Monday, November 28, 2011

cyber shopping

Happy Cyber Monday… I am transitioning back into the work-week by lusting after fabulous online deals. The internets are trés, trés tempting today! Come on… a $3,000 Chloé dress that is marked down to $1,800… serious deals people! (see also here & here other lust-worthy things I want but am practicing self-restraint against purchasing)

Who are we kidding (?!), the only cyber Monday that I am considering purchasing is a pair of these Charlotte Russe Booties. They are a steal, and they are also fueling my recent obsession with booties.  Which Geneva from A Pair & A Spare has kicked up a notch with her DIY Glitter Booties… Glitter + Booties… my head is exploding!

Happy Shopping!! Let me know if you found any serious deals today

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  1. I've seen several bloggers do the DIY glitter booties and I;ve been loving them! Maybe I'll give it a try myself :)


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