Thursday, November 3, 2011

use it up, wear it out...

I recently heard a quote that has changed the way I look at things:
"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without". 
As silly as it sounds, the first place I thought to apply this, was to my closet! I always am wanting to add a piece of clothing that is the latest trend, or just because I "want" it, not because I actually "need" it. I don't actually NEED anymore clothing, nor am I going to stop buying clothing, I just want to make a conscious effort to buy quality, classic, versatile pieces that will suit my overall aesthetic, work with a lot of things in my closet and go the long haul with me as I transition from grad school to real life. My most recent purchases have been a black cable knit sweater, and a black shirt with crochet details, so when I recently traveled to Chicago for a long weekend, I wanted to see how these two pieces could fit into my wardrobe. I focused on outfits for the weekend around a black, olive, and pink color scheme. 

I narrowed down what I needed to pack to these items:
Bottoms: Pink skirt, skinny olive cargos, skinny dark jeans
Tops: black cable knit sweater, black crochet top, white tank, chambray button down, red shirt (for the Razorback game!)
Outerwear: Olive Coat, Khaki Jacket
Shoes: black ballet flats, black heels, khaki wedge booties
Accessories: Pink scarf, blue scarf, gold watch, gold cross-body bag, gold chain necklace, gold armadillo belt
On the day of departure (Thursday), I wore a comfortable outfit for the 8 hour car ride. At the base, is the black crochet shirt, and also my favorite skinny cargos (J. Crew)

When we went sight-seeing around town (Friday), I wore the black crochet top, and lots of layers (chambray shirt, pink scarf, olive coat) to protect from the downtown winds! And my comfortable khaki wedge booties (best $15 spent!) for walking all over!
 On the night (Saturday) of our 2nd Halloween celebration (after being Jessica Rabbit), I paired the black cable sweater with pink ruffled skirt,  black heels, and my panda hat!
More Chicago pictures and details to come...

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