Friday, November 25, 2011

family traditions

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone had a wonderful day full of good eats and family time yesterday. Our family is not celebrating until Saturday since that is when we could all be together- it isn't about the actual day in our house, just the sentiment. But we have not been going hungry or missing any family traditions in the mean time. 

Our longest lasting tradition is bowling on Thanksgiving Day. The line-up changes year to year, but somethings never change... Dad always "almost" falls on every bowl, Cheyanne gets 5+ strikes, and I barely break 100.
 This year the head-to-head challenge was Tyler, Jon, Dad, Cheyanne, and Me. The first round we finished in age ascending order, and the second round Jon and Dad had a battle-royale down to the last frame with Dad pulling into the lead at the last second. But all 5 of us had 100+ scores both rounds!
 Family Domination!!
Tyler, Jon, Dad, Cheyanne, and myself- we each have our own bowling "form"
Sarah and Sissy were our sideline cheerleaders. Rubbing Sarah's baby-belly apparently brought Jon good luck going into the final round! 

--Gobble, Gobble

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