Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Map It!

We have officially called Denver for our home for 1 trip around the sun, & are beyond excited to begin the next chapter of our lives - home ownership (!!!) - in the mile high city! I am a firm believer that home is wherever you gather together with your loved ones, & over the years there have certainly been many "homes" that have a pieces of my heart. From my hometown in Arkansas, Summer camp in the Texas hill country, my post-college days in Nashville Tennessee, the Oregon boy who stole my heart, and our latest destination here in Colorado.

One of my girlfriends has the coolest latitude/longitude tattoos celebrating the meaningful locations in her life & while I am needle/tattoo adverse, I too love looking at mementos of the many places I have called home, but my method is via art on my walls (not my body... for now).

I recently showed off my latest art print featuring the city of Denver (on Instagram here) & love it so much that I have to gush about the source of my city love - Modern Map Art. They not only have ready to go city prints that you can choose with different size/color options, but also pillows, phone cases & accessories for your home, or you can create a custom map to fit your specific location.

I've rounded up my top 10 favorite ways to show off your map love below. Which one would you pick for your home? What city means the most to you & why?

1. Beaufort, SC; city poster // 2. United States, country poster // 3. Avalon Map, throw pillow // 4. Atlanta, GA; city poster // 5. Paris, phone case // 6. Amsterdam, throw pillow // 7. San Francisco, skyline print // 8. Annapolis, MD; city poster // 9. Savannah, GA; city poster // 10. Breckenridge, ski trail map poster

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