Sunday, November 11, 2012

Day 11: coffee run

{ What I Wore: Old Navy vest & ballet flats // H&M sweater // boutique dress }
{ Get the look }
utility vest {$69.00} + burgundy sweater {$44.00} + woven brown belt {$12.99} + ballet flats {$19.94} + black jersey dress {$17.00} + black purse {$26.00}
One of my favorite weekend traditions: I get the coffee, and Ty makes the hash browns and eggs
How has your weekend been?
We are headed to say farewell to our favorite bar hang-out, it is being torn down to build a high-rise condo building (juuuust what Nashville needs another one of!)
it is officially Barmageddon 2012


  1. Cute! Love the utility vest! Fun how the Starbucks has turned into an accessory :)


  2. Another great outfit! Love the belt, and love the way you're wearing that dress as a skirt :)

    Life etc


  3. What a cute weekend tradition! Sorry to hear about your favorite bar, maybe you guys will find another fun hang out spot. Love the outfit, great for a nice fall day. 


  4. Love the military vest! And the coffee! haha...barmageddon...that sucks though!

  5. At least you get to say goodbye! Our very favorite law school bar literally disappeared over spring break last year - we were there, we went home, we came back, and it was GONE. Go forth and party like the end of days!! ;)

    Samantha @ Sam ipsa loquitur

  6. love the maroon and green together!

  7. love love love that vest still. i really need to get me one of those. sorry about your favorite bar hang-out! :( :( 

  8. My weekend has been good. Work on Saturday. Then Saturday went to cerebrate my cousin birthday. Then today I have my sister and parents over to celebrate my sister birthday. Which is tomorrow

  9. I need to look that cute while headed on a coffee run! LOVE the vest and belt to jazz it up a bit! 

    Loved catching back up on your blog after being MIA and thanks so much for keeping up with me! 

    It's an Easy Life

  10. Perfect outfit for fall! I love the color of your top.

  11. i seriously love every single outfit you post on your blog. consistently stylish, yet affordable, which is how fashion should be! thanks so much for all the inspiration! :)



  12. I need to be as motivated as you are to get this dressed up for coffee runs :)


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