Friday, January 3, 2014

Blogger Spotlight: Lover of Clothes

First Blogger Spotlight & giveaway of 2014… big time (but seriously it is…)!

The lovely lady stepping into the spotlight today is Delaney of Lover Of Clothes. Back to back bloggers from the Seattle area… take note, they have serious style up there! Delaney is a full time student, brave vlogger (yup, with a V), & has been blogging for 2 years about her personal style with a side of yummy recipes & a little about life.

But, why am I still talking? Take it away Delaney:
Want to find out more about these pretty pictures and stylish outfits? In order from top to bottom: 1 (see her leather jacket in action too!) // 2 & 3 (that famous PNW grunge!) // 4 (backless in Seattle, a tee hee!) // 5 (those heels!!)

And in true Pacific NorthWest fashion, girl loves her some Nordies (Nordstrom, le duh) & is graciously giving away a $75 Nordstrom Gift Card to one lucky reader!!! So enter to win & then head on over to give Delaney a holla (comments have been turned off today, to encourage you to mosey on over). #TGIF!

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