Wednesday, April 4, 2012

aunt gigi

 While the trip was not expected, I made a detour on my way home from the Dallas Bachelorette Party, to stop in Little Rock, Arkansas to see my sister, husband, and twin baby girls. There was a serious rough patch for my sister following the delivery of her baby girls, and I am so blessed that I was close by, and able to be there for my family, but even happier to report that Sarah is on the road to recovery. I have completely fallen in love with my new nieces Etta Jane and Claire Elaine. 
You can call me Aunt Gigi from now on!
Baby Etta... so tiny and precious!
Baby Claire, who is also on the road to recovery!
If you are the praying kind, prayers of strength and thanks are still very much welcome for my sister and her new little family, as well as for my parents and my brother-in-law's parents who have been amazing at taking care of everyone during the tough times. 
The nurses are lucky I didn't smuggles those two little cuties home with me!


  1. They are so stinkin cute - congrats! Sending prayers your sister's way :)

    The Other Side of Gray 

  2. Thank you! They already have stolen my heart! Can't wait to get back to Arkansas to spoil them!

  3. Jess, they are soooo precious! Being an auntie is the BEST thing in the world. Prayers are headed yalls way! 

  4. Congrats! :)


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