Thursday, October 12, 2017

have bags, will travel

Tyler & I are thick in the middle of moving to our new house & while I am over the moon to celebrate every possible "holiday" (national cupcake day is a holiday, right?) in our first home, I am also looking forward to my first Thanksgiving shared with my in-laws in Oregon. 

For years, my Oregonian husband only took me to his home state during the Summer, when it was drop-dead gorgeous, with hopes that I would want to move there one day. And he was right, Oregon is a perfect place to be in the Summer - sunny vineyards, crisp coastal whale sightings, rolling hills, & hip Portland patios.

Last year, after 7 years together, Tyler was finally brave enough to invite me to Oregon for Christmas, & I absolutely loved it! Yes, it was rainy/cloudy the entire time, but the temperatures were mild & the landscape so lush! The rain makes everything a vivid green, I don't know why I imagine it before, I just assumed everything just died in the Winter like I grew up with in the South.

I am so thankful for all of the travel opportunities I have had, each one teaching me more about the world outside of my own selfish bubble. And it turns out, everywhere I have visited has had a beauty all its own - don't even get me started on my new found respect of the desert since moving West...

I also love that I have my travel routine down to an art, leaving behind the over-packing days of my youth, discovering that it isn't what I take with me, rather about what I discover along the way. My favorite travel outfit is my definition of comfort + style & always includes a tunic top & stretchy leggings. Coloradans style is much more legging friendly & I love using WikiBuy to find affordable leggings, especially fun printed ones!

When planning what I pack, I always use a carry-on size bag - bet I could do a month out of a carry on at this point! To maximize my carry-on space, I can't recommend my travel cubes any more. Whether you use them to pack by day, style of clothes (tops, pants, etc.), dirty vs. clean items, or outfit (my favorite), I always find more space in my bag when using them! My husband recently spotted my packing cubes & was so jealous, that I picked him up his own set using WikiBuy. Can you believe that all the cubes I'm holding in my hand, fit in that carry-on!? You betcha!

Haven't heard of WikiBuy? Part of the reason why I love to shop is the thrill of the hunt, finding the perfect piece for the perfect price, & WikiBuy offers me all the tools I need to feel like a shopping ninja! The WikiBuy webs offers a Chrome extension that finds lower prices from other sellers while I shop on Amazon & will also check to see where else the product is being sold (+ the price). I can also directly search the site for products, which will shows all the places the item is being sold & what the cost would be on that site. I am also super impressed with the extension that tests coupon codes automatically at checkout & will finds online discounts from other retailers, and the graph of the price of the item over time (just like I use for my airline tickets). Have you used these tools yet? Try it out & let me know what you think!

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