Tuesday, November 1, 2011

hoppy halloween

Happy Halloween! - Roger and Jessica Rabbit
Tyler and I had so much fun making our costumes this year. From tracking down all the pieces, to dying his white overalls and my white 10th grade Homecoming dress in the kitchen sink, and sewing a bunny tail on his backside to complete the rabbit transformation. We celebrated Friday night in Chicago on a trolley with 30+ friends- definitely a Halloween to remember!


  1. Such cute costumes! I was planning to be jessica Rabbit and my husband was going to be roger rabbit, but we didn't have the time to put the costumes together this year.

  2. Thank you Sarah. The hard things to find were elbow length purple gloves for "Jessica" and white overalls (to be dyed red) for "Roger. I will say, if you decide to be this next year, paint shops have lots of white overalls- it was a last minute epiphany for us!


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