Saturday, January 4, 2014

weekend reading: 01.04.14

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This weekend why don't you :: go bold in black & white stripes

{what you might have missed on Here&Now}
{1.}  $75 Nordstrom Giveaway & a new blogger you gotta meet!

{2.} The final 2013 Year Budget Post 

{3.} First outfit of 2014 - a crop top!! 

{4.} New cocktails to try 

{5.} A Pinterest Par-tay 

{posts I'm loving around the internets}
{1.} The French Wardrobe… I might have to give this a try! 

{2.} Who was the best blogger of 2013? 

{3.} 14 ways to be happier (so good!) 

{4.} Is the "blog" dead

{5.} Does exposure count as payment for your blog content? (I don't know where I stand on this matter, but would love to hear your opinions!)


  1. Fabulous round up-- These posts will keep me busy for the next hour! :)

  2. ps. I couldn't sign in for some reason I'm at http://whisperingsweetly.com :)

  3. I read the article on blogs being dead and I don't really agree with him. At least, not in the fashion/lifestyle/beauty realm. I think it's a little crazier than ever, personally. There are tons of bloggers who are now invited to Fashion Week, because of their blog. Maybe instead of blog, it should be personal website.

    Good reads!

  4. You had me a Aubrey... i love this chic yet loungy look so much!! Color me Effortless Fashionable.


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  5. Loving the bold black & white stripes look! It's personally my favorite color combo! :)

  6. Great reads! I don't think blogs are dead, but they have definitely adapted with the rise of social media. There's so much information to ingest on the internet that it's better received in smaller bites via Twitter or Instagram.

    xx Jen
    Skirt The Rules

  7. Thank you for always introducing me to interesting content around the internets.
    xo, Nina


  8. Thanks for the shout out, lady! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  9. I think the scene is definitely changing all the time - one of the exciting reasons that I love blogging, but I agree - la viva la blog! They are so not dead!

  10. Ditto! I oscillate between loving it & feeling exhausted trying to "keep up"… but I do love that I always have something new to learn for my blog!

  11. Thank you for sharing the awesome post! I am definitely interested in the new French Wardrobe. I'm taking some time off to evaluate my shopping habits, but this idea of building a firm foundation of basics & then adding statement, personality filled investment pieces resonates so strongly with me!


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