Thursday, January 23, 2014

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I present you the 3rd & final story for the kickoff of a new "conscious consumerism" thread on the blog. And today it's all about the shoes. (I mean, it's always all about the shoes, but today's shoes rock a little more than usual!)
My friend from High School (AP Bio Lab partner - what what), Patrick Woodyard, co-founded Nisolo Shoes, a social enterprise that is committed to giving Peruvian leather workers a fair & honest wage for their beautiful work.

Seeing & hearing the story of Nisolo unfold in front of me over the years since we graduated college has been a great joy. I was thrilled that the Nisolo team decided to root themselves in Nashville, they not only have one rocking showroom (you have to check it out if in town), but they are also such a strong voice for socially conscious consumerism, one that hasn't always been so prevalent in the South. (you can read about why they chose Nashville for their Headquarters here).
{ What I Wore: headphones ℅ Dillard's Green Hills // Forever21 vest (similar 1 // 2 // 3) // Lands End Canvas sequin skirt (sold out, love this one!) // J.Crew chambray shirt // Nisolo "Oliver" oxfords (borrowed) // fashionABLE leather clutch (borrowed) // Fringe & Lace necklace, not yet released }

all photos | Zipporah Photography
While working for a microfinance organization in Peru, Patrick & his business partners witnessed first hand skilled artisans living amongst poverty, despite their fine talents. A seed was planted, & in what would become Nisolo, the team knew that they had to find a way to get these beautiful products to market. Nisolo provides the "vehicle of opportunity" for these leather artisans & aims to inspire others to do the same around the world (read their whole story here).
"Nisolo" means "not alone" in Spanish & I love how well this truly encompasses the "conscious consumerism" movement. We are not alone on this planet, we all have skills that can be used to benefit others. We have the means to look out from ourselves, & to the rest of the world. 
We are not alone in the world. And I hope this "conscious consumerism" series will at least make you think a little more about your purchases, open your eyes to the fact that sometimes a slower pace, a more expensive product, is a better choice. For each of us to continually be conscious of our great privilege. Let us use that privilege for positive change.
And because I love this so much, I must quote from the Nisolo website:
"Our goal is for the quality, style, & comfort of our products to reflect the talent that exists among producers in the developing world, thus showcasing their ability to newer, much larger markets in the developed world. We live in a time period where there are more & more brands emerging everyday that enable us to make a very positive impact on the world without having to sacrifice our usual desires as consumers. Why then, would we ever choose to support a brand with mass produced products that primarily benefit only those at the very top of the production pyramid? If you can still get what you want, why would you not choose to support brands that are making a difference in the world?"
And seriously, Nisolo makes some gorgeous products! Be sure to check out the Nisolo video relsease… it's a beaut! 

Please consider the origin of your products & how they are made!

And one more gigantic hug to the people that made this shoot possible: Jordan Duncan, stylist // Zipporah Photography // Natalie Sawyer, Fringe & Lace // the fashionABLE team // Kate & the entire Nisolo team.


  1. Love those headphones and your skirt!

    X Sara

  2. that mile of yours is so contagious!
    You look so so lovely

  3. I love this new part of your blog. I am trying to make an effort to purchase items that i feel good about and these shoes are fantastic! Thanks for sharing, I just wish they carried my size!

  4. woah- so cool that you have a close personal connection to Nisolo! I've looked at their stuff before and it's awesome. Seems like a really cool company. And the pictures are gorgggg dear. Have a wonderful weekend!!

    perfectly Priya

  5. the sequins and chambray are such a fun combination!

  6. Love the skirt and you have such a great smile! :)


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