Monday, November 21, 2011

getting in control

Since discovering Matchbook Magazine's list of 50 classic go-to basics that every girl needs, I have been thinking more about how to shop with a purpose, and fill my closet with clothes that I love and that will take me from where I am in my life now, to where I will be in the next 5-10 years (click here for my original post) 

To get this process started, I took stock of what I had in my closet. {Parents... STOP reading now} And I was quite shocked. While I do think that I shop more than many of my friends, I didn't think I was in the category of "clothes horse"... but maybe I am!? 

This is what I currently have hanging in my closet and organized in my dresser drawers (Not counting my large box of "costume" clothing, or extensive collection of totes/luggage!)::

Blouses 30, tank tops 14, button-downs 9, sweaters 34, vests 3
dresses 36, rompers 3, skirts 14, jeans 10, pants 7, shorts 13
jackets/blazers 12, coats 7
belts 17, shoes 34, scarves 11, purses 18
That is 272 articles of clothing + accessories!

Surprisingly, of the 50 classics "every girl should have"... I only had 22! Not even a white button down among the bunch (shameful!) So what is all that other stuff I am keeping? Clothes that I wear once-in-a-while, clothes that don't mix-and-match with many other things in my closet, impulse buys from Forever21...?

Next on my Project: Closet Rejuvenation to-do list is to:
{1.} Clean out what is old, un-worn, wrong size to give away to GoodWill or sell on eBay
{2.} Make a shopping list of what is something I should buy sooner, versus on a longer timeline (from the remaining pieces of clothing on the 50 Classics list)
{3.} Work on "re-mixing" what I have in my closet now
How many articles of clothing do you have in your closet? (Is 272 alot!?) How many of them are from the "50 classics" list? What is on your shopping list for the next few months? Any one piece you think will make your current clothes more re-mixable?


  1. I didn't stop reading!!!!! whoa girl:)

  2. I TOLD you to STOP! now you can't be mad! haha

  3. I have 28 of the 50. Guess I'm pretty classic, but we already knew that! I don't even know what "lace underpinnings" are...

  4. Molly- Yes, I would say you are preppy/classic + vintage/eclectic :)

  5. I think I have around 350, and that didn't count my purses. So as far as I am concerned, you are doing better than me!! Fun blog, btw. I'm sure I'll be back soon to read more. 

  6. I did a rough count one night and found that I have close to 350 articles in my closet. Yikes! I am going to take a little inventory and see what I have that is on the 50 list. Fun blog, btw! I'm sure I'll be back soon. 


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