Friday, October 28, 2011

mini vacation to the windy city

This weekend I am headed up to Chicago to enjoy Halloween festivities and hopefully meet up with my girlfriend Ashley who relocated there this summer. This is my first time visiting the Windy City, and I am excited, and perplexed about what to wear! I don't know how to dress "cute" for going-out in freezing weather! I am notoriously an over-packer, of the more-is-more variety, but thanks to some helpful packing guides recently posted by a couple of fabulous ladies, I am hoping that this is the beginning of my reformation.
Geneva of A Pair and a Spare Posted this list (here):
And Jessica of Flourish, recently put together this beauty (here):
I was inspired by both ladies, and picked neutral base layers/basics in the black/olive families, and added a couple of nice tops/scarves/accessories in pink/gold tones. I think I will be able to create a number of looks from what I picked out... hopefully ones that are both warm and cute! It is hard to pack "light" when heavy clothing is involved, and added to that, I had to pack a costume for Saturday night as well. Despite my excuses, I think I pared down what I "wanted" to take, to a reasonable amount of what I "need" to bring along.

P.S. I talked Ty into a couple costume this year- we are going to be Roger and Jessica Rabbit. Pictures to come!

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