Monday, April 30, 2012


Why are these jeans even called "boyfriend" jeans? I did not steal them from my boyfriend, nor does my boyfriend even understand their premise... boys!?
Still not sure where "outfit pictures" will take place in my new townhouse... no backyard!?
Paired with this faux peplum top and an oversized blazer, this is an outfit that I put on to impress my boyfriend on date night, but one that leaves him perplexed.
 Oh well, good thing he think I'm cute no matter what I put on!
{ Urban Outfitters White Blazer (similar, affordable option) // Think Tank peplum blouse (similar) // Citizens of Humanity Boyfriend jeans // Nine West Wedges (similar, for a steal!) }
What are your favorite clothing items that leave the men in your life confused?

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P.S. is anyone else surprised that this new song, "Boyfriend", came from the Beiber!? I am only a tiny bit ashamed to admit that I am obsessed!

Friday, April 27, 2012

the "IT" list

Happy Friday!
Here are some new blogs to check out this weekend!

  • Urban Frill is seeing red in a fabulous blazer! Click over to see how she mixes it with bright colors for a transitional spring outfit! 
  • A Fashion Fixation pairs stripes with a little pop of neon! The perfect combination if you ask me! Don't forget to take a peek at her amazing shoes! (find A Fashion Fixation on Twitter!)
  • DahliaLynn Lane is sporting her newest signature bib from her jewelry line! Head over to find out how you can win it! (find DahliaLynn Lane on Twitter!)
  • A Dash of Details was feeling artsy this past weekend and painted a few fabulous pieces! Do I see an Etsy shop in her future?! (find A Dash of Details on Twitter!)
  • Fabulously Average is upping her swag in python printed pants! They are perfect for when you need a little bit of edge!  (find Fabulously Average on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now is sporting light colors for an easy breezy causal chic look! Her jacket is the perfect layering piece for warmer temps! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Style Your Life styles a colorful, classic chic outfit for the Gap blog - how exciting! Pop over to see what pieces she picked out! (Find Style Your Life on Twitter!)
  • Lipstick & Lollies is taking her inspiration from J.Crew and wearing the cutest green blazer! Add in a little leopard and this makes for on amazing outfit!
  • Sweetie Pie Style nails the neon and neutrals look! Head over to find out how she pairs the two together! So cute!  (Find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
  • POSH Blog put together the cutest gift for a friend having a baby! Pop over to find inspiration for any upcoming gifts you need to find for mom or baby! (Find POSH blog on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East designed a classic girly bedroom with a worldly feel! Check out how you can win the pillow she featured in the room! (Find Second Street East on Twitter!)
  • Olive & an Arrow is wearing an adorable romper that is a fantastic mix of feminine and fun! You won't believe where she found it! (Find Olive & an Arrow on Twitter!)
  • Good Life pairs two of the prints we can't get enough of - gingham and stripes! Head over to see her tip for a "brainless" match! (Find Good Life on Twitter!)
  • 100 Inspirations shows us how to get Eva Longoria's look complete with leather shorts! Stop by to the pieces she chose to recreate this sassy look for under $110!
the IT list is brought to you weekly by Jill of Good Life and edited by Michelle of Second St. East.
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Have a great weekend, I'll be visiting friends in Atlanta
(which means hitting up the H&M and Ikea too! yippee!)

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

baby blogger

Good Morning! It is my 6 month blogging anniversary, and yesterday I hit 150 followers!
Thanks y'all! (At the bottom is my "THANK YOU" giveaway!)

When I started Here&Now at the end of October 2011, I knew NOTHING about how to blog. Sure, I had read hundreds of blogs, and had a healthy habit of reading amazing fashion blogs daily, but had never considered how to actually go about the DOING and the behind the scenes work required to run a "blog". I dove right into starting my blog because I had a passion for fashion, and was so inspired by the Glamourais,  Jessica Quirks, Anna Janes, and Leandras of the internets. I didn't know anything about HTML, comment moderation, blog-link ups, or SEO friendly words (to name a few). I didn't own my own domain name, have a fancy camera, or stacks of money in the bank to use towards clothes. I was naïve.

