirts (In the USA!) AND they donate 10% of their profits to MS research. This is my second shirt from The Home T, & I swear that it is true - these shirts start off super soft & comfy, and just continue to get even better over time.

The latest collection from Home T focuses on such positive messages like: Free to Be Me, Dancing to my own beat, Smiles are Contagious, and Make Today Awesome. Which one would you choose to share with every person you crossed paths with during the day?  

skirt: J.Crew Factory denim skirt (under $35 - such a great buy!)

sunglasses: ASOS mirrored sunglasses (now under $7!)

lipstick: Nars "Heat Wave" (my favorite Summer red shade!)

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Modest is the Hottest

When the temps heat up, we often times find ourselves reaching for less and less fabric when getting dressed, but I can't be the only one that often finds myself fidgeting with skimpy pieces, & feeling exposed when I'm showing off the front, back, top & bottom in my clothes. Part of this is surely from my mom reminding me that "modest is the hottest", and calling me out on my "duck dresses" (if you bend over and show your "quack" it's a duck dress!). So I am thankful for brands like Dainty Jewell's that shares my passion for encouraging clothes that flatter, without letting it all hang out!

Dainty Jewell's has a large selection of modest clothing in a variety of sizes, including dresses for girls (I am someone who dreams of matching my little girl one day!), & bridesmaids dresses (I wish I could go back and pick this one for my girls & this one for my flower girls, but the print on this one is just lovely too!)

I can't help but get a total "Mad Men" vibe from so many of their pieces - can't you just see Betty Draper choosing this dress for a garden party?? And the designs are super thoughtful, where many dresses have pockets (score!), & can be dressed up or down - this pattern mixing combo & poppy print maxi both have me dreaming up how I could style them if they were in my closet!

dress: Dainty Jewell's gingham dress (I am wearing a Small & it fits so perfectly it's almost a little insane - did they tailor it just for me!?) Another gingham option here.

lipstick: Nars "Heat Wave"

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Monday, July 10, 2017


Here&Now Belief: You Should Love Your Work Wear! 

I have posted about my Rita & Phil custom skirt before here, and it is certainly a skirt that is not only high up in my work wear rotation, but highly recommended as well! 

I got my custom Rita & Phil skirt made in the "Irene" print & love that when you check out there is no "size" to select, because the skirt is made to be size YOU! Looking to start the process to have your own custom skirt made, use my referral link to start earning points to earn a free skirt! And if you aren't sold on my recommendation, I urge you to read their customer reviews - everyone who tries it, loves this service!

skirtcustomized pencil skirt c/o Rita & Phil (currently on sale for $20 + sign up for their newsletter to get 20% off your order! Bonus: they have free international shipping/returns)

shoes: Sole Society nude wedges (old, similar here - these are so comfy!)

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Friday, July 7, 2017

retro swim

I have been living in this swimsuit while visiting my Arkansas family & enjoying our time on the lake. I cannot shout enough about how comfortable and flattering it is - from the high-waisted bottoms, to the off the shoulder top that is really like a bandeau top with an extra fun ruffle. No one can believe that it is Vera Bradley, but it make sense from the whimsical print to the well thought out details. Find all the purchasing info below & know that this is a suit that is fun to wear & sure to get compliments to boot!

hat: embroidered sun hat c/o Dear Keaton (cannot get over how cute this pom pom hat is too!)

swimsuit: Lily & Layla swimsuit (in Havana White Rose) c/o Vera Bradley

towel: circle beach towel c/o Vera Bradley

sunglasses: ASOS mirrored sunglasses (under $7 - I might order a back up pair!)

lipstick: Nars "Heat Wave" (my perfect Summer red!)

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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer girl

Happy July! June feels like a warm up month, but come July, I am in full Summer mode. I am currently in Arkansas with all my favorite things - my pugs, my family, and my stack of library books. Reading by the lake during the day, & enjoying family time around the bonfire by night - I am certainly in my happy place. 4 more weeks of this before starting my new teaching gig - hope my stack of library books is tall enough! I just started "You are a Badass at making money" & am really liking the humor & advice so far, including this quote: 

"You have one glorious and brief shot at being the you that is you on Plant Earth, and the power to create whatever reality you desire. Why not be the biggest, happiest, most generous, and fully realized humanoid you can be?"

What is on your Summer Reading list?

dress: Lauren Ralph Lauren Striped Dress (sleeves can be worn on or off shoulders)

scarf: Old Navy American Flag scarf (now only $8!)

shoes: Lauren Ralph Lauren "Danita" Espadrille Flats (also crushing on the blush pink pair)

hat: Goorin Bros Panama Hat (also have this one from J.Crew & love it)

sunglasses: Ray Ban aviators

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