Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 26: country air

So maybe my 30X30 should be called "how to wear one article of clothing like another".
First it was wearing a pencil skirt like a mini, then a dress as a skirt, & today a scarf like a vest
{ What I Wore: H&M sweater & purse // Tolani scarf // boutique dress // Steve Madden boots // Guise sunnies }
{ Get the Look }
comfy chic sweater {$4.95} + cozy scarf {$44.95, perfect for making into a vest} + black jersey dress {$29.80} + tall suede boots {$69.95} + classic cat eye sunnies {$16.99}
I love going home, and I think it is funny/interesting seeing a different side of my life. 
Things that are totally normal in Nashville aren’t always the same at my family home in Arkansas (and vice versa). Not sure I am making sense, so here are some examples:
{1.} Ever since the sun started setting at 4 pm, I have been taking my outfit photos on Saturdays and Sundays – changing outfits 5 times and running outside with my tripod just seemed CA-razy at home, pretty sure my family though so too
{2.} In Nashville I typically enjoy 7 hours of blissful uninterrupted sleep, but at home I had the pleasure of sharing a room with my sister and her 2 eight-month old baby girls who do not understand the joys of sleeping through the night yet (hello 3 am screaming)
{3.} In Nashville Doug is my child, the only baby I interact with, and I spoil him accordingly. At home there are actual babies and somehow rubbing their ears doesn’t have the same calming effect that it has on Doug.
{4.} At home there are a few bars, but magically everyone from high school shows up at the same one on the same night. This year was no different, but the ridiculous shenanigans were better than ever

Do you live far from your childhood home? Notice any differences from you day-to-day life to you life at home? Don't leave me hanging, I can't be the only one!


  1. Seriously such a great idea to make a scarf into a vest! How cute!!

  2. ahhaha i totally treat my dogs like real babies, too. it's totally fine. right? love your outfit, jessica!

  3. I love this outfit, you look great!  h
    I totally agree with home feeling different in some ways but that's the beauty of it! :)

  4. How cute! I love your repurposing :)

  5. I live an hour away for my home town so there no different.  love how you are wearing you scarf.

  6. Just look at you Hot stuff you are too cute in this!! Ummm, I can't get far enough from where I grew up...don't get me wrong its fun but feels like groundhog day. 


  7. Helloo Jessica, these photos are gorgeous! Looks like a pretty place to call home! I got to spend 10 days at home and it is definitely a totally different life than here in Nashville! Especially being a starving college student, it was so nice to have good food to eat, and my mom doting on me! Love the scarf/vest, that is fantastic!

    perfectly priya

  8. I always love when people wear scarves like vests, but I can never figure it out for myself. You've inspired me to try again. So pretty, Jessica!

    AlyssaThe Glossy Life

  9. I played around with my scarf for a little bit, and ended up just draping the back down low enough to get strapped in by my belt - easy peasy!


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