Wednesday, June 17, 2015

work break

Some people might say that it is unfair that teachers get Summers off. Others (mostly teachers) claim that because teachers work so hard during 9 months of the year, they deserve Summers off. Me? I have no clue how I lucked into these 6 weeks off, but I am going to take it!

You will not be seeing many "work" or "teacher style" posts from me over the coming weeks, as school doesn't start back until the first week of August. But I did want to kick off my work hiatus with this outfit. 
I found this polka dot pencil skirt on the super super clearance rack at J.Crew Factory, & for $15 I just couldn't pass it up! Polka dots are my weakness & I am always looking for cheap pencil skirts as my work uniform is typically button down + pencil skirt + low heels/flats.

On my normal shopping trip, I usually skip the sale section as I am not one to put in the work that it takes to dig through to find the gems, but this skirt was sitting pretty on the end of a rack, literally calling my name (I think I have lost the ability to use the work "literally" correctly).
Then I got it home. It fits *almost* right. When I walk, the skirt spins like crazy. I think this might be improved by a bit of nipping & tucking at the waist. But overall I'm kind of disappointed that I spent $15 on something that I am not totally in LOVE with. This shopping thing can be hard! Building a cohesive wardrobe is super challenging! However, I am walking away with a renewed belief in the fact that if I am not head over heals in love with the piece, it can't come home with me, regardless of how sweet those mark downs on the tag might be!
How do you add to your closet? Piece by piece? Saving up for the big investment items? A splurge shopping trip at the beginning of the season?

If you are looking for work place outfit inspiration, you can find all of my teacher style outfits here.

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