Monday, November 14, 2011

a few of my favorites

This past weekend I got to do a little of all my favorite things- go out with friends, relax on the couch, and try new places around Nashville. Three places that I would recommend to Nashvillians and visitors to our fair city alike, are Gabby's BurgersAll Season's Garden and Brew Supply, and Two Old Hippies.

Everyone always raves about Gabby's (behind the Sounds stadium), and I learned why this weekend. You go to Gabby's for you guessed it- DEISH (grass fed beef) burgers, the great atmosphere, and also yummy sweet tator fries (and homemade dipping sauces).
Unflattering picture of a scrumptious Gabby's Bacon & Swiss Burger 
And at All Season's Garden and Brew Supply (8th Ave), while Ty picks out new goodies for his growing home brewing hobby, I enjoy perusing all of their wonderful seasonal decorations, environmentally friendly products, thoughtful gifts, and gorgeous planter and plant selection. They have a large selection of home brewing supplies, home wine and also home cheese making kits as well.

Also, Two Old Hippies in the Gulch neighborhood has been on my list to check out since it opened a few months back. Tyler and I stopped in on our way to the Urban Outfitters sale, and really enjoyed oogling the gorgeous selection of custom guitars, and amazing fringe leather jackets. Ty picked up a new beanie made by Krochet Kids (a company I also recently backed on Kickstarter) whose mission it is to make quality "handmade products that not only bring comfort and style, but serve as a vehicle for social change"- I like it!

From the Left: A rocker jacket that was calling my name; I die for this wreath, may need to DIY a version; Just the normal Nashville glitz that I love

After 2+ years here, I still have a long list on my iPhone of places to visit, and really enjoy checking a few off every weekend.


  1. The burger looks so delicious! Yum! And the glitter guitar...why haven't I thought of it before? xoxoxo

  2. Ya I know! I don't play, but that fabulous guitar sure does make me want to learn- haha :)


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