Friday, November 18, 2011

trends that make you go hmm... fur vests

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Seeing images of celebrities and stylish girls on the street decked out in (faux) fur this season has left me with mixed emotions. I will run you through my series of reactions to this style... At first I was a little appalled that such high fashion ladies were wearing...gasp... FAUX fur! Then I thought it was pretty cool how this often inexpensive item can be paired with denim, skirts, and formal dresses alike. Next, I set out to secure a fur vest (gilet) of my own... only to find one that I LOVED.... that unfortunately made me look like a Sasquatch! boo

As a petite individual, it is often a fine line between resembling a classy lady and a woodland creature when wearing fur. And upon donning the LOVELY fur vest I found at Urban Outfitters, my boyfriend petted it/me (not good). This style has been so popular this season, it seems every fur vest I find and fall in love with, is sold out in XS/S... and me attempting to pull off a medium has only so far resulted in being mistaken for an escaped monkey...

So below are the fur vests I am going to continue to stalk online in hopes of one in my size becoming available. How funny is it that I was on the fence about this trend until I realized that my owning it was not going to happen! Maybe it is a sign... only stalking time will tell 

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