Friday, November 23, 2012

Day 22: Black Friday

Is this outfit "blog" worthy? Totally not, but I got dressed today, actually changed out of my PJs on this rare day off, 
and I want someone to know about it
Ty, Doug and I drove from Nashville, TN down to Arkansas yesterday (no traffic, yea!), and are eating a Thanksgiving meal both today and tomorrow - stretchy pants carry me home!
{ What I Wore: Everlane tee // Gap cords // Old Navy ballet flats }
 Are you Wonder Women hitting up the Black Friday sales? 
I am so not someone to get up at that hour to fend off other women for a $2 sweater... No. Thank. You.
I will be happily clicking away for Christmas present deals on Cyber Monday.
FYI: For any other Cyber Monday shoppers, I will be sharing the best deals I have found starting Sunday at midnight... be sure to check back in!

Ok, now onto the serious matter at hand, best ideas for Turkey left-overs?....Annnnd go...

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  1. we're doing the sales today, but we go at like 11am and have never had a bad experiences - all the crazies have been and gone by then!  haha :)

  2. I also do almost all of my Christmas shopping online. The idea of fighting through a million people and all the chaos gives me a bit of a panic attack. No thank you! 

    I love this casual outfit. You look so cute and those jeans look super comfy!

  3. Love your casual look! I like how your watch contrasts.


  4. Glad you guys made it safely! You look comfy but still put together in this.


  5. I think that is a pretty outfit. Simple. I think readers and bloggers forget that sometimes it's okay to wear jeans and a tee. =]


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