Friday, November 11, 2011

going from grad school to grown-up

While I am currently a grad student and as such the expected wardrobe is tattered jeans, and a baggy T-shirt, I am trying to build a wardrobe that works now in my grad school work as a research scientist, and will also transition along with me as I become a "grown-up". 

I do not have a large clothing budget, but I want to make my wardrobe work for many occasions, be versatile and long-lasting. My solution for this, is to invest in a minimum number of classic staples that will maximize the cheaper, trendier items in my closet that come and go. One of my favorite online reads, Matchbook Magazine, published my now go-to guide for vamping up my closet in their 1st issue. Just looking at this list makes me think of Audrey Hepburn and all of the other classic beauties, the ones where their wardrobe doesn't scream at you, but they always look fabulous, put-together, and timeless. 

Now I just need to go through my closet, do a little purge/take inventory session, then decide which wardrobe basics make the most sense adding to my closet now/soon-ish, and which ones will be "eventual" purchases. 

It is also my goal to one day (sooner-ish rather that later-ish) undertake 30 for 30 remix a ala Kendi Everyday. Her goals of intentional shopping and really using rather than constantly filling ones closet really have resonated with me...


  1. I participated in Kendi's 30 for 30 back in July of 2010. The biggest thing I learned was that you just need a working wardrobe. You could have the most amazing pieces but if they don't work together you can't remix anything and you'll always be adding pieces. Recently I started buying colors and patterns that all work together and I am obsessed with all of the combos I can put together without shopping more.

    Okay, longest comment ever haha. Good luck putting together your "grown up" wardrobe :)


  2. Thanks for your good advice and warm wishes! I am trying to play around with how my clothes "work" together to make a full wardrobe. It is fun combining things in different ways than my usual go-to looks. I enjoyed looking through your outfit posts for some inspiration :)


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