Tuesday, July 24, 2012

down home arkansas

This weekend was one in which:
-       I almost got my fill of sniffing baby heads (can there ever be enough?)
-       Ty and I picked out our dream lake house (well, it could use a slide out back!)

-       birthdays were celebrated by sombreros and sopapillas

- my body said, "hey Jess, do you know of this amazing thing called gluten!? Why you holding out!?"
(so I indulged A LOT - homemade bread, sopapillas, fresh pesto tortellini, pie for breakfast...!)

-       a summer bucket list item was crossed off – homemade ice cream was churned and devoured!
-       little sisters showed off their impressive tubing skills!

-       family time was soaked up (even got my parents to stay up past midnight playing games!)

-       wine time started at 3 pm sharp!

- baby red birds were rescued

- brunch at the historic Arlington hotel was savored (Ty's first time)

- Ty learned he can surf the web, pet a pug, and rock a fussy baby all at once (so cute!)

How was your weekend?
Summer is in its height, and I enjoying packing in lots of adventures!

P.S. Today I am linking up with Molly for her #YOLO series (this weekend earned it!)


  1. Oh I want to make ice cream myself too! So delicious. It looks like you've had an amazing weekend. Thanks for sharing!

     Hannah from I am a lifestyle blog

  2. You are rocking that bubble necklace and I love it! 

  3. how fun!! love your last outfit - so cute!!

  4. Thanks for sharing those pics - what a lovely family, and a lovely weekend. =D

  5. Thanks for sharing those pics - what a lovely family, and a lovely weekend. =D

  6. Doug got some homemade ice cream, too, right?! :) 

  7. You and the family are ADORABLE!! What a fun time. Love that disco ball hanging from the boat!!! And homemade ice cream is the BESTEST!!!

  8. looks like a great weekend! Have a great week too ;)
    LA By Diana Live Magazine

  9. LOVE it!! i always say that there is no such thing as too much baby head sniffing. (that sounds weird... but it's true). thanks for linking up, girl!

  10. What a wonderful and beautiful weekend.  Spending time with the family - eating and exploring . . that's my type of weekend.

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  11. so cute photos!


  12. How fun! I would love to make my own ice cream :) And oh my goodness, nothing compares to the smell of babies!!

  13. Aw I love the Arlington. Me and a friend went dancing with the elderly there one night, haha! We were looking to get just a glass of wine and listen to some 50s music but kept getting pulled out on the dance floor. We must have been old souls that night!

  14. It looks like you had a wonderful time!! I'm glad you and Ty were able to get away and have a fun and relaxing time :)

  15. Hot Springs is so much fun! We went there on a family vacay a couple of years ago. :) Glad you had so much fun! :)


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