Thursday, November 17, 2011

a dab will do ya

Sweater - Lefler's Boutique
Necklace - ModCloth
Jeggings- Madewell
Rain Ballet Flat Wellies - J.Crew

Yesterday drizzle, today torrential downpour... not sure which one I like less! ha. But today's pictures had to be taken inside... cold and rainy outside... not so much my jam. At least my beloved J.Crew ballet flat rain wellies are getting some good use lately :)

I found this silver belt in my closet recently... didn't even know I had it! I guess I need to get on that purging/cleaning/assessing my closet bullet point on my to-do list soon...

I did tie said never-knew-I-had-it-belt in my new favorite way. And topped off my rain depressed black outfit with this pop of torquoise. This necklace is such a le duh for making an outfit (see D.O.N. for "le duh" reference).

Second time out for my new jeggings... This time trying them out with flats. I think I preferred them with boots... the jeggings into flats transition... eeep... still super comfy!

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  1. Loooove your necklace! The color is gorgeous.



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