I still have a long ways to go, but have learned so much over the past 6 months. One of the motivations for starting Here&Now was to have a creative outlet that would allow me to learn and refine new skills... this definitely is that and more, and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. 

While I am no expert, I would like to share with you some of the resources that have helped me sustain and grow my blog (content, design, you name it) so far. I hope you can learn something new, and if there is a resource that has been beneficial for you, I do hope you will share it with me (I sure could use it!)

{The Basics}
1. How to get noticed (by Google, and readers)
Google/search words

2. Social Media
- On increasing traffic
- Making Pinterest work for you
- Displaying Instagram photos on your blog, and Instagram tips

{ find me here on Pinterest }
3. How to make money (if you are ready & want to)
- Getting referral commission (Reward Style)
- Making a Media Kit (& here)
- Attracting companies (& here)
- IFB tools (<-- if you are a fashion blogger, this is a MUST join site!)

Find more IFB tools here

4. So I just bought this fancy camera... what button do I push first?
Digital Photography School

5. I have a blog, now what do I write about?

6. Get inspiration
- Online magazines (Matchbook)
- other beautifully curated sites (Kirtsy)

7. Give credit
Link with love

8. Follow what you love, not the "rules"
- Sustainable Blogging

9. On making things pretty
{ Seriously, this site is AMAZING }
10. Making a boring template yours
here, here, here, here (to list a few)

{Everything Else}
11. Networking
- Conferences (Alt Summit, Blissdom)
- people who went to conferences (1, 2, 3)
- local "meet-ups" (but haven't found a good one close to Nashville yet...)
- link up (Friday's Fancies via {long distance loving})

12. How to make it a business
Listen to the advice of others who have successfully made the transition to a full time business venture

13. Getting is ALL done
- Productivity

I want to seriously thank each and everyone of you for supporting my blogging efforts over the past 6 months (can't believe it has already been half a year!). 
I do this blog for me, but I couldn't be doing it without you!

I hope to bring you new and exciting content, and bring about some fun changes to my little spot on the internet. If there is any constructive criticism, or suggestions you have please leave them in the comments for me!

And now as a huge THANK YOU, I have a small token of my appreciation in the form of another giveaway. This time from the lovely Etsy shop that is Diament Designs.
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These are my favorite picks (from 100s!) from her shop, most of them being $10-14 (which means you could certainly get 2 fabulous pieces with your gift card)
I definitely picked up the "Gigi" bracelet
(so what if it is weird that I am the one perpetuating my self given nickname!)
What would you use the gift card for if you won!?

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

light scare

{ H&M jacket (similar) // Boutique lace tank (crushing) // Gap jeans // Michael Kors sandals (loving these) // Hobo purse (similar) }

Self administered post-wedding weekend Essie pedicure
I used to be scared of wearing white or light colors, but ever since I found the wonder that is the Tide-to-go Pen, I am confident that even my clumsy self can wear light fabrics without stress! Not even squirmy babies can scare me now!

{Photo Credit: Kevan Beth Tucker}

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


You have been warned - this is a picture heavy post of some super adorable babies!
My sister's beautiful twin girls Etta & Claire are now 3 weeks old, and my precious cousin Parker just passed 6 months! Aren't babies so much more fun when they aren't your own (haha)
Baby Etta loves to fist bump her Aunt Gigi
Etta and Claire rock the most adorable coordinating outfits
Babies NEVER EVER stop moving! Don't they know I am trying to take a photo!?
Shhh sweet baby Etta
These baby girls have the hippest nursery. I am in love with their Kurt Vonnegut quote artwork
Baby Parker is all dimples and smiles! And those CHEEKS!
Already reppin' for the Razorback Nation!
What a little flirt! I don't think he knows about cousins yet! ha
Mmmm hair!
All tuckered out. It is tough work being this cute!
We all got the memo to wear stripes! 
I usually only get to see my family on major holidays, so it was such a treat to spend quality time with my crew, eat some homemade goodies, and soak up some major baby cuteness!
What did you do this weekend?

