Friday, January 24, 2014

with a twist

I think the best description I have come up with to describe my personal style would have to be, "classic with a twist".
{ What I Wore: J.Crew schoolboy blazer (save // splurge) // H&M dress // ShoeMint loafers // enamel necklace ℅ DaisyGem // chain bracelet ℅ Shop Jami // Yuni Kelley pave link bracelet }

all photos | Zipporah Photography
What is yours?

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And for extra credit, you can read my reflections on the style lessons I learned in 2013. I followed the "style assignment" for setting wardrobe goals as posted on Into Mind.

{1}  On a scale of one to ten, how happy were you on average with your style & your wardrobe in 2013? Seven

{2}  What was the biggest style- & wardrobe-related improvement you made in 2013? Focusing on a budget, thinking critically about everything that I brought home.

{3}  What aspect of wardrobe building & refining your style do you enjoy the most & why? Shopping… it is a challenge to find pieces that not only fit my style, but also my budget. And the challenge is fun!

{4}  How well do your outfits express your own unique personal style? What factor(s) are preventing you from dressing 100% according to your style? Money, confidence or an undefined style concept? 70% of the time - with the hurdle being an undefined style concept… although, I am getting closer & closer all the time!

{5}  If you had to sum up your look of 2013 in one outfit, what would it be? 
skinny jeans + oversized sweater + hat (aka this).

{6}  What is your main motivation for wanting to refine your personal style? 
I want a focused personal style that gives me the confidence to take on anything!

{7}  How happy are you with your overall shopping strategy? Does your budget tend to get eaten up by impulse buys & bargains? What is your spending philosophy for 2014? 
I am happy with my progress in budgeting. This year's motto is quality over quantity.

{8}  To what extent do you rely on make up and clothes to give you confidence? Is a lack of confidence preventing you from fully expressing your style concept or trying out new things? The right clothes do give me confidence, but it is more a problem of too many options that cause me to fail at properly expressing my style.

{9}  On a scale of one to ten, how expressive, coherent & defined is your style concept? 
Six, still oscillating between preppy, boho, & minimalistic edge (at least that's what I pretend my outfits are in my head…)

{10}  On a scale of one to ten, how well-structured, versatile & functional is your wardrobe? 
Eight - need to cut out the fat!

{1} Write a short review of your style and the progress you made in 2013. How did your style, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences evolve? In 2013 I started to really look at my clothes as an extension of myself, how I wanted the world to perceive me. I realized that while it is easy for me to wear oversized, shapeless pieces, I feel more "me" with a little structure!

{2} Write about your style & wardrobe plans for 2014. Which aspects about your style & your wardrobe do you want to improve, why & how? In 2014 I want to streamline my personal style, accentuating what I truly love & removing the things I only "like". Fewer, better things.

{3} Express your five most important goals in a short, motivating sentence.
I want to build a foundation of basic pieces (1) that takes me from work to play (2), with minimal items (3), & maximal quality (4), while sticking to a budget that reflects my current life situation (5).


  1. I just checked out the monthly challenges on Into Mind, and I am loving the questions and assignments! Thanks so much for linking to that, I think I will try it out myself. These are such good questions to really get you thinking about your wardrobe and what you want it to be. I loved reading your answers!

    PS you are looking gorgeous in these photos and it makes me happy to see that snow!

  2. Lovely as usual! Loving this work appropriate and chic outfit!

    -Jenny, DaisyGem

  3. Yes!! Question #5 :

    {5} If you had to sum up your look of 2013 in one outfit, what would it be?

    skinny jeans + oversized sweater + hat

    I have to totally agree with you on that! (except I'd switch "hat" out for boots lol) and so far, it's been my "go to" in 2014 too lol.

  4. You take a much more academic approach to style than I do. All of my answers to these questions would be: "Uhhh...PRETTY THINGS I LIKE THEM." Good job!

    ~Sarah of Sarah's Real Life

  5. Ok this is slightly creepy- I was looking around on your blog (at old 30x30, which took me to another random old post) and saw you wearing this dress (I think to a bridal related thing? I'm being creepy, I'm sorry)! Anyway, I noticed how cute it was and how I hadn't seen you wear it since then. When low and behold...looks just as cute in the winter!

    This questionnaire was super interesting to read! I think your style description really suits you. I like to think of my as "quirky-classy".

    perfectly Priya

  6. Not creepy at all, I look into my archives all the time! And yes, I last wore this dress on the blog for a friend's wedding. Funny thing is, even though the outfits haven't made it on the blog, this dress is one of my go-tos! Girls' Nights, date nights, wedding, Summer get togethers & now, layered up for work.

  7. Thanks, I've been trying to put more thought into my closet, and have really been reaping the benefits!

  8. I looooove your loafers! So fancy! And I have been wanting a Schoolboy blazer too. They're a classic, but a liiiitle over my budget :( xo

  9. I'm definitely going to look at Into Mind. I would like to set more short term goals and work towards them with a timed dead line versus wandering hoping to accomplish them. I would agree with "classic with a twist" for your style.

  10. For a second I was waiting for you to say that you traveled somewhere because of the snow in your pictures, but then I remembered it actually snowed a little the other day in nashville. Haha! I love love that dress and you look gorgeous, as always!

    Fashion of a Novice

  11. Oooh, this outfit is just darling, Jessica! I love how the blazer "masculinizes" the dress...and those loafers are so cool. I liked reading your answers to the "style assignment" too - it's always fun to hear people's wardrobe reflections and goals :)

  12. I love these shoes! They look comfy and cute. - J


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