Thursday, June 7, 2012

the diet starts tomorrow

Last night was my first meal of my "gluten free" diet... steak, brown rice and a summer corn salad... 
so far so good!
Local beer for the mister, fresca for the lady
I wanted to share this super easy summer salad... I think it would be a perfect side for any summer soirees you have coming up! I am definitely going to be making it again soon!

Just to keep you lovely people in the loop, today I am having a breakfast taco with corn tortillas, fresh salsa, and eggs topped with cheddar and an orange on the side. My mid-morning snack is melon and cottage cheese. I prepared a lunch last night of cornmeal-crusted chicken with blackberry mustard and a tossed side salad. My afternoon snack is hummus and carrots from my farm share.

And tonight, I can't wait to cook some lemon-garlic shrimp and steamed green beans/asparagus with quinoa for din-din! Yum!

Have you been cooking any new recipes?
Any dishes that you want to share!?


  1. Looks so good! I actually eat gluten free 95 percent of the time (I am intolerant, but not a Celiac). I'm really excited to see what recipes you try. Could you post either the recipe or a link to the cornmeal crusted chicken you mentioned? It sounds delicious!

  2. One of my friends has a healthy eating recipe blog and she makes tons of gluten free meals.  I can send it to you if you want. :)

    xo, Yi-chia

  3. sounds delicious!


  4. I have read a lot about gluten free diets and have a friend who has celiac and can't eat it for obvious medical reasons. Everyone says they end up feeling 100 times better and stick with it! I look forward to hearing how it works for you! And you go girl- your meals sound AWESOME! Super jealous! 

    It's an Easy Life

  5. Um, yum! This 'diet' of yours sounds very gourmet! Impressed :)

    Life Etc

  6. Jess!! That all sounds so good!! Can't wait to hear how it all turns out! I've thought about doing the gluten free thing (Possible allergy?) but was scared I wouldnt be able to eat annnnyyyything. But you've shed some new light on it for me! Thanks!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Ok this all sounds really good but I have to admit it also sounds like a lot of work.  I usually don't cook because I'm too lazy.  *sigh*  I'm curious, how long did it take to you to put everything together?  I'm such a zombie on weekday mornings I couldn't imagine putting something that "fancy" together before 7:00 am. 

    Proud of you for your endeavor!

  8. Jen - I am a definite zombie in the mornings... but would LOVE to change myself into a morning person... so while actually getting up to make breakfast is SUPER hard, once I am up, I actually really enjoy it. Cooking breakfast never takes more than 10 mins, and I also got some gluten-free cereal (kind of like grown up rice krispies), that literally takes 30 minutes to put milk and fruit on. I am also a big believer in cooking dinner and then saving left overs for lunch the next day, or cooking a bunch of dinners on Sunday night, and divvying them up for the coming week. All about getting into a habit I guess... some are just harder to break/form than others!

  9. Good luck! Sometimes I feel like I just need to eat cleanly - raw or steamed veggies, simple breads, and absolutely no processed or refined food products. A few days of that, and I start to feel like a real person. ha.


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