Monday, April 2, 2012

30X30 Spring 2012: Completed

Oh my goodness me, 30 (ish) days, 30 items of clothing, and 30 outfits later I have completed the 30X30 Remix Challenge! My first ever, but certainly not my last.

For my first Remix Challenge, I picked classic items from my closet to create outfits with. I hoped to find out the actual versatility of my basic wardrobe, and to show you guys that when you think "Oh, I have nothing to wear", that you are so wrong!
Yes, I did play it safe... but in my defense I tried out colored denim, pattern mixing, a dress as a skirt, and discovered the magic of belts and scarves (even scarves as belts)!
What I learned:
{1.} It is wayyyy harder than I even imagined to go 30 days without shopping. Ty did not get this. And I don't think he (or any boy) ever will. But it was more the idea that I couldn't have what I was drooling over it, regardless of whether or not I actually wanted it/could afford it. Probably didn't help that my favorite lunch break activity is online window shopping...
{2.} I can do a lot with 30 items of clothes. Seeing that I have 270+ items, I could make outfits for years. Shouldn't be going naked anytime soon.
{3.} Spring didn't happen in Nashville this year, and no open toed flats was a bad decision. Next time, check the almanac!
{4.} What they say is right, classic quality clothing items can take you far, and last you years. A classic black blazer, tailored dark wash jeans, pleated skirt, striped shirt... these are the things a working wardrobe is made of! A floral, mini bubble skirt... not so much, but when you have other great workhorses in your closet, it can be a fun way to spice things up!
{5.} Getting dressed in the morning should be fun. Before Day 1 I made an Excel spreadsheet of outfit "equations" (yes, I am a nerd!), and it was fun to try the equation each morning, and if it didn't work, tweak it until it did. Maybe outfit equations would take the stress out of standing clueless in front of my closet... didn't hurt that I only had 30 items to work with in the first place! ha

Thank you for following along, I had a great time, and I hope you got a little inspiration too!
Now off to start dreaming up outfits using the other 90% of my clothes!


  1. I've done the 30 30 too. My toughest part was taking pictures everyday! Congrats :) 

  2. Wow this is awesome! Love so many of the outfits you wore. Such inspiration!  I can't imagine NOT shopping for 30 days.. That is the most inspiring part, lol!

    Please join my giveaway too! Here!
    - Josie :: http://8bitgrayscale.blogspot.com

  3. I love the idea of an excel document for clothes! I can't wait to try out 30x30 for when I go to Europe this summer.


  4. It was certainly a challenge, but yes also tons of fun to look at my closet in a whole new way! xx

  5. Thanks lady! Yes the change in weather certainly threw a wrench in my plans, but in the end it made the challenge much more fulfilling! Off to online window shop! xx

  6. Oh yea that part is hard, I had to bribe my photographer (aka the boyfriend) to take photos everyday! xx

  7. Thanks! Yes, it certainly felt like I was living in my chambray button down and pleated skirt! Maybe a while before I can wear them again :) xx

  8. good job with the challenge! Looks like you did a great job and had tuns of tun with it:)

  9. Great job on the 30x30. I did it last year around this time and completely loved it. It was super hard in terms of the shopping ban and dressing for the change in weather, but in the end I realized how much more versatile my current wardrobe was. I rarely repeat outfits now, and if I do, there are subtle things that I can add (such as a scarf) to keep it fresh and new. 

    Enjoy the ability to shop now!!!! :P

  10. yay!  way to go... from looking at the montage of pictures I would never guess that you were doing the 30x30, they all look different enough!  But I have done TWO 30x30 and I know it doesn't necessarily  feel that way!  Way to stick it out!

  11. Thank you! I had fun challenging myself. I would totally do it again, it might just be a while... xx

  12. You did an amazing job!  I would totally fail this type of challenge.  But you make each outfit unique and memoraable.  Great job!

  13. Thank you! I make a lot of my photo collages in power point and then save them as pictures :) xx

  14. You looked so great throughout the whole challenge!  I was struggling at the end.  Love your mint pants! How did you make this collage?  Its so much better than my 30 pics in a row scroll situation!  haha.


  15. Great looks!


  16. Great job! I love all these looks! 

    Sara :)

  17. Congrats on completing the challenge and props to not shopping for 30 days! I love all your outfits!

  18. Congrats on finishing your 30x30! It's really inspiring to see how many different outfits you can really create out of your own closet. I'm thinking about doing the challenge as well because I really can't keep shopping...the only thing that's stopping me is the wacky weather here which would make it really hard to pick pieces!

    The Tiny Heart 

  19. Congrats! I've been thinking about doing another 30 for 30 over the summer - it's much friendlier in warm months : )

  20. Congratulations!!!  You did it!!  I enjoyed following along!  Wearing my new fab necklace on the blog today!  Thanks so much!  I LOVE it!!
    Because Shanna Said So

  21. Congratulations! I want to do it next... 


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