Wednesday, January 1, 2014


If you imbibed too much champagne last night & are currently nursing a raging hangover, this post might be better saved for you to read at a later date… seeing more drinky drinks might be a trigger point for your reversal machinery.

New Year's Eve is my favorite holiday - the sequins, the drinks, the fun hats & noise makers, sparklers & the fact that I have usually spent it surrounded by my nearest & dearest friends. 
But last night's affair was for sweatpants, pug snuggles, a marathon of Red Box movies, midnight smooches, & cocktail mixing… 2014 is slated to be a pretty crazy year for us (weddings, graduations, job changes, & lots of travel to name a few reasons), so I was more than happy to spend the last day of 2013 with my beloved, low key, no cover charges, no waiting for taxis, at home where a head to toe sweatsuit + a fur blanket are considered appropriate attire. 

But before you think that we are boring, let me show you our midnight mixology fun! My Sissy is a flea market GURU & found this book of cocktails called "Here's How", a cheeky relic of drink recipes (& drawings!) from 1941… this gem has lived on my bar cart for the past year, & I don't know we waited to long to break it out!
So out came the book, the ingredients, the supplies & glass wear.
And here is what we created. *Disclaimer: I think that drinks should be fun, so sometimes we don't play by the "rules" & make drinks that just taste good to us. For example, a "Manhattan" is typically made with Rye or Canadian Whisky, but in our house, Bullet Bourbon does the trick. 
Who says that a champagne cocktail has to be served in a flute. Them bubbles taste delicious to me out of a mason jar! Go ahead, get wild!
What yummy cocktails have you been enjoying recently?
We are having so much fun acting like we are straight outta Mad Men with our highbrow cocktails & are always ready to learn a new one!


  1. Hi Jessica! Happy New Year!!! These pictures are all lovely! My sister actually made me a Moscow Mule (my first one ever!) when I was home for Christmas, so good! I had a low-key NYE as well since I'm in the middle of moving, no shame! Yours sounds totally cozy! Hope to see you around soon at a BlogNashville event perhaps? :)

    perfectly priya

  2. I'm so impressed you stayed in but actually made fun drinks! (My boyfriend and I split a bottle of oh-so-classy Korbel.) I love Moscow Mules but never actually knew how to make one so thanks for the tips!

    Happy New Year!


  3. Great post and pictures! I always love reading posts about drink recipes and new things to try.



  4. Those sound delicious! They look quite marvelous too :) My boyfriend and I did the same thing. I was out of town until monday so we just spent the night inside relaxing, watching some Shaytards vlogs and had a drink at midnight. We'll do the New Years Eve partying one year...
    Exploring My Style

  5. Moscow Mules are among my favorites, for sure!

  6. I just bought some copper glasses for moscow mules so I'm excited to give those a try!

    Kristina does the Internets

  7. I just have to say that your photos are beautiful! Whoever takes them is really good! ANyways, my go to mix is always champagne and fruit juice! mmm!!!


  8. Thanks for the ideas to add to my bar cart! You and Ty were so sweet to buy us our decanter and glass set. On New Years I made everyone a "French 75" with gin, champagne, lemon and simple syrup. Everyone liked it... even the guys!
    Love your blog... you do a fabulous job. Happy wedding planning :)

  9. cocktails and sweatpants, we are nothing if not classy!

  10. THANKS! This was me actually! I had quite a bit of time on my hands, and enjoyed playing around with the styling and photography :)

  11. Yay! We are loving our little bar cart corner so much we just had to share the love with you guys! That drink sounds delish - adding it to our list!


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