Wednesday, January 22, 2014

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Thank you so much for all the love on yesterday's post, the first in the new "Conscious Consumerism" series. This will not necessarily be a regular series, but definitely a focus throughout the year.

One of the complaints I hear is that sometimes the items that I'm talking about (Toms shoes, 31Bits necklaces, etc.) have an "earthy" vibe, not polished or sophisticated. I would have to agree to that to some extent, but I also think that is what can make them so special. A worldly element. A conversation starter. Something different. (my high school dance team's motto WAS "Dare to be Different" & I still embrace it!)
{ What I Wore: J.Crew striped sequin top (similar 1 // 2 // 3) // Old Navy rockstar skinny jeans // ShoeMint loafers // boutique trench (save // splurge) // fashionABLE "Helen" scarf (borrowed) // Fringe & Lace Ugandan necklaces + bracelet (I will update you when these items are listed) }

all photos | Zipporah Photography
I have to give another shout out to the wonderful ladies who helped make this photoshoot possible - Jordan Duncan, stylist // Zipporah Photography // Natalie Sawyer, Fringe & Lace // the fashionABLE team // Kate & the entire Nisolo team.

We had had this planned for weeks & 10 minutes before we started shooting it started snowing! We all stared at the fat, sloppy flakes in amazement, sure that we would only get 10 minutes or so before they stopped. But it turned into a freak snowstorm, lasting for hours & quickly covering the ground in beautiful white blankets. A tad cold, but the most magical backdrop & light! We were a first time team, but everyone worked so great together, numb fingers are not so much of a bother when you are having so much fun!


  1. Love the color of your jacket...and the necklace is so fun paired with it!

  2. Great outfit. :) I love the back and white with a little color added.

  3. This striped top is gorgeous and I love the shiny shoes Jessica. The snow looks magical, I'm so glad everything worked out!

    Chelsea & The City

  4. You are looking so pretty! Love that orange coat and you...and those SHOES...SO fabulous!


    The Other Side of Gray

  5. You are SO pretty! And the snow makes these photos even more perfect!

  6. I love the bright coat! (Are you at the Parthenon? That park is one of my favorites in Nashville!)

  7. while i can get the earthy vibe i also get that you are just so very real. i feel like the clothes you wear translate well to real life and i love that!

  8. i love your jewelry! and the color of your coat!

  9. Love this outfit, and conscious consumerism is wonderful!


  10. LOVE the idea for this series + love this sweet lock! Such pretty, fun colors on you and darling photos!

    xx, Emily
    shell chic'd

  11. love all the "Nashville" bits of this outfit! I think it's awesome that you're embracing many local, socially conscious brands. And I have to say, this stuff is actually really chic!

    If you took these pictures on Saturday...you're crazy. I tried and it was just so so cold, I was cold all day!!

    perfectly Priya

  12. Conscious consumerism is wonderful!

    Check out my blog:

  13. You look absolutely stunning in these photos and so happy which really shows! xx

  14. Ah I freakin love these photos.... and you:) Wish I was so excited for snow but no I'm just sooo colddddddddd.


  15. Great post and great outfit!


  16. Snow always makes me smile! I'm glad your photographer was able to catch the flakes in the pictures!


  17. Love, love, love the pictures with the trees in the background!!


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