just a girl from Arkansas

Good Morning!
 I had a wonderful weekend at home in Arkansas celebrating the marriage of my two friends, catching up with friends from college, and baby squeezing!
On Sunday, I took the scenic route home through Northeast Arkansas to enjoy the unique beauty of my home state. It seems that every time I cross the state line from Tennessee back into Arkansas my radio dial gets turned to country music, I talk a little slower, and enjoy taking the back way home. 
Yes, Arkansas might live up to some of the unfortunate stereotypes, but despite its imperfections, it is and always will be mine. 
Joy, Arkansas (this is the one of the 5 houses that along with a gas station make up the town)
The landscape was painted with yellows, reds, purples, and every color green paired against the ice blue sky
All rivers flow towards the mighty Mississippi
So much character
A little slower way of life
No matter where I go, a part of me will always be just a girl from Arkansas
P.S. stay tuned for an afternoon post about my weekend activities

Friday, April 20, 2012

the "IT" list

Happy Friday!
**Check out all of the fabulous What We Wore Stripe Challenge entries, mine is at the verrrry bottom!**

Take some time to enjoy these fabulous links, you won't be sorry!

  • DahliaLynn Lane is sporting her favorite new color - yellow! You can't help but be happy looking at her fun outfit complete with gold shoes! (find DahliaLynn Lane on Twitter!)
  • A Dash of Details is seeing spots! She found the most amazing tote and pair of flats! I might need both! (find A Dash of Details on Twitter!)
  • Fabulously Average pairs safari inspired pieces with her favorite summer staple! Head over to see what every closet needs for warmer weather! (find Fabulously Average on Twitter!)
  • Here & Now is living the motto, "You can never be overdressed" with a girly floral dress, T-straps and a hint of glitter! Perfect for a night out on the town! (find Here & Now on Twitter!)
  • Style Your Life rounds up her favorite chic AND comfy sandals! These are a must have if you are going to be on your feet all day! (Find Style Your Life on Twitter!)
  • Lipstick & Lollies is loving the new Mrs. Draper and swooning over her 60's wardrobe! I think she makes us all want a time machine!
  • Sweetie Pie Style is rocking the perfect outfit for a day at the winery - cute, casual and comfy! Throw in a pair of pink shoes and you have a winner!  (Find Sweetie Pie Style on Twitter!)
  • POSH Blog made the most adorable invitations for a parisian theme baby shower! Pop over for some major inspiration! (Find POSH blog on Twitter!)
  • Second Street East has opened up shop! Head over to check out her gorgeous kantha quilt pillows! (Find Second Street East on Twitter!)
  • Olive & an Arrow blends tribal with a hint of 80's for a fun, summer look! Don't forget to check out where she found her cute skirt! (Find Olive & an Arrow on Twitter!)
  • Good Life combines pink and red for a bold colorblock statement! She is using the wind to her advantage on this one! (Find Good Life on Twitter!)
  • 100 Inspirations shows us how to get the infamous Coachella look! Stop by to see how you can recreate this Kate Bosworth look for under $130!
the IT list is brought to you weekly by Jill of Good Life and edited by Michelle of Second St. East.
 For more information on how you can be involved - click here!

I am headed to a dear friend's wedding this weekend, and can't wait for some girl time, dancing, and catching up with college friends (it just happens that the wedding is in my old college town, on our alumni weekend). Besides the wedding I am also looking forward to seeing my family, and my 3 week (!!) old nieces too!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend, recharge your batteries and do something new!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Still unpacking... but I am actually enjoying finding new places for all of my clothes, shoes, and baubles (the bf is under the impression I have too many shoes! What is he thinking?!).
 When I can, I enjoy having all my clothes hanging in my closet/folded in my dresser, instead of putting away "out-of-season" items (out of sight, out of mind).
Besides cold weather coats/gloves/heavy wool sweaters, what defines a "seasonal" item?
I don't like to stereotype my clothes, and attempt, when possible, to wear my favorite items all-year-'round.
{ Blank Denim via ModCloth Mint Jeans (similar) // Urban Outfitters Button Down // Target Booties (LOVE these) }
These Target booties could be considered "Fall/Winter" wear by some, but paired with pale Spring basics, I think they have successfully been "Spring-if-ied"
What do you think?
Have you been "Spring-ifying" any of your favorite Fall/Winter items recently?
Do share!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

in the mean time

Oh hey there... excuse me while I unpack and re-locate all of my clothes. I swear I packed in some sort of organized fashion, but now unpacking is proving to be a difficult task. And yes, I did only move across the street - not even to a new town, or a different part of town... just a couple of streets over!
Hopefully the dust will settle soon!
In the mean time, I might be wearing whatever comes out of the boxes first... should be interesting!
Can't wait to make the new place feel like "home"
{ Urban Outfitters top (love this one) // J.Crew Cargo Pants (similar) // Nine West Sandals (similar) } 


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

a lady never tells

The Man Repeller said that the "carry-all" purse is a thing of the past, and that microscopic clutches are "in", but I am going to have to go ahead and disagree. Yes, maybe if I was walking the red carpet, or wanting to look fabulous jetting between all of the fashion shows that I attend, a micro-clutch (apparently "minaudière") would be the perfect accessory. But my life is not that fabulous, and I need to truck a lot of stuff around. Seriously I do. Don't even try to convince me that one needs any less than 3 options of chapstick at one time...
Currently I am carrying this Hobo International shoulder bag... I like its "lady-like" lines(in LOVE with this one too!) 
In my purse:
Make up (a girl can never have too many lip color choices!)
-       Bobby Brown lip & cheek pot rouge (Cabo Coral) – perfect for mid-day sprucing
-       Clinique Black Honey Almost Lipstick (a perfect amount of color for everyday)
-       Estee Lauder lipstick (Hot Hot) – A great red for snazzing it up when the mood strikes
-       Strawberry ChapStick  (such a classic, I get it in my stocking every year!)
-       Oil blotter sheets (dang that combo skin) 
-       Ray-Ban sunglasses (found them on the ground in Dallas – SCORE!)
-       iPhone (this IS my life… to-do list, social media apps, Instagram, Doug the Pug photos…)
-       Night clutch (you never know when the night life will call)
-       tape measure (still looking for a few key pieces for my new place)

-       Checkbook (am I the last person who still writes checks?!)
-       Sharpie Pen (When I find a good pen, I become obsessed. This is my current favorite)
-       Notebook (sometimes ideas for blog posts strike at the most random of places)
-       Wallet (with my self allocated cash allowance)
-       Work ID (gotta support the shopping habit)

Not pictured:
- cuticle cream: I have an intention of being a prim lady, with well kept, oval nails ... and applying cuticle cream every time I want to snag a hangnail makes this goal more attainable
- Canon DSLR.... love this thing!
- no crease hair ties

So those are my "essentials".
Do you carry your whole life around in a large purse?
Or stick to the ID, lipstick, and phone in a clutch?
Happy Tuesday

Monday, April 16, 2012


Ty and I celebrated two and a half years together this past weekend by visiting an observatory and wine bar ... you could say I kind of like the guy...
Nothings says a night out viewing the polar ice caps of Mars and a phase of Venus like a girlie floral skirt, with T-straps and glitter! (Doug the Pug approves!)
{ Boutique Dress (this one is so perfect for Spring/Summer) // Gianni Bini Heels (scored on SUPER sale from Dillard's) (love these) // J.Crew Clutch (similar) }
::This is my life philosophy as well::
How was your weekend?
I am still recovering from moving on Saturday (ok Ty did most of the work, but it was tough!)

P.S. For those of you who are new around here, WELCOME!
I hope you will stay and peek around a bit

Here's what I have been up to lately:
- I just completed my first 30X30 Remix Challenge
- I spilled the beans on what I carry in my medium-sized purse
- I have been "spring-ifying" some fall clothes
- I moved. Yay for a new place to decorate, boo for not knowing where my clothes are!
- I am dreaming of neons for warmer weather