Friday, November 4, 2011

chi town swingin'

Last weekend (Halloween), I traveled with my boyfriend and 2 of his roommates to Chicago. Being my first time to Chicago, I was super exited to take in all of the authentic Chicago experiences: deep dish pizza, the skyline, the Bean, hot dogs, the El, and the river. Even though everyone else had already visited Chicago, the obliged and let me be a tourist for an afternoon and snap all the pictures my trigger happy finger could manage. They were for the most part good sports.

We got into town late Thursday and enjoyed just hanging out and catching up with our host who lives in Lincoln Park. 

Friday morning we got up, ready, and headed out. First we ate a delish (late) breakfast at Nookies, then we hopped on the El and headed South to the Loop. We visited the Sears (Willis Tower), walked down Michigan Ave., and strolled around Millennium Park.
I got my first glimpse of the river and tall buildings out of the El window.
Gorgeous fall day in downtown Chicago!
Inside the Willis Tower... we will have to go to the top next trip
On our walking tour we passed the Chicago Art Institute
We made a stop at Millennium Park so I could gaze into the Bean.
I didn't know the middle was so trippy! I had way too much fun trying to find my reflection!
We couldn't have dialed in a better day. Beautiful blue skies, colorful fall leaves, and warm(ish) temps! 
After seeing all of these HUGE buildings, I am going to look at the Nashville skyline differently
I was always walking behind the boys since I stopped to take pictures too many times for them to wait, but I ended up getting secret shots of them! This should be an album cover!
After we finished our tour of some must see Chicago sites, we returned to Lincoln Park via the El, and ordered in some deep dish pizza from Gino's. I didn't get a picture because we all devoured it too quickly, but it was different than any pizza I have ever had before, but AMAZING.

Following my recovery from the food coma, we all prepared for Halloween. I think our group had some pretty creative costumes. We met up with about 30 others to board a party trolley that drove around Chicago for 3 hours. It was hard for me not to stare out the windows the whole time, gaping at the tall, lit up buildings.
Jessica & Roger Rabbit, Garfunkel, Duff Man, Rufio, and a flapper
Saturday we ate more great food, watched the Razorbacks win (yay!), and walked around the streets of Lincoln Park. Sunday I got to meet up with my girlfriend Ashley who moved to Chicago this summer after living in Nashville for 2 years. We caught up briefly, but I can't wait to visit again, and have "girl time"! Thanks Chicago, and my Chicago friends, for a wonderful weekend! See you next time...